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Lin Yis request puzzled Sun Maoqun.

“CITIC Group shouldnt be one of Mr.

Lins companies, right This wont do you any good.”

“Just do as I say.” Lin Yi nodded.

“Although this money was provided by Lingyun Group, it doesnt have anything to do with us.”

Lin Yi had originally planned to do this with Wen Shu.

However, in the end, she did not even give him a chance to speak and he had to simply let Sun Maoqun do it.

“Alright, I understand.

Well just say that CITIC Group did this.”

Lin Yi nodded.

“Ill send someone over later to discuss the construction with you.

Youll have to cooperate with them.”

“Dont worry, Mr.


It will definitely go well.”

After discussing the matter, the two of them did not leave immediately.

They still had to move Li Chuhans mothers grave the next day.

He had already informed Tian Yan about this matter.

He would arrange for someone to come the next day.

In order to carry out the specific operation, he had to stay back for yet another day.

Over the past few days, Sun Maoqun had arranged for Lin Yi to live in a veryluxurious house in Beiqiao Town.

It was a large brick house measuring more than a hundred square meters.

Usually, important guests would be arranged to stay there.

“Where is your underwear” Li Chuhan asked before she went to bed.

“Huh Underwear”

“Yes, Ill wash it for you.”

“I dont think thats necessary.

It might not even dry by tomorrow.”

“Theres a hairdryer.

Ill dry it for you,” Li Chuhan said.

“Sleep naked tonight.

Its good for your health.

Ill pass it to you after its dry.”

“Uh, what about yourself”

“Me too.”

“All right, then.”

Lin Yi laid down comfortably, and Li Chuhan took his things to the courtyard.

He stole a glance outside.

Li Chuhans figure was elongated by the dim yellow light, reflecting the gentleness in the depths of her heart.

The so-called virtuousness was all talk.

The next morning, the people Tian Yan had sought out arrived at Beiqiao Town very early.

Ritual, spirit, cremation…

All the procedures were completed step by step.

Liu Dajun and Liu Kai stood aside with complicated feelings and did not dare to say a word.

Although it was not a big deal, it took Li Chuhan half a day to complete the matters in Beiqiao Town.

She held her mothers ashes in her hand and looked at the rearview mirror.

The shadow of Beiqiao Town was getting further and further away.

Li Chuhan knew that the meaning of this place to her was contained in only two words: Beiqiao Town.

“Dont look, its already the past.” Lin Yi said.

“I may never come back.”

“The most precious thing here is already in your hands.

Theres nothing left to miss.”

In Lin Yis eyes, Li Chuhan was like a lonely gravekeeper.

Beiqiao Town was the lonely grave she guarded in the depths of her heart.

He silently hoped that the clouds of the past would dissipate and shed a ray of light on her heart.

By the time the two of them rushed back to Zhonghai, it was already past four in the afternoon.

According to feng shui, it was best to bury people in the morning, so they decided to bring the ashes back first and do these things the next morning.

“Do you have something to do tonight” Li Chuhan looked at Lin Yi and asked.

“There are some other things in the company that I have to deal with.

You can eat by yourself.

I wont accompany you.”

“Got it.

Dont tire yourself out.

Rest more.”

“Dont worry, I got it.” Lin Yi replied and prepared to leave.

However, the moment Lin Yi turned around, Li Chuhan called out to him from behind.

“Lin Yi…”

“Anything else”

Li Chuhans expression was uneasy.

Under the quiet light, her shy face was revealed.

“Didnt you say that you liked children”

“Yeah, whats wrong” Lin Yi was confused.

“Although I have no intention of getting married, Im willing to bear a child for you.”

“B-bear a child”

“Dont be nervous.

There is no pressure on you.

If you want it, I can and am willing to do it for you.”


Were all female doctors confessions so unique

“How about now If we hurry up, we can still make it.

The house should be soundproof, right”

Li Chuhans face turned red like a ripe apple.


Seeing Li Chuhans nervous breathing, Lin Yi laughed out loud.

“Ill remember this.

Dont be anxious.

At the very least, I dont have any plans to have a child yet.

Let me have fun for a few more years.”

“Then Ill wait for you.

Im willing to do anything for you.”

Lin Yi smiled and left.

He wasnt surprised that Li Chuhan would say something like that.

However, she would be filled with a lot of gratitude after what he did in her hometown, so it was better to give her some time to calm down.

After leaving Li Chuhans house, Lin Yi drove to Chaoyang Group and met up with Ji Qingyan.

This was because she had already booked a place and invited He Yuanyuan and Qi Xianzhao to welcome him back.

They could also talk about work.

“Boss, how did you feel about going to Beiqiao Town this time” In the private room, He Yuanyuan asked with a glass of red wine.

“Other places are so poor that they cant even make a peep,” Lin Yi said.

“Basically, all the children are educated at home.

Less than 30% of them are in school, and they can only attend up to elementary school.

Therefore, we should hurry up with the matters concerning the school.”

“Dont worry, Ive already made the arrangements.

The project surrounding Beiqiao Town will be our main focus.

Well try to finish it within three months.”

“Do your best.

Dont fall behind on your other projects.”

She smiled radiantly.

“Dont worry, Ill make the necessary arrangements.”

Lin Yi nodded and looked at He Yuanyuan.

“Dont do this project under Lingyun Groups name.

Ive told you before.

Do it under CITIC Groups name.

We dont want any credit.”

“Huh Why is that” Ji Qingyan was displeased.

She couldnt bear to see Lin Yi suffer.

“Because other than the five million yuan, the rest of the money was provided by CITIC.

I dont want to take advantage of others,” Lin Yi said.

“But we didnt lose out either.

CITIC improved their a reputation while Chaoyang Group earned money, and even did charity work for Beiqiao Town.

Its a three-win situation.

I think this is quite good.”

Ji Qingyan pursed her lips.

Actually, she did not care about the money she earned.

The most important thing was to help Lingyun Group build their social reputation.

However, since Lin Yi had already said so, there was no room for negotiation.

In fact, there was a deeper reason for Lin Yis actions.

Shen Shuyi had given him this sum of money to reveal her identity and warn him.

He might as well return these things back to her.

When expressing his stance, he could simultaneously do her a favor.

It was killing two birds with one stone.

Although I look like a persimmon, you cant f*cking pinch me.

“By the way, did Cisco say when theyll need us to pay the balance”

“Now that the goods have been produced, were finalizing the inventory.

We verbally agreed to pay for the shipment the day after tomorrow afternoon.”

“Alright, I understand.” Lin Yi said, “Lets do it then.”

“Then should we prepare the remaining 2.5 billion”

“Prepare my *ss, thats 2.5 billion.How many pig trotters can you buy with that money” Lin Yi waved his hand, “Come, continue eating, replenish your collagen.”

“What should we do then”

“Well, Cisco will collapse the afternoon after tomorrow.

None of us will need to pay a dime.”

Upon hearing this, the trio exchanged glances.

Cisco was now like the sun in the sky.

How could it fall just like that

“Right, hows Ciscos stocks doing now” Lin Yi asked.

“Since three days ago, Ciscos shares have been rising to the limit.

You know the reason for this.

Theres news outside that the collaboration between Didi and Cisco is about to be completed, causing their shares to soar.

This has caused Cao Jiadongs net worth to soar to 50 billion.

Hes the highest-flyer in Chinas technology circle.”

“This is all my doing, dont make a big deal out of it.” Lin Yi looked at Ji Qingyan.

“I remember asking you to invest 100 million in Cisco.

Do you still remember that”

“I remember,” Ji Qingyan replied.

“Its at least doubled now.”

“The day after tomorrow, before nine oclock, throw it all away.

Dont leave a single cent behind.”

The three of them looked at Lin Yi.

“Boss, are you going to do something big at nine in the morning the day after tomorrow”

Lin Yi chuckled and kept them in suspense.

“You two dont have to go to the company the day after tomorrow, but wear some formal attire and Ill take you to watch the show.”

“Got it.”

After the meal ended, the four of them split into three groups and returned home.

When Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan returned to Jiuzhou Pavilion, Lu Ying had already installed all the equipment.

All that was left was to roll up his sleeves and get to work.

Their lives were still the same as before.

Lin Yi focused on his work, while Ji Qingyan was like a lazy cat as she her casually did her work.

“Lin Yi, where are you going the day after tomorrow” Ji Qingyan asked.

“Do you want to go too”

“I didnt say I wanted to go.

I was just asking.”

“Were not doing anything.

In any case, if youre not interested.

Whats the point of asking so much”

“Dont I have the right to know” Ji Qingyan pouted.

“You didnt invite me either.

How do you know I dont want to go”

“Then now, I sincerely invite President Ji to join me…”

“Okay, I agree.”

Lin Yi was speechless.

“I hadnt finished yet.

Why did you agree”

“I knew what you were going to say, so I just agreed in advance.”

“But I wanted to ask you to make a baby with me…”

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