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“Its alright, lets give it a try.”

The two of them walked into the shop together, and Ji Qingyan pointed at the evening gown on the mannequin.

“Id like to try this on.”

“Sure, please wait a moment.”

From the way they were dressed, it was obvious that they were rich people, so the shop assistant was willing to serve such customers.

If they were ordinary people, they might not have been so willing.

Soon, the dress was taken down, and Ji Qingyan took it to the fitting room.

During this time, Lin Yi waited outside while feeling bored.

“Lin Yi, come here for a moment,” Ji Qingyan called from the fitting room.

“Youre changing.

Its not good for me to go in.”

“Im not afraid, so what are you afraid of”

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Lin Yi thought about it and realized that she was right!

She was not afraid even as a woman, and he was a man, so what was there to be afraid of

In the fitting room, Ji Qingyans back was facing Lin Yi as she covered her chest with her hands.

“Help me fasten the zipper at the back, I cant do it myself.”

The dress that Ji Qingyan chose had a backless style, and the zipper could only be fastened from the bottom.

The back was pure white, and it shone like jade.

“Arent you revealing a little too much”

Ji Qingyan chuckled and pointed at the chair beside her.

“Theres a shawl too, it can be used to cover my back.”

Lin Yi glanced at it and saw that there was indeed a light-colored shawl on the chair.

However, his gaze was attracted by Ji Qingyans underwear.

“President Ji, are you sure you are a D cup Why do I feel like you are actually an E Cup”


“Dont look at it so openly.”

Ji Qingyan grabbed her lingerie over with one hand.

How could she forget about it when she was changing

Even so, Lin Yi didnt care about it and helped Ji Qingyan to zip up.

“Its done.”

Coming out of the fitting room, JI Qingyan stood in front of the big mirror while holding the hem of her dress as she turned slightly.

“How is it Does it look good”

“Very good.”

Ji Qingyan was so amused that she staggered back and forth.

“Which teacher taught you such poor English Its so terrible.

“Its enough to express what I mean.

Dont worry about the details.”

Ji Qingyan smiled and nodded.

“Since you said it looks good, then Ill choose this one.”

“No problem.”

The female employees were also amazed by Ji Qingyan.

Even if they wore it on themselves, it definitely would not look as good.

“Madam, I feel that this evening gown is tailor-made for you.

It fits you too well.”

“Thank you.

Ill go change first.

Please help me pack it up later.”

“Okay, no problem.”

“Hubby, this evening gown is really beautiful.

I want one too.

Its perfect for your companys opening day the day after tomorrow.”

The person who spoke was a young woman in a black wrap dress.

Beside her was a man in his forties with a pot belly.

He had an air of arrogance about him.

“Its no big deal.”

The middle-aged man looked at the saleswoman.

“Get me a dress of the same style.”

“Im really sorry.

This gift is a custom-made one from our store.

If you want it, you have to make a reservation first.

Itll be ready in about a month.”

“Ill have to wait a month”

The middle-aged man was unhappy.

“Can you hurry it up We need to wear it the day after tomorrow.”

“Im really sorry.

That cant be done.

Because of our promise of guaranteed quality, itll take at least a month to make it.”

“You dont have to play this game with me.

Its just about money.

Ill give an extra ten thousand dollars if youll tell your designer to quickly make a set for me.”

The salesgirl was about to cry.

“Sir, this evening dress is made by an Italian designer.

Its completely handmade.

It cant be delivered to you the day after tomorrow.”

The middle-aged man pursed his lips.

He had already said so much, but the other party still had not given in.

He reckoned that there was really no way to pressure them into hurrying up.

“You heard it too.

Its true that it cant be made the day after tomorrow.

Lets change to another style.”

“No, this is the one I like.”

With that, the young woman walked over to the salesgirl and said, “This dress costs more than 80,000 dollars, right”

“Yes,” the salesgirl said.

“Judging from their looks, I dont think they can afford it.

Let them take it off, then just put it in my bag.”

“Who says I cant afford it” Ji Qingyan asked with a cold face.

“It costs more than 80,000 dollars.

Can you really afford it” The woman crossed her arms in front of her chest and looked indifferent.

“Of course,” Ji Qingyan said, “And I can afford it on my own.”

The woman was furious.

“What do you mean Are you saying that Im a sugar baddy”


“You know exactly whats wrong with you.”

The woman was frightened by Ji Qingyans strong aura and took half a step back.

“Honey, this woman is a bully.

Help me stand up to her.”

The middle-aged man looked at Ji Qingyan with a teasing look.

“I know youre not short of money, but let me tell you, as long as I say the word, this evening gown will still be mine.”

“On what basis”

The middle-aged man touched his pocket and took out a golden card.

“See, Im a gold member of Times Square and have the right to buy it by force.

Now you should understand, right”

Seeing the golden card in the middle-aged mans hand, the salesgirl was surprised.

According to the membership system of Times Square, one had to spend at least five million dollars to become a golden member.

Not only were there discounts when shipping, but they had the right to buy things first!

Therefore, even if the lady in front of her could afford this dress, she still had to sell it to the other party first!

Ji Qingyan did not say anything.

She was a regular customer of Times Square, and she understood the membership system.

Even though she had her eyes on this evening gown first, he was a golden member, so she could not buy it even if she wanted to.

“Hehe, what are you waiting for Hurry up and take off your clothes,” the young woman said proudly.

Ji Qingyans face was cold as she walked toward the fitting room in her skirt.

“Wait, where are you going” Lin Yi said.

“Im going to take off my clothes.

You can help me unzip.”


The two went to the fitting room as Lin Yi helped Ji Qingyan unzip before walking out.

Seeing that Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan were scared, the middle-aged man and the woman beside him became very arrogant.

“As a person, you have to understand that theres always someone better than you.

Although your conditions arent bad, youre still not on the same level as us.

Next time you go out, keep your eyes open so that you dont lose face.”

Lin Yi smiled and did not say anything.

Instead, he stood at the side and waited for Ji Qingyan to come out.

A few minutes later, Ji Qingyan changed her clothes, handed the dress to the shop assistant, and prepared to leave.

“Why are you leaving” Lin Yi said.

“Im not buying the dress.

What are you still doing here”

“Who said you are not buying it I have to buy it.”

Ji Qingyan tugged at Lin Yi.

“Theyre golden members of Times Square.

They have the right to buy it first.

Even if I choose the item first, its useless.”

“Theyre just golden members, whats so great about that”

“Haha, golden members arent that great, but they can still take this dress from your hands.”

After hearing this, Lin Yi took out a platinum card from his pocket.

“Since your golden members have the right of first refusal, then my diamond members should be even better, right”


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