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Lin Yi almost laughed out loud, but held it in.

“Is there anything else you want”

“Dont worry, Ill tell you if there is.” Yin Juan said with a smile.

“Were just a normal family.

Were done talking about the house, so we wont make things too difficult for you.

The betrothal gift is 888,000 dollars for luck.” Lin Yi said.


“Isnt that a little too much” Lin Yi asked.

“Is that too much” Yin Juan said in shock.

“Wenhuis colleague paid 1.66 million for the betrothal gift a few days ago, and we only asked for 888,000.

Thats not a lot.”

“No, I mean, according to the rules here in Zhong Hai, the betrothal gift will be returned to the person who gave it.

Im afraid youll feel pressured.”Lin Yi said

“Huh What kind of custom is that” Yin Juan said.

“We dont have such a rule.

The bride price is given to the family.”

“Bride price is given to the family” Lin Yi was stunned.

What kind of idiotic rule was that

“Yeah, its the money given to the family.

Weve raised our daughter for more than twenty years.

It shouldnt be a problem to give us some money as compensation, right”


“Isnt that the same as selling your daughter” Lin Yi said with a smile.

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“So youre saying that if I spend money and marry her, I can treat her like a nanny or a fertility machine” Lin Yi asked.

“What are you talking about!”

Yin Juan slapped the table.

“Our Wenhui married you to enjoy life.

Its already good enough that she can go to work.

Do you still want her to also do housework”

“Alright, go on.

What else do you want” Lin Yi said.

“The only thing left is the car.

In this aspect, our requirements arent very high.” Yin Juan said.

“Buy a BMW 5 series, Mercedes-benz E-class or Audi A6.

As long as its more than 500,000 dollars, you can decide what brand you want to buy.”

“Wait, I have to emphasize this.” Wenwu said.

“If you want to buy these three types of cars, you have to import them.

You cant drive the domestic ones at all.

Theyre rubbish.”

Lin Yi nodded with a smile as he looked at Wenhui.

“What do you think” Wenhui asked

“I think, with my conditions, thats not too high, right”

“I have a colleague who just graduated from a college.

Shes living in a villa now and drives a car worth more than a million dollars.

My conditions are better than hers.

It shouldnt be too much to ask for these things, right”

“Thats right.

Our Xiaohuis conditions are right here.

Its definitely not too extreme to make such a small request,” agreed Song Wenhuis aunt.

“I also have a request.

When we get married, the hotel must be a five-star hotel.

When all our relatives and friends come, the quality mustnt be too low,” added song Wenhuis second aunt.

“Yes, yes, yes.

This is very important.

I forgot to mention it just now,” the other aunt added.

“According to your request, this whole set will cost at least 10 million.

You all know my situation.

Do you think I can take out this amount of money Do you think Im printing money in Zhong Hai” Lin Yi asked.

Lin Yis fingers tapped on the table and said calmly,

“Do you want a spaceship Ill get one for you too.”

“What are you talking about” Yin Juan said.

“I know you just graduated, so you probably wont be able to afford it, but you can ask your family for it.

Young people nowadays dont get married without relying on their family.”

“My parents are dead, so how can I ask my family for help Do you want me to rob a tomb”

“Were not talking about your biological parents.

I heard that the orphanage is moving, and the land will be sold, so thats where the money will come from.” Yin Juan said with a smile.

Lin Yis face turned ugly.

Everything they said before was just for fun, and he did not take it to heart.

However, he did not expect these people to have their eyes on the orphanage.

No wonder they were in such a hurry to set up a blind date with him.

After a long time, the orphanage was moving.

“Lin Yi, I have a small request.”Song Wenhui said.

“What request” Lin Yi raised an eyebrow.

“I hope that after we have a child, the child will have the same surname as me.” Wenhui said

“Say that again” Lin Yi asked

“Ah, Wenhui doesnt mean anything by it.

Youre an orphan anyway.

If you have a child, youll have the same surname as the Song family.

Although Wenhui is a woman, she still has to carry on the family name, dont you think so” Yin Juan said.

“Whats the matter Is your son impotent or a transvestite Cant he complete the mission of carrying on the family line”

“What the hell are you talking about! Do you believe…”

Lin Yi picked up the teacup on the table and splashed the tea directly on song Wenwus face!

“Believe what Do you really think I have a good temper”


Song Wenwu was screaming from the heat, and Lin Yi slowly stood up.

“I came here today to deal with you guys, so that we can have a good time together.

But you guys are planning to rob my mothers orphanage.

All of you are adults now, so dont you have any shame

“You want to buy a house and a car

“Are you worthy of it”


Lin Yi turned around and left after saying those words.

It was not worth wasting so much time with a bunch of idiots.

Meanwhile, the Song family couldnt be bothered with Lin Yi anymore, their attention was on song Wenwu.

“Son, youre fine.

Ill send you to the hospital now.”

“No need, its just a cup of tea!”

Song Wenwu exclaimed fiercely, “F * ck, how dare you throw tea at me I wont forgive him!”

“Hes gone, how are you going to chase him”

Song Wenwu walked to the windowsill and saw the scene outside the teahouse.

“We wont be able to catch up.”

Song Wenwu picked up the flower pot.

“Ill f*cking smash him to death when he comes out!”

At that moment, Lin Yi walked out of the teahouse with his car keys.

Song Wenwu immediately threw the flower pot at Lin Yi.

However, he purposely changed the angle when he threw it.

He was not afraid of injuring Lin Yi, but he would be finished if he really died.

Lin Yi had barely walked out of the teahouse when he saw the flower pot falling from the sky.


The flower pot broke into pieces.

Fortunately, Lin Yi reacted quickly and took a step back, otherwise, he would have been injured.

“What the hell is going on”

Lin Yi frowned.

Although the flower pot didnt hit him, the pieces flew out and hit his car.

Before Lin Yi could figure out what was going on, he heard song Wenwu scolding from the third floor.

“F*ck, you dodged fast.

Be careful when you go out in the future.

Dont let anything fall on you and kill you!”

Lin Yi smiled and said lightly, “Do you know that the consequences of doing such a thing are very serious”

“So what if its serious Ill hit you with a flowerpot again!” Song Wenwu scolded.

“How dare a stinky guy throw tea at me! Hes tired of living!”

“But I drive a good car.”

“Dont think I dont know that your car is a shabby Shari.

You, driving that luxury car Are you trying to f*cking bluff me!”

Lin Yi did not say anything as he pressed the car keys in his pocket.

The Paganis gullwing door immediately opened like an eagles wings, as if it was about to soar.

“The flowerpot didnt hit me, but the pieces that flew out and hit my car.

Can you tell me how you are going to pay for it”



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