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“Ah! What did you say”

Qin Han sat up.

“What does this have to do with you”

“Right.” Liang Jinming said.

“I heard from Brother Qin that you know Yao Donglai and Liu Qiang, but theres no need for you to get involved in this, right”

Lin Yi pointed at Li Qingfeng.

“See that fatty beside Zhang Ao His name is Li Qingfeng, and hes here for me.

Yao Donglai and Liu Qiang are extras for them to vent their anger.”

“F*ck, this is heaven-defying!”

“Dont worry, take your time.”

“Make way!”

At the same time, Yao Donglai and Liu Qiang hurried down the stairs with their men.

However, when they saw Zhang Ao, their expressions became very serious.

Li Qingfeng was nothing, but Zhang Ao was a tough one.

Or rather, Wang Mazi, who was standing behind him, was the one that they couldnt afford to offend.

“Brother Zhang, youre the best.

You brought so many people to support us.

Brother, Ill arrange a big room for you.

If you dont think its enough, Ill clear the whole floor for you,” Yao Donglai said with a smile.

“Since youre here, lets gamble a bit as well.”

“Old Yao, dont mess around with me.” Zhang Ao threw the cigarette butt away.

“You know whats going on.

Youre the one who messed up Old Lis company, right You even cheated him out of a few million yuan.

Thats not fair.”


“Yao Donglai, Liu Qiang.

We have known each other for some time, but we have to talk about this matter properly,” said Li Qingfeng.

“Ive been in the underworld for so many years, and Im not a pushover.

Dont blame me, Li Qingfeng, for ignoring the code of conduct in the underworld if something doesnt change right now.”

“Then what do you want us to do” Asked Yao Donglai.

“Hand over the person who cheated me out of money today.

Secondly, if you give me another million yuan, well call it even,” said Li Qingfeng.

“You know how Zhang Bro is.

Dont make a scene.”

“Old Li, thats a bit too much.”

“Im too much” Li Qingfeng laughed coldly.

“You guys ripped me off for no reason.

I didnt say you were too much then, but now youre here complaining.”


“Alright, cut the crap.” Lin Yi said lightly.

“Youre just here to find me, right Im here as well.

Just come here and talk.”

Li Qingfeng tiptoed and looked over when he heard Lin Yis voice.

There were a few young men sitting in the booth in front of Mr.

Fa, but their backs were all facing him.

However, he could tell that the person who spoke was the man who had extorted him during the day!

Even so, Lin Yi didnt turn his head at all.

His back was facing Li Qingfeng and Zhang Ao, and he didnt let them see his face.

“Lets go and take a look.”

Zhang Ao said with an unfriendly expression.

Here they were calling out for blood, but this guy was still sitting in place without flinching.

This was pretty impressive.

Zhang Ao led his people and walked over alongside Li Qingfeng.

Wang Lu and the other girls were so scared that they didnt even dare to breathe.

They stood aside quietly.

They were just here to experience the life of a nightclub.

Why did this happen

This really cast a shadow over these young girls who were visiting a club for the first time.

“Brother Zhang, its this kid.

He cheated me out of several million yuan.

Ill have to trouble you to make the decision for me.”

Zhang Ao didnt respond.

His face was full of surprise.

“Isnt this Young Master Qin”

“Oh, so it turns out you still remember me.” Qin Han crossed his legs and said indifferently, “Old Lin is my brother.

What do you want to do about this”

Li Qingfeng didnt know much about the rich second generation in Zhonghai, and he had always looked down on them.

These rich second generation only knew how to spend their familys money.

Therefore, he didnt have any impression of Qin Han.

However, Zhang Ao was different.

He had heard of Qin Hans name before.

“Young Master Qin, dont worry about this matter.

We have our own rules to follow.

There are two ways we can go about this, but I must ask that you dont interfere,” said Zhang Ao.

“What Do I, Qin Han, not even have any shred of reputation anymore”

“This isnt a matter of reputation, its just the rules of the underworld.

You have to follow the rules when youre out here, right” Zhang Ao said.

“Otherwise, people like us would have made a fortune by now just by going around robbing civilians every day.”

Qin Han was about to speak when Lin Yi patted his leg and stopped him.

“Hes already here, yet you want to settle things with just one sentence.

Its against the rules to make him come all the way here for nothing.

Theres always room for negotiation, so lets talk slowly.”

Liu Changning stood on the side, trembling.

Although he didnt like Lin Yi in his heart, the way he spoke and his attitude was really cool.

He was just like the big boss of those gangs.

“Its good that youre willing to talk.

Things are not the way they were before, and we dont like fighting anymore.

Lets talk slowly.”

“Okay, Ill give you a chance.” Lin Yi looked up at Li Qingfeng and said with a smile.

“Actually, Ive already told Yao Donglai and Liu Qiang to pick a time to kill you.

I didnt expect you to rush here tonight.

It looks like the king of Hell wants you to live a little longer.

Im all ears now, so tell me what you think.”

Li Qingfeng shivered, feeling a little scared.

It was a good thing that he had brought Zhang Ao here tonight, or else he wouldnt have been able to see the sun tomorrow.

“My request is very simple.

Give me back the 15 million, and then give me two million for the mental damage you caused, and well call it even.”

Lin Yi poured himself a glass of wine and took a sip.

“11.2 million of the 15 million is for the construction done by Chaoyang Group.

You want that back”

“I made it very clear.

Ill pay up the money I owe Chaoyang Group, but Im a little short on cash.

I need this money to support my other projects.

Ill pay you back when I have more money.”

“If I remember correctly, thats what you said four months ago, and it stayed the same until today.

When will you have the money

“What if one day you get hit by a truck on the road and die How are we going to get the money then”

In Liu Changning and Wang Lus eyes, Lin Yis words were just a hypothetical situation.

However, to Li Qingfeng, this was a blatant threat.

With these peoples methods, it wasnt difficult for them to cause a traffic accident.

“This is the nature of the construction business.

The capital turnover cycle is quite long, and four months isnt considered a long period.

As long as you return the money, Ill have enough funds to support the next project.

Ill be able to return the money to you soon,” Li Qingfeng said.

“What about you” Lin Yi looked at Zhang Ao.

“Do you have anything to say”

Zhang Ao shrugged.

“You guys can handle the money-related matters yourself.

Ill only show up if a satisfactory conclusion cannot be reached.”

Lin Yi raised an eyebrow.

“In other words, youre supporting him in not paying back the money, right”

“I already said that its up to you guys to handle the money-related matters.

Its none of my business.”

“Zhang Ao, thats a bit too much.” Qin Han said.

“You dont even want to pay back the money you owe”

“Young Master Qin, Im just following the rules.

I hope you can understand.”

When Li Qingfeng first looked for Zhang Ao, he had already made it clear to him that no matter how much money he got back, he would give him 30% of the final amount.

For this reason, he naturally wanted as much as possible, so he wouldnt interfere in this matter.

“Alright, Ill handle this.

Dont say anything else.”

Lin Yi looked at Li Qingfeng and said,

“You want me to return the 15 million to you, and then pay you an additional two million for mental damage.

You also want Yao Donglai and Liu Qiang to hand you another one million.

Thats a total of 18 million, right”

“Thats right.”

Lin Yis expression froze as he looked at Li Qingfeng.

“Are you sure you wont regret taking this 18 million”

“Why would I regret this Its all money I deserve.”

With Zhang Ao here, Li Qingfengs back was straight, and he wasnt afraid of Lin Yi.


Lin Yi took out his checkbook and wrote the 18 million on it, then pushed it to Li Qingfeng.

“Heres the money, take it.”


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