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“Why are you so excited” Lin Yi said.

“Calm down.”

“Is he here to stop you from tearing down the warehouse”

“Of course, or else he wouldnt have called me at this time.”

“But how did he know that we were going to tear down the warehouse” Wang Ran was curious.


Wang Ran thought for a moment and finally came to a realization.

“Dont tell me hes got people keeping an eye on us”

“Smart.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Right now, even the guard at the door might have been bribed by that idiot.

Whether its you or me, he knows every move we make here.”

Lin Yi hung up the phone without answering.

“Teacher Lin, why arent you picking up Pick up!” Wang Ran couldnt help but urge.

She had been waiting for this call for a long time.

If he didnt pick up, it would be a waste of her energy.

“Whats the rush If youre so impatient, how are you going to do big things in the future”

“Oh, I got it, Teacher Lin.”

Ring, ring, ring…

At the same time, Cao Xiangyu called again.

However, this time, Lin Yi didnt hang up nor pick up.

He just let it ring.

Three more calls followed, but Lin Yi still didnt pick up.

A few minutes later, the two excavators drove to the warehouse and found an open space to start working.

Two thousand a day was a once-in-a-century job.

Whatever it was, Ill tear it down today!

“Hey, hey, hey wait! Dont move!”

Just as the digger was about to make his move, he heard a desperate shout.

It was Cao Xiangyu and his secretary.

They ran over from the entrance.

However, their clothes were a little messy.

Cao Xiangyus belt wasnt fastened, and his pants were unzipped.

His secretary was tidying her shirt as she ran.

Nobody knew what they were doing before this.

“Yo, Brother Cao is here.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Brother Lin, what are you doing I called you a few times just now, why didnt you pick up”

Lin Yi took out his phone and pretended to be surprised.

“I was talking to my secretary just now, and I didnt have time to think about my phone.

Were you looking for me”

“What are you trying to do by mobilizing so many people and bringing two excavators here”

“Brother Caos memory is really bad.

Didnt I tell you before when we were having dinner at the dining table I want to tear down the warehouse and dig a big fish pond to raise koi fish to change my luck.

Recently, my luck hasnt been very good.

I went to Aomen, and the 500,000 that you gave me was gone in less than two days.

If I dont think of a way to get some money, I wont be able to survive in the future.”

The corners of Cao Xiangyus mouth twitched.

Youre too much of a scammer.

Hed lost 500,000 yuan in less than two days

His father had so much money, but hed never squandered it like this.

“Brother Lin, your memorys too bad.

Didnt we agree at the dinner table that the warehouse would be left for us to use Whyd you go back on your word”

“Ah Did I say that” Lin Yi said.

“Why dont I remember”

“You did say that.

How could Brother Cao Lie to you”

Although he was smiling, Cao Xiangyu was cursing Lin Yi in his heart.

What a fickle person.

He didnt keep his promise.

“I remember now.

I did say that.” Lin Yi pretended to be troubled.

“Brother Cao, you have to understand my difficulties.

I dont have any money in my pocket.

If I dont destroy this warehouse to raise koi, I might lose everything.

“But dont worry.

When my luck changes, Ill build a few more warehouses for you and let you use them as you please.”

Cao Xiangyu had the urge to curse.

With your character, you wont be able to make a fortune in your next life.

If I were to rely on you, Id suffer a fate worse than death.

“Brother Lin, if you focus on money, then your perspective will become too narrow.” Cao Xiangyu took out a cigarette and wanted to pass it to Lin Yi to ease his mood.

“According to science, smoking too much can lead to premature ejaculation, so I quit early.” Lin Yi said.


Cao Xiangyus expression was a little unnatural, even a little awkward.

Lin Yi seemed to have hit the nail on the head.

“So, theres… theres such a thing…”

“Of course, its absolutely true.

If you dont believe me, you can ask my secretary.

I do it every day and night with her.” Lin Yi said.

Wang Rans face turned red, but she didnt say anything.

Her shy expression seemed to be a tacit agreement in Cao Xiangyuseyes.

At the same time, he cursed Lin Yi even more in his heart.

He was obviously an ignorant bastard, so how could he do much better than me!


Cao Xiangyu smiled awkwardly and put the cigarette back into the carton.

“Lets not talk about this.

Lets continue our previous topic.”

“Yes, yes, yes, lets continue the topic.

“Lin Yi said.

“I love money a little.

Why is it so small”

“I understand your difficulties, but you cant demolish the warehouse.

Theres always a path in front of the mountain.

You cant use such an extreme method to overcome them.”

“Then Cao Bro, give me some ideas.

How can I get money” Lin Yi said angrily.

“Im not in the mood to listen to a f*cking love story.

I just want to get the money!”

“Thats easy.

Just call me, Brother Cao.

Ill naturally help you if youre in trouble.”

Cao Xiangyu took out his checkbook and wrote Lin Yi a check for 100,000 yuan.

“Brother Lin, take this money and spend it.

If its not enough, you can tell me again.

Ill ensure you never run out of options.”

“Its not enough, Im running out of options.” Lin Yi said.

Cao Xiangyu, “…”

‘What the f*ck!

“Is 100,000 yuan not enough” Cao Xiangyu asked.

“Didnt I tell you just now I went to Aumen two days ago, and not only did I lose 500,000 yuan, but I also owe 200,000 yuan to a loan shark.

This is not enough for me to pay off my debt.”

Lin Yi handed the check to Cao Xiangyu.

“You should take this money back.

Itll be faster to raise koi fish.

I need the money urgently, so please understand.”

Lin Yi looked at the two excavators.

“Bosses, hurry up and do it.

Dont hesitate, get it done.”


The two excavators were extremely excited when they heard Lin Yis order.

At the same time, they cursed at Cao Xiangyus eighteen generations of ancestors in their hearts.

Where the hell did this fatty come from Hes trying to destroy my source of income! Get lost.

“Dont, dont, dont, Lin Bro.

Its just a debt of 200,000 yuan.

Were brothers, Ill help you settle it.”

Lin Yi wanted to say that they couldnt be brothers due to his handsome face, but he held it in for the sake of money.

“If thats the case, I have to thank you, Brother Cao.

If it wasnt for your 200,000, Id be finished.” Lin Yi said.

“Sure, sure.

Its not a big deal.”

Cao Xiangyu took out his checkbook again and wrote another 100,000 yuan check for Lin Yi.

He handed it to Lin Yi along with the previous one.

However, just as Lin Yi was about to take it, Cao Xiangyus hand retracted.

“Brother Cao, what do you mean Are you not willing to give it to me Then Ill have to tear down the warehouse.”

Cao Xiangyu smiled at Lin Yi.

“Thats not what I meant.

Im prepared to give you the 200,000 as well, but I have a condition.

I hope you can agree to it.”


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