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“Got it.

Ill inform the technical department to adjust your privileges,” Tian Yan said.

“Okay, get the people under you to do it.”

After this, Lin Yi hung up the phone and got ready to work.

Two hours later, Lin Yi received four orders, obtaining three four-stars and one three-star for his work.

All four of them thought that the car belonged to Didi and didnt think that it belonged to Lin Yi.

The second-generation nouveau riche did not look the part and was only treated as a driver.

He did not get any bonus for the trips.

Lin Yi Sighed and muttered to himself,

‘It looks like driving Didi isnt a good job either.

Its quite difficult to get a five-star rating.

He looked at the time and saw that it was already past four in the evening.

Ji Qingyan was about to get off work, so he had to go pick her up.

He had no choice but to continue with her plan to pick her up.

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Ring, Ring, Ring…

His phone rang, and he saw that it was Wang Ying.

“Sister Ying, whats up” Lin Yi asked

“Yi, tell me the truth.

Do you have any connection to the CEO” Wang Ying asked.


Lin Yi Thought for a moment.

“Were friends.

Whats Wrong”

“I heard from the personnel department that the president wants to promote me to the position of sales director.

Did you put in a good word with the president”

“I just mentioned it in passing.” Lin Yi smiled.

“With Sister Yings strength, shes more than enough to become the sales director.”

“Looks like I didnt dote on you for nothing.

Ill treat you to a meal when Im free.”

“Im afraid I cant do it over the next few days.

I have a lot of matters to handle.

We can celebrate after you officially take up your new position.”

The sales director was a very important position in Chaoyang Group.

Whether Wang Ying could become the sales director also depended on the other company executives.

However, with Ji Qingyan around, it should not be too much of a problem.

“Okay, then its settled.” Wang Ying said with a smile.

“Okay, its a deal.”

After hanging up, Lin Yi looked at the time and realized that it was almost time.

Hence, he slowly drove toward Chaoyang Group.

He stopped beside his little Shari and wiped the dust off.

Although it was a little broken, it had always been there for him during his most difficult times.

He had to treat it well.

It didnt take long for Ji Qingyan to walk out of the elevator.

Her blue tuxedo dress and French white shirt made her look smart and capable.

“A document was suddenly sent up to my desk at the last minute.

Sorry I worried you since I was a little late.”

“Its okay, I just got here too.”

“Are you hungry If youre hungry, eat first.

If youre not, lets go shopping first.” Ji Qingyan said.

“What about you”

“Im fine either way.

Ill follow your preference.”

“Women cant say that.

Its easy for people to misunderstand.”

“Tsk.” Ji Qingyan said, “Then lets go shopping first.

Well eat together after.

Ive already placed an order, so hurry up and grab it.”

As she said that, Ji Qingyans order popped up in the app.

Lin Yi reacted quickly and snatched the order.

At that moment, Lin Yi felt that the five-star review was waving at him again.

He looked at the address of the order and saw that it was Times Square.

With that, Lin Yi sped away.

Soon, the two of them arrived at Times Square.

Ji Qingyan carried her bag and prepared to get out of the car.

“Hey, Hey, Hey, you havent given the five-star review yet,” Lin Yi said.

Ji Qingyan smiled proudly.

“You can get a five-star review if you want, but it will depend on your performance today.”

“I finally understand.

Youre asking me to carry your bag.”


Lin Yi wasnt in a hurry.

With Ji Qingyans personality, a five-star review wouldnt be out of the question.

Ji Qingyan wasnt as purposeful as Lin Yi when shopping.

She wanted to shop for clothes, but she also wanted to shop around other stores .

She had not bought any clothes yet, but she had bought a lot of cosmetics.

“Eh I think theres a swimsuit shop up ahead,” Lin Yi muttered.

“You want to buy a swimsuit”

“I have a big swimming pool at home.

I should at least enjoy it.”

“Youre right.

Lets go take a look,” Ji Qingyan said enviously.

Even though she lived in a villa, it was nothing compared to Lin Yis Jiuzhou Pavilion.

At the very least, there wasnt an outdoor swimming pool.

“Are you going to choose swimming trunks for me”

Lin Yi asked when he saw Qingyan come in.

“Im not going to buy them for you.” Qingyan said.

“There are womens clothes here too.

Let me take a look.”

Lin Yi rubbed his chin.

“Youre right.

You said earlier that you wanted me to feast my eyes.

After buying the swimsuit, I think youll be able to fulfill your promise.”

Qingyan blushed.

“Youre just trying to trick me.

If Id known that the Jiuzhou Pavilion was yours, I wouldnt have said that.”

“But you could have just said something else.

I didnt force you.”

“Tsk, youre just being unreasonable.” Ji Qingyan said.

“Hurry up and go in.

Its a public place.

Dont talk about this kind of thing in public.”

Lin Yi smiled when he saw Ji Qingyans shy expression.

“Sure, lets talk in a private place.”

“Sir, Maam, how can I help you”

The salesgirl said warmly as they entered the shop.

“Well look around by ourselves first.

Well call you if we need your help,” Lin Yi said.


Lin Yi went shopping very quickly.

He picked out a few suitable sizes and got ready to pay.

After all, it was his own swimming pool and no one would be watching him, so the style wasnt that important.

If it were not for the fact that he was afraid of immorality, Lin Yi would not have a problem not wearing swimming trunks at all.

Lin Yi quickly picked out his swimming trunks, but Ji Qingyan was surprisingly slow.

She kept picking and choosing, and after more than ten minutes, she still could not find a suitable set.

“Lets go, Im not going to buy it anymore.” Ji Qingyan said.

“Why arent you buying it”

“I cant find a suitable one.”

“You cant go that far.

There are so many styles, and you still say that you cant find a suitable one”

“The looks are fine, but the sizes are not complete.”

“Maam, the swimsuits in our shop have all the normal sizes.”

Obviously, the salesgirl didnt want to let Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan off so easily.

“Whats a regular size” Lin Yi asked casually.

“Regular sizes are ABC Cups.

Theyre all full size.”

Lin Yi glanced at Ji Qingyan.

“Dont tell me youre a D Cup”

Ji Qingyans face turned red.

She was a little embarrassed.

“Youre going to die.

Theres an outsider here.

Why do you keep saying everything”

“Uh, lets go.

Lets go to another store.”

After paying, the two walked out of the shop and went to the swimwear shop next door.

“They seem to have more styles than the previous one.”

“Wait for me outside.

Ill try my best to come out as soon as possible.”

Lin Yi nodded and said, “President Ji, I think with your figure, a bikini is more suitable for you.”

“In that case, I wont buy a bikini.”

Ji Qingyan snapped proudly before walking into the swimsuit store.

After about two minutes, Ji Qingyan walked out with a white handbag.

It was obvious that she had bought the swimsuit that she liked.

“Lets go to the fourth floor.”

“The fourth floor”

Lin Yi Thought for a moment.

“I seem to remember that the sixth floor is where the international brands are sold.”

“Im not buying normal clothes, Im going to buy a dress.

There are a lot of people coming tomorrow, so I wont be wearing formal clothes,” Ji Qingyan said.

After setting their target, the two of them went to the fourth floor.

Lin Yi noticed that not only were there ladiesdresses, there were also a lot of niche brands.

Although the brands werent loud, the styles were quite pleasing.

After walking for a few minutes, the two of them stopped in front of a store.

“Lin Yi, what do you think of the dress thats changing color”


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