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“I was dragged here by your senior sister for a meal.”

He Yuanyuan looked at the two of them meaningfully and said,

“Besides the uncles and aunties at home, Teacher Zhang is also an elder that Senior Sister respects.

To bring you to see Teacher Zhang… Tsk tsk tsk, congratulations on your promotion.”

“Dont worry, even if I got a promotion, you wont get a raise.”

“Wait Yuanyuan, what did you call him just now” Liu Yida asked in a panic.

“Boss.” He Yuanyuan said matter-of-factly, “Didnt he introduce himself”

“He… he is actually your boss” Liu Yidas eyes widened.

“Could he be the behind-the-scenes boss of the Lingyun Group”

“Thats right, he doesnt look like it, right” He Yuanyuan said.

“Indeed, he doesnt look like it.”

He Yuanyuan took the rice bowl and filled it with rice.

As she ate, she said,

“Thats normal.

I didnt believe it at first, but I had no choice.

Hes really rich.

He bought the Twin Towers for 18 billion and even bought all the units in Jiuzhou Pavillion in one go.

Each one of his cars is worth more than 60 million, which is almost equal to the investment that we discussed.”

“Hes… hes driving a car worth more than 60 million… …” Liu Yida said with a smile

Liu Yida didnt say anything else.

What had he said earlier

He was slandering his company for being small

And he was offered to invest in his company

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Liu Yida wanted to dig a hole in the ground and hide in it as soon as he thought of that.

It was too much of a slap in the face.

“Yuanyuan, I heard that you two are talking about an investment” Lin Yi asked.

“Yeah, I think Seniors company is pretty good.

Brother Qi agreed with my thoughts and we are going to invest 70 million.

After all, we know each other well.”

“Youre right.” Lin Yi nodded.

“But your Brother Liu said that our company is a little small and has a bad future.

He wants to invest some money in us.

You guys can have a good chat about this then.”

“He wants to flip the script on us”

He Yuanyuan was surprised.

“Whyd he do that”

“Isnt it puzzling” Lu Tian said with a smile.

“Its indeed puzzling.

Its one of the top ten puzzles mankind has ever seen.”

However, He Yuanyuan understood what was going on.

It was probably because of his senior sister that Senior Liu started showing off in front of the boss again.

Otherwise, he wouldnt be like this.

That was because the boss skill points were all invested in passive attributes.

It was very rare for him to take the initiative to act tough.

Usually, it was others who took the initiative to act tough first, which would trigger his passive skill.

Moreover, this kind of behavior was full of details that others couldnt learn at all.

“President Lin, look at this mess.

Why didnt you say so earlier This isnt good.”

“If I had said that, it would have made it seem like I was showing off.

I wanted to keep a low profile, but I didnt expect you to expose my identity.

Im really sorry for making you feel awkward.

Ill deduct her salary when I go back.

This is too disrespectful to my senior.”

He Yuanyuan, “”

How could she be blamed for this

Not only did he pretend he had been coerced into this situation, but he also deducted her salary.

This was killing two birds with one stone.

“Qingyan, you really made a fortune in silence.

You actually found such a rich boyfriend.

Im so envious,” Lu Tian said.

“Dont you envy my good looks”

“No, I dont.” Lu Tian said, “Its useless being so handsome.

The Gu family all can cook.

Thats the standard for us when evaluating good men now.”

“Then Ill have to disappoint you.

I can cook too.”

“You can even cook” Lu Tian was surprised.

Ji Qingyan straightened her back proudly.

“Lin Yi can cook, and his food is delicious.”

“The bosss cooking is top-notch.

Its delicious,” He Yuanyuan said.

“Its useless even if you praise me.

Since my identity was exposed, your salary will still get deducted.”


The dinner didnt end until eight in the evening, and everyone left one after another.

Lin Yi, Ji Qingyan, he Yuanyuan, and Lu Tian gathered together as if they had something to say.

“Boss, what about Fenglan Culture Cao Jingqiu contacted me today and asked me if I was interested in investing.

Ive already answered her directly.”

“She didnt find out you and Old Qis names, did she”

“Of course not.

Im so meticulous.” He Yuanyuan said.

“No matter what, shes from Cisco.

If we reveal our names, the entire plan might be affected.”

“Thats good.” Lin Yi nodded.

“Make an appointment with her.

Ill go meet this person.

Oh right, just set the location to be at the Peninsula Hotel.”

“Why do you want to set the location at the Peninsula Hotel Its a super-five-star hotel, and it costs a lot, okay” He Yuanyuan retorted.

“The companys budget is tight to begin with, yet you want to go to such a luxurious place to talk about investment.

Cant you think about the company first”

“Then where should I go”

“Spend 100 Yuan and go to Starbucks.

Its economical and affordable.”

“Starbucks is too trashy, but if you pay, I can go.”


He Yuanyuan took out a brand-new 100 yuan note.

“This is the fund for you to negotiate business deals.

Take it.”

“Thank you, He Yuanyuan.”

“Hmm Why are you being so sweet today It doesnt seem like your style, Boss.”

Ji Qingyan was overjoyed.

“Because the peninsula hotel is his business.

If we go there to meet, we wont need to spend any money.

Therefore, he just earned 100 yuan from you.”

He Yuanyuan, “”

“Im just a small employee.

Why are you trying to trick me!”

“And when did you buy the Peninsula Hotel How come I dont know about it In that case, I can get a room for free in the future, right”

“Ho ho ho!”

“Why are you laughing so slyly”

“With your looks, no one will be willing to get a room with you for the rest of your life.

Stop daydreaming.”

“Wheres my knife!”

“Alright, stop bickering.

One of you is the CEO, and the other one is the CFO.

Cant you guys be more normal”

The two stopped bickering under Ji Qingyans instruction.

The four went their separate ways, and Lu Tian and He Yuanyuan left.

After that, Lin Yi brought Ji Qingyan to Jiuzhou Pavillion.

At the same time, Ji QIngyan was still reminiscing about how Lin Yi had called her Little Baby Qingyan.

The name was a little embarrassing, but it sounded nice.

“Im going for a swim.

Are you joining me”

Lin Yi chuckled.

“Ill watch you swim, but itll be perfect if you can keep your promise of doing squats in your swimsuit.”

“Hmph, you wish.”

Ji Qingyan changed into a white swimsuit and wrapped herself in a towel as she came down from upstairs.

One didnt even need to look at what was underneath.

Her voluptuous thighs alone were enough to make one dream up a scene that measured over 100 gigabytes in size.

Ji Qingyan swam gracefully into the water as Lin Yi sat on the bench, thinking about his next steps.

The system mission was proceeding in an orderly manner, so he didnt need to put too much thought into it.

The next step would be the Cao siblings.

Cao Xiangyus raw materials should soon enter the game one after another.

It would not be a big problem with Wang Ran keeping an eye on them.

Although she was a noob, Cao Xiangyu was a retard.

As long as she was a person with a reasonably high IQ, it would not be a problem to deal with him.

Then, they would have to meet that person called Cao Jingqiu.

If she was like Cao Xiangyu, a person with a slow mind, then Lin Yi would be able to play this game as though he was God himself.

However, her series of actions were a little confusing.

She didnt take over Ciscos business, but instead went to start her own business.

This wasnt something a person who lacked intelligence would do.

Lin Yi dived in and swam a few laps before coming out with Ji Qingyan to enjoy the cool sea breeze,

“Why are you looking at me like that”

Ji Qingyan pulled on her towel.

Lin Yis aggressive gaze made her feel a little uncomfortable.

“Come be my CEO.”

“Ah You want me to join the Lingyun Group”

“Yes, my thoughts exactly.” Lin Yi nodded.

“At the end of the year, I plan to integrate all the existing resources.

If you come, Ill can rest assured that it will go smoothly.”

“No.” Ji Qingyan shook her head decisively.

“First of all, Chaoyangs results havent reached my expectations yet, and my sudden arrival at Lingyun might not be a good thing.

Itll be hard to convince the public of a good reason, and thats a big taboo.”

Ji Qingyan changed her position and looked at Lin Yi.

“Brother Qi is pretty good.

Hes more stable than Yuanyuan.

You can focus on training him.”

“Theres nothing wrong with Old Qi.

Hes an excellent horse, but hes too risk-averse and lacks motivation.” Lin Yi voiced his thoughts,

“He can make up for his shortcomings by pairing with Yuanyuan, but a company with two thinktanks isnt enough.”

“I wont ask you to shoulder everything yourself.” Lin Yi said.

“If you get tired, I can help you work on your ideas.

You can do whatever you want in the meantime.”

“Are you that good”

“Its not that Im good.

This is the organizational structure of a company.

Lingyun Group is a little special, but its core essence hasnt changed.”

Lin Yi was a little embarrassed from being praised.

How did he come up with the organizational structure of a company when he was out fooling around every day

“Are CEOs of other companies always out fooling around too”


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