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“Sister, it just so happens that there are two empty seats in my car.

You and Lulu can take my car to go,” Liu Haining said.

“When we came, Lulu came in my car.”

“I have my own car, so I wont take yours.”

Wang Ying pressed the car key in her hand, and the headlights of the BMW 7 series lit up, surprising Liu Haining and the others for a while.

They didnt expect that this white BMW 7 series would actually belong to Wang Lus sister.

To be able to afford such a car, it was obvious that she was an elite white-collar worker.

This made Wang Yings charm grow in their hearts once again.

“Oh right, Liu Haining, where are we going to hang out Didnt you say that youve already found a good place” Wang Lu asked.


Liu Haining laughed.

“My brother has been working in Zhonghai all this time.

He told me about a good place called Metropolis.

Its the most popular nightclub in Zhonghai right now.

Lets go there and take a look.”


Lin Yi mumbled to himself.

“Isnt that the place that Yao Donglai and Liu Qiang opened”

“Youre from Zhonghaiarent you Dont tell me you dont know about Metropolis Thats pretty unimpressive.”

“Youre the unimpressive one.

My future brother-in-law is a clean person.

He doesnt go to places like that,” Wang Lu said.

“Fine, whatever you say.

Ill listen to you,” Liu Changning said.


He had a good impression of Wang Ying in his heart.

However, Liu Changning knew that it was impossible for him to be with her.

Thus, he might as well focus on Wang Lu.

As for her sister, hed would just think about the possibilities quietly in his mind.

Meanwhile, didnt have any good feelings toward Lin Yi.

At this age where they hadnt fully recovered from their sophomoric illness, youth tended to dream of conquering the world.

The women that he thought were good-looking had to be his.

If he found out that a good-looking woman had been touched by someone else, he would automatically start to dislike the other party.

They couldnt wait to be dragged to the crematorium in the next second.

Lin Yi understood what Liu Changning was thinking, but he felt sorry for him.

Little Brother, your beautiful sister had been taken by your brother.

You dont stand a chance!

“Since youve decided, lets go together.” Du Yuxuan said.

“I cant wait any longer.”

“Lets go, were heading to the Metropolis!”

The young men and women who had just started spreading their wings had an endless yearning for a place like a nightclub.

They couldnt wait any longer.

The three cars drove to Metropolis one after another.

They saw the brightly lit signboards, as well as the youths from society who walked in and out of the entrance.

They were all covered in gold chains and tattoos.

Liu Changning and the others suddenly felt like backing out.

It was their first time coming to a place like this, so they were still a little timid due to their unfamiliarity.

“Alright, you guys go in.

Well wait outside,” Wang Ying said.


Liu Changning and the other boys were a little hesitant.

Especially when they saw the youths coming in and out looking at them with strange eyes.

Now, they felt even more uncomfortable.

If the boys were like this, then the girls would naturally be the same, even more so.

In reality, the young people of today were not like those of days gone by who often acted tough and fought every day.

They were just puzzled.

These two adults really didnt have anything better to do.

Why did they bring a group of students to such a place!

“Werent you eager to try just now Why are you afraid of going in now”

“Who is afraid” Liu Changning said, “Ive been here once before.

Dont think that Im some kind of virgin.”

“Alright, you guys go and enjoy yourselves then.”

Liu Changning mustered up his courage and said, “Lets go.

Everyone follow me in.

Let me make it clear in advance that there are many people here, so all of you follow me closely.”

“Okay,” the other boys echoed.

“Sis, Im still a little scared.

Why dont you come with us” Wang Lu said in a low voice.

The other girls also looked at Lin Yi and Wang Ying.

In their eyes, a little boy like Liu Changning wasnt very reliable.

They needed a mature and steady uncle like Lin Yi to give them a sense of security.

Wang Ying looked at Lin Yi inquisitively, wanting to see how he felt about this.

“Future Brother-In-Law, come with us.” Wang Lu pulled Lin Yis arm.

“I dont mind, but youre here to experience life.

Im afraid Ill disturb you guys.”

“No, no, no.” Du Yuxuans eyes were full of anticipation.

“Boohoo… Uncle, come with us.” The other girls said eagerly.

Looking at the excited Lin Yi, Wang Ying didnt know whether to laugh or cry as she shook her head.

It seemed like the girls in high school were all under Lin Yis control.

“Alright, Ill bring you in.”

“Oh yeah!” Du Yuxuan said, “Quick, quick, quick, I cant wait to see whats inside.”

With Lin Yi backing them up, the boys and girls were no longer afraid of the nightclub.

They were all extremely excited.

“Dont worry guys, I can bring you guys in,” Liu Changning said disdainfully.

He was supposed to be in the limelight today, but now that Lin Yi had stolen it from him, he was naturally unwilling.

Liu Changning walked in front with a mature and steady posture, pretending to be a night life veteran.

The girls didnt really care about such a small matter, but it was a matter of pride for Liu Changning and the boys.

“Uncle, keep up, dont be left behind,” Du Yuxuan said.

“Okay, got it.”

Lin Yi smiled and agreed, then looked at Wang Ying.

“They called you sis, but they refer to me as uncle.

How am I a generation older than you”

Wang Ying laughed as well, then whispered into Lin Yis ear.

“I heard that all men have perverted thoughts in their hearts.

How about I call you daddy to satisfy you”

“Thats not a good idea.

If you really did call me that, wouldnt that mean that Id have a pair of daughters”

“What Am I not enough, and now you want my sister as well”

“Dont talk nonsense, Im not that sick.”

“Thats right.” Wang Ying said.

“You might not even be able to handle me on my own.”

“After I take down Ji Qingyan, Ill go 300 rounds with you.”

“Keep your voice down, Lulu is in front.

If she hears you, shell think somethings wrong.”

“Eh Sis, were you talking to me just now What 300 rounds” Wang Lu turned back.

“Uh…” Wang Ying didnt know how to answer.

“You misheard,” Lin Yi said.

“I wanted to ask if you have enough money.

I have extra with me here.”

“Dont worry, you dont have to use your money,” Liu Changhai said.

“I brought enough money to enjoy myself here for a month.”

As he spoke, Liu Changning took out his phone and asked carefully, “Can you pay with your phone here”

The bartender looked at Liu Changning and the others with interest.

He felt that these high school students were quite interesting.

It was probably their first time here.

“Zhonghai is a pretty advanced city and electronic payment has been popularized.

Naturally, you can pay by phone.”


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