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“Sing while playing” Lu Tian asked.

“You went to Russia to study before, and your Russian is better than most peoples.

As for us, our second language is English, so we cant even speak Russian in the first place.

Theres no way we can sing it well.”

“Look at this mess.

There are very few people like me who are proficient in three languages.

This request is a little difficult, so you dont need to sing.” Liu Yida said with a smile.

Ji Qingyan didnt like hearing this.

Although Lin Yi didnt know Russian, he knew French!

Much better than you!

Lin Yi was helpless.

Couldnt he just focus on his food

As expected, his love for the stage filled his whole heart.

After setting up the accordion, Lin Yi started playing.

The beautiful melody reached everyones ears.

Zhang Shumin and Peng Xingguos eyes lit up.

Although it was the same song, Lin Yis playing seemed to carry an extra sense of serenity.

It was as if they were seeing Lake Baikal right in front of their eyes.

The only regret was that if Lin Yi could sing a song, it would be even more perfect.

However, there was no need to force this matter.

Russian wasnt popular in the country.

Apart from a few schools, no one else even offered a Russian language degree.

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They couldnt find fault in this either.

They just had to listen to the tune.

“In the desolate plains of Baikal, lays a gold mine in the middle of the mountains…”

“The tramp is cursing his fate, stumbling forward with an empty sack…”

Just as everyone was enjoying Lin Yi playing the accordion, they were surprised to hear him humming the famous Russian song “On the plains of Baikal”!

And most importantly, he was singing it in authentic Russian!

Everyone was dumbfounded, especially Ji Qingyan.

After knowing Lin Yi for so long, she wasnt even aware that he knew Russian!

The beautiful accordion music, coupled with Lin Yis deep voice, made the scene before everyones eyes even more jaw-dropping.

A few minutes later, he finished playing the song.

Zhang Shumin and Peng Xingguo reminisced for a while.

Clap clap clap!

Applause rang out, and both of them looked excited.

“His playing is really too good.

I think he can even be compared to a professional teacher.

Its really not bad at all.”

“Teacher Zhang, youre flattering me.

I dont usually come into contact with this stuff.

Its just for fun.

I have too many interests, so Ive learned a lot.”

Lu Tian nodded and criticized in her heart, “This 13-piece is full of details.

From the looks of it, Liu Yidas level was too low.”

“I think we should stop here for todays performances,” Peng Xingguo said, “Lets eat first.”

“Right, lets continue eating.

Stay at the teachers house for a little longer today.

No one is in a hurry to leave,” Zhang Shumin said.

“Now that youre all starting your own businesses, did you encounter any difficulties If you did, tell Teacher as I still have some connections in the financial field and can extend you some help.”

At this moment, one could see the awesomeness of these famous school directors.

When they spoke, they were very tough, and they carried much confidence and strength.

“Thank you for your concern, Teacher.

Our company has now entered the stage of steady development, especially Brother Lius.

The companys valuation has already reached 800 million.

With talk of a further 70 million in financing coming in, its just a matter of time before we enter the 1 billion mark.”

“Thats really impressive.”

Zhang Shumin praised, “Ji Qingyans company has already broken through the 3 billion mark.

You have to work hard too and see if you can surpass her.”

“Dont worry, Teacher Zhang.

I still have confidence in this.” Liu Yida laughed and said.

“And theres something that you might not know.

You know the person who talked to me about the investment.”

“We know him too Is he a friend of mine in the financial circle” Zhang Shumin asked.

“Tell me who he is.

Ill tell him to invest an extra eighteen million.

It shouldnt be a problem for him.”

Lin Yi would definitely think that she was bragging if someone else said something like that, but Zhang Shumin was different.

She was a big shot in the financial circle.

It was possible that the bosses of those big companies were all her juniors.

Saying that she would be able to increase the investment by an extra eighteen million was probably a conservative estimate.

“Teacher Zhang, you misunderstood.

This person is not your friend, but your student.

And everyone here knows him.”

“Who is that Which year is he from Is It Sun Zhaoqiang I remember that he even taught you guys before, and the lesson was run pretty well.”

“Its not Brother Sun, its He Yuanyuan.”

“He Yuanyuan the girl” Zhang Shumin asked in surprise.

“Isnt she working at Meituans Zhonghai branch She shouldnt be the CFO in charge of the investment, right”

“Teacher Zhang, it seems like you havent paid much attention to Yuanyuans recent situation,” Liu Yida said with a smile.

“She has moved to Lingyun Group.

Although she is still in the CFO position, she holds a lot of authority.

She is also in charge of the investment.

Therefore, I have been in contact with her recently.

Due to our relationship, this investment of 70 million yuan should be a done deal.”

“Thats great.

The closer you are, the better the result.”

“Weve already reached a preliminary agreement.

Shell be discussing it with the other executives in the company, but I dont think itll be a problem.”

Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan looked at each other after hearing their conversation.

Lin Yi wanted to laugh.

Why was this another company that he was going to invest in

“Then I wish you success in your financing.” Zhang Shumin raised her glass, intending to toast Liu Yida.

“Thank you, Teacher.” Liu Yida raised his glass and looked at Lin Yi.

“May I know where Mr.

Lin is working”

“Its just a small company.

Its not worth mentioning.”

Lin Yi was beginning to suspect that the heavens had arranged this dinner party for him to toy with Liu Yida to death.

Your company still needs me to invest in it, yet youre here showing off

“Is it a start-up company” Liu Yida said with a smile.

“Although my company is also in the process of pursuing venture financing, our company itself also has a venture capital department.

Do you need me to invest in your company Qingyans company is a family business after all, and shes not the only one who makes the decisions.

Ill invest in it for you, as thatll go much smoother.” Yida said with a smile.

“Theres no need to invest.

Im just a small company, and Im just doing it for fun.

I dont want to be big, I just want to have some fun.”

Lu Tian couldnt help but snicker.

She didnt know how big Lin Yis company was, but hed already bought a Lykan worth over 60 million.

A company like that wouldnt just for fun.

At the very least, no one here could afford such a car.

Ji Qingyan sat quietly by the side.

A high-profile person like Liu Yida was someone Lin Yi could deal with himself.

She was a woman, so she didnt say much.

She would only make it seem like she was showing off.


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