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Ji Qingyans swimsuit was not a one-piece, but it was not a bikini either.

Lin Yi noticed that Ji Qingyans back was even more perfect than he had imagined.

Especially her straight thighs, there wasnt a single blemish to be found.

It was definitely a perfect figure.

Apart from that, there was also a layer of gauze shawl on her body, making her look even more elegant.

“Ive changed into my swimsuit.

Ive fulfilled my promise.”

“I like people like you who keep their promises.”

Lin Yi climbed up from the pool as he spoke.

Ji Qingyan was about to enter the water, so there was no need for him to swim.

Instead, he just sat there and enjoyed the view.

Ji Qingyan took off her shawl and touched the water in the pool.

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“Its warm…”

“Its self-heating,”Lin Yi said as he sat on the bench.

“If you want to take a bath, Ill get you the shower gel right now.”

“Youre the only one who can come up with the idea of taking a bath in the pool.”

After testing the temperature, Ji Qingyan got into the pool in a much gentler fashion than Lin Yi.

Ji Qingyans swimming skill was better than Lin Yi had imagined, as she seemed just like a mermaid.

Lin Yi sighed as he sat on the bench and looked at her graceful swimming.

This was the life!

The only thing that was unfortunate was that it would be better if they were at an outdoor beach.

At this moment, Lin Yi saw Ji Qingyans phone.

He remembered that he had not completed the previous order.

“I want to use your phone,”Lin Yi said.

Ji Qingyan surfaced and combed her hair.

“Go ahead, the password is 950824.”

Holding Ji Qingyans phone, Lin Yi saw that the screensaver was a selfie of her, gesturing aV with her hands.

It was a little cute.

Lin Yi logged into the Didi app and gave himself a five-star rating.

At this moment, the system notification sounded.

[System mission completed.

Reward: 100,000 experience points!]

[Job completion: 75% .

Reward: Wangjiang Dock!]

Lin Yi almost jumped up when he heard the notification in his head!

It gave him a shock!

Lin Yi still had some impression of this Wangjiang Dock.

It was a state-funded dock, but after recovering the cost, it was sold to a private owner.

Now, it was in his hands!

Most importantly, Wangjiang Dock was not far from Jiuzhou Court.

There was a beach in the middle of it, and it was only a few minutes drive away!

Lin Yi checked the details of the dock with his phone.

He found out that Wangjiang Dock had quite a background.

When the Wangjiang Dock was built, the government wanted to turn it into the largest cruise ship terminal in Huaxia to stimulate the tourism industry in Zhonghai.

Wangjiang Dock did not disappoint.

When it was built, it became Chinas largest cruise ship terminal.

It covered an area of 180,000 square meters and had 120 berths.

However, five years had passed since it was built, and it had now become the second-largest cruise ship terminal in China.

Even so, it could not erase its status in the hearts of tourists.

The system was really generous!

It actually sent such a big gift, so Lin Yi had to go check it out tomorrow.

However, Lin Yi was more concerned about the 75% completion rate!

According to this number, he was not far from unlocking the next class.

Lin Yi thought about it.

According to the current rate, it was not a big challenge to unlock the next class in a week.

Even so, Lin Yi had already made up his mind.

He still had to work toward 100% completion!

That represented the ultimate reward.

He could not give it up unless it was absolutely necessary!

Just as Lin Yi was thinking about these things, Ji Qingyan swam to the edge of the pool and walked up while holding the handrail.

Lin Yi was a gentleman.

He handed a towel over and wiped the water off Ji Qingyans body.

“I havent swum in a long time.

Ive only swum a few laps and Im already out of breath.”

“Our pool is free for you to use.

You can come here more often in the future.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Thats more like it.”

After wiping the water off their bodies, the two returned to Villa Number One together.

Ji Qingyan did not mention anything about going home.

It was obvious that she was planning to stay here.

“Eh What happened to your blanket… ”

Upon returning to the second floor, Ji Qingyan was a little surprised to see the blanket in Lin Yis bedroom.

The blanket was very old, and there were a few patches on it.

Using something like that did not fit Lin Yis identity at all.

“I brought the blanket and pillow from the orphanage back then.

Im used to it, so I didnt want to throw it away.”Lin Yi said

“You… youre an orphan !”

Lin Yi shrugged nonchalantly.

“I heard from Mother Wang that I was sent to the orphanage when I was born.

Ive been in the orphanage for so many years.”

“Im sorry for bringing up your sad past.”

“Dont be so sensitive.

Im not sad at all.” Lin Yi said.

“Mother Wang treats me like her own son, and I have a lot of friends in the orphanage.

I dont lack love, and my values are normal.

Its different from the orphans on TV.”

“Alright then, as long as youre not angry.”

Ji Qingyan was wrapped in a towel, holding her clothes in her hands.

“Im going to bed.

Good night, Dont sleep in late tomorrow.

You still have to take me to work.”

“No problem.”

Lin Yi made an OK gesture.

When it comes to a fat sheep like you, I cant wait to take you to work every day!

After washing up, Lin Yi went back to rest.

He found a friend request on WeChat with a verification message below.

“Hello, Im Wenhui Song.”

“Wenhui Song”

Lin Yi mumbled, “Why does that sound so familiar”

A few seconds later, Lin Yi remembered who this person was.

Was it not the blind date that Mother Wang had tried to introduce to him

He did not think too much about it and approved the friend verification.

“Hello.” Wenhui sent him a message on her own accord.

“Hello.” Lin Yi replied.

“Im off tomorrow.

When will you be free My family wants to meet you too.” Wenhui said

“Any time is convenient.” Lin Yi replied

He had to give face, otherwise it would be hard for Mother Wang to explain herself later.

“Shall we meet at Tianyue Teahouse at nine in the morning” Wenhui asked

“Tianyue Teahouse Is that the Tianyue Teahouse on Wenxing Road” Wenhui asked

“Yes, thats right.”


Lin Yi rubbed his chin after they agreed on the time and place.

Tianyue Teahouse was not cheap at all.

A simple pot of tea cost hundreds of yuan, yet they really dared to set such a meeting place.

The next morning, both of them woke up at the same time.

After washing up, Ji Qingyan got into Lin Yis car.

Since they had a clear destination, Ji Qingyan placed the order after getting into the car.

She was not as hesitant as she was the night before.

Lin Yi had just gotten into the car when he heard Ji Qingyan say.

“Oh right, I bought some pajamas and mailed them to you.

Remember to pick them up later.”


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