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It was already past nine when Lin Yi opened his eyes the next morning.

There was a WeChat message on his phone.

It was from Ji Qingyan.

Ji Qingyan: “Did you oversleep yesterday You dont need money, so why are you so tired Call me when you wake up.”

Lin Yi guessed that he probably didnt pick her up for work in the morning and she had guessed that he was asleep.

If she didnt hear from him by noon, she would have probably called the police.

Lin Yi called her back after he saw her message, so she wouldnt miss him too much.

He heard a few more extra words from her over the phone.

She almost saidIll raise you myself to stop Lin Yi from working so hard.

After washing up, Lin Yi went out for a simple breakfast and continued driving.

After driving for such a long time, Lin Yi was finally familiar with this profession.

His efficiency had increased a lot, and he could meet all kinds of people every day.

Occasionally, Lin Yi felt that this job wasnt too bad, as it even trained his mind.

He took seven orders by one oclock in the afternoon, and drove another 100 kilometers, steadily increasing his efficiency.

Ring, ring, ring…

Just as Lin Yi was about to accept another order, he received a call from Wang Ran.

“Teacher Lin, I want to report something to you.”

“Okay, go ahead.” Lin Yi parked his car by the side of the road, ready to listen to Wang Rans report.

Although she was still lacking in business skills, her work ethic was undeniable.

Every day, she would compile the major and minor events of the day into a document before sending it to him.

If it was an urgent matter, she would call him immediately, just like today.

“At Cisco, the trial production phase has ended.

Two containers came in today, and they are filled with raw materials.

It seems that they are preparing to produce the entire line.”

Lin Yi nodded.

From Wang Rans previous reports, Lin Yi guessed that this day was fast approaching.

According to the timeline, it was just a few days off from his expectations.

“Other than that, is Cao Xiangyu doing anything else” Lin Yi asked.

“I overheard him on the phone yesterday.

Cisco seems to be thinking of increasing contract manufacturing, but I dont know when its going to happen.” Wang Ran said.

“Alright, I got it.” Lin Yi said.

“Wait for me at the factory.

Ill head over now.

Oh, and theres something else I need you to do.

Contact two excavators and bring them to the factory.

We need them fast as Ill need them later.”

“Got it, Teacher Lin.”

Although she didnt know what Lin Yi wanted the excavators for, Wang Ran didnt dare to ask further and simply nodded in agreement.

Lin Yi looked around, found a parking spot, parked the car, and took a taxi to Xiangyang Industrial Area.

The Lykan was too much.

If he drove there in it, he wouldnt be able to explain himself, and he wouldnt be able to scam the other party any longer.

As an actor, one had to be more professional.

Forty minutes later, Lin Yis cab arrived at Xiangyang Industrial Area.

As usual, Lin Yi stayed at the entrance of Ciscos factory for a while longer.

However, today, he discovered something different.

Two Toyota Coasters drove out of Ciscos factory and headed far away.

This discovery made Lin Yi suspicious.

Normally, only officials would buy such a car.

Could it be that the higher-ups were here to inspect the factory

Lin Yi thought about it and found that this might be the case.

Ciscos chip 1.0 technology had already been recognized by the industry.

As a high-tech industry that could bring out the best in Zhonghai, it seemed reasonable for the higher-ups to inspect the situation here.

Lin Yi rubbed his chin.

If an official really came to inspect the place, Cao Xiangyu would have another chance to show off.

When Lin Yi arrived at the Sci-Tech factory, he found a couple of excavators parked at the entrance.

Wang Ran was indeed quite efficient.

He could hear the roaring inside the workshop when he arrived at the factory.

He could also see that many people were walking about in a hurry.

There were even people running in with two pancakes in their hands, as if they were so busy that they didnt even have time to eat.

It was the complete opposite of the cold and cheerless scene from a few days ago.

Wang Ran was fiddling with her computer when she arrived at the office.

She looked like a real white-collar worker.

“Teacher Lin, youre here.” Wang Ranstood up and said.

“The excavator is here.

Is there anything that needs to be renovated”

“Im not looking to renovate, Im looking to demolish.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Tell the excavator to demolish the few warehouses over there.”

“Ah! Tear down the warehouses”

Wang Rans expression froze in an instant.

She couldnt understand why Lin Yi would do that.

“Just do as I say.

When we try to do it, someone will stop us.”


Wang Ran still didnt understand.

The warehouse was right in front of them, and the excavator was at the entrance of the factory.

They could tear it down immediately if they wished.

Even if someone tried to stop them, it would be too late.

The two of them walked out of the office.

The excavator drivers were also getting into position at that moment.

Once they received the order, theycould immediately start working.

“Boss, hurry up.

I have something to do later.

Hurry up and demolish the four warehouses behind us.

Then, dig a two-meter deep pit in the location.”

“Boss, those are such good warehouses.

It would be a pity to demolish them,” the honest driver replied.

“Whats there to be sorry about I want to dig a big hole to raise koi fish in the future.

When the feng shui changes, Ill have as much money as I want.

Why would I care about these warehouses”

“No way, you want to tear down the warehouse to raise koi fish”

The excavator driver was dumbfounded.

Wasnt this too wasteful

With your behavior, you definitely wont be able to raise koi fish well!

“Thats right, tear it down now.

If the effect is good, Ill tear down this factory in the future as well.

If I raise more, I might be able to become the richest man in the world.”

The excavator drivers were speechless.

They had lived for so many years, but they had never heard of a rich man who made his fortune by raising koi.

“Alright, hurry up and get to work.” Lin Yi said.

“My secretary told me you charge 1,500 a day, right If youre quick, Ill give you another 500 a day.”

“Boss, I saw it from the moment we met.

You definitely got what it takes to be successful at farming koi.

Youll definitely become the worlds richest man in less than five years.”

“I like what Im hearing.

Get to work.

Tear down all four warehouses.

Hurry up.”


The two drivers entered their cockpits enthusiastically.

They were so focused that they were confident that they would be able to tear down four aircraft carriers, much less the four warehouses in front of him.

Lin Yi brought Wang Ran to the side to supervise the work.

Wang Rans heart ached a little.

It would be a pity if they tore it down.

Didnt Teacher Lin say that someone would stop them Who would come!

Could it be Cao Xiangyu

He was at Cisco, so he probably didnt even know about this.

He couldnt possibly come in time!

Ring, ring, ring…

Lin Yis phone rang at this moment.

As expected, it was Cao Xiangyu calling.

Wang Ran was surprised.

“Teacher Lin, Cao Xiangyu called!”


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