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“Try this rib.

Its pretty good.

Its on par with my cooking,” Lin Yi said.

“Dont flatter yourself.

Teacher Zhangs cooking is way better than yours.”

“Then I wont make it for you anymore.”

“No,” Ji Qingyan got worried.

“You have to keep making it for me.”

“Oh my, you two make me so jealous.

I have to stay away from you.” Lu Tian shifted her chair and looked at the two of them sourly.

“Are you jealous” Lin Yi laughed.

“But you wont ever escape this feeling because theres no other man more handsome than me in the world.”


Men with a sense of humor always were Qingyans favorite.”

“Cough cough cough…”

Zheng Wenjie coughed lightly and said with a smile, “Senior just finished playing.

You guys should at least give him some face.”

“Its pretty good.

Theres some progress,” Lu Tian casually replied, perfectly showing how to behave properly whilst still not paying attention.

“You little girl, Im guessing you didnt even listen to it properly.” Zhang Shumin smiled and said, “Little Yi, what do you think of the song”

“Good, good, very good, very good.

Ive never heard such a good song before.

Very good, very good.”

Lin Yi didnt want to ruin the atmosphere.

He was pretending to be cool whilst eating his own food.

After all, none of this mattered to him.

“I really didnt expect Mr.

Lin to know about the accordion.

That really exceeds my expectations.” Liu Yida said with a smile.

“I know a little bit about it.”

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Ji Qingyan couldnt help but snicker.

Lin Yi was really good at lying.

He actually claimed to know a little about the accordion.

“I didnt expect to meet a master today.

Although you think I played well, I think there are still many flaws in theLake Baikal piece that I played just now.

Would you like to give me some guidance, Mr.


“That wouldnt be good.

This is such a harmonious dinner, we should just let the matter rest.”

“Thats not good.

We academics have always been strict with ourselves and strive for excellence.

If there are any flaws, we naturally have to give each other pointers.”

Ji Qingyan bit her lips lightly, a hint of unhappiness showing on her face.

He was obviously making things difficult for Lin Yi.

“Little Yi, since you know about the accordion, do share it with us.” Zhang Shumin said.

“We are all on the same side here, so we can speak freely.”

“Thats right, give me some pointers too so that I can improve.”

“Actually, theres no need for me to teach you anything on the song,” Lin Yi said as he chewed on the ribs.

“Dont tell me you think its perfect and you cant tell me whats wrong”

“No, no, no, youve misunderstood.

I mean, there are too many mistakes in your renditionLake Baikal.

We wont be able to get through the entire list even if we work at it until tomorrow morning, so theres no need for me to teach you.”

As soon as he said that, everyone at the table turned their attention to Lin Yi.

No one expected Lin Yi to say something like that.

“There are a lot of mistakes in my rendition ofLake Baikal” Liu Yidas face didnt look too good.

When he played it earlier, he thought that it was already perfect, and he even exceeded his usual standards.

There couldnt have been any mistakes.

However, this man said that his performance was full of flaws.

It was simply ridiculous!


Lin, although Ji Qingyan is by your side and you want to stand up tall beside her, if you speak without thinking, wont you ruin the mood”

“Look, just now you said yourself that there were many mistakes in your performance of the song.

Now that Ive said it too, you wont admit to it and even say that Im ruining the mood What kind of logic is that”


Liu Yida choked on his words, his expression awkward.

“Yida, the fault is yours,” Zhang Shumin said.

“Lets hear what Little Yi has to say first.”

Zhang Shumin looked at Lin Yi, a smile returning to her face.

“Actually, I think Yidas performance ofBaikal Lake is pretty good, as I didnt notice any mistakes.”

“Then Ill say a few obvious ones.” Lin Yi said.

“In the second eight count of the song, the intensity was obviously not strong enough, causing the pitch to be low.”

“However, in the middle of the third quarter of the beat, the intensity was obviously too strong, causing the rotation to be insufficient, losing more than half the essence of the song in the process.”

“Also, there are also many problems with the remaining diatonic scale and bass handling, but I wont go into the details.”

Ji Qingyan looked at Lin Yi, her eyes blinking.

What kind of freak was Lin Yi to be able to speak so clearly

Did he really know how to play the accordion That wasnt possible.

Zhang Shumin and Peng Xingguo looked at each other, their faces full of surprise and confusion.

They didnt understand what Lin Yi was talking about.

They didnt notice these mistakes.

They only liked the accordion because it was fun.

It was normal that they didnt understand what Lin Yi was talking about.

At this moment, not only the old couple, but even Liu Yida was confused.

He had been playing for a long time and didnt notice the mistakes.


Liu Yida smiled.

“Ive played the accordion in front of many teachers and experts, but they said that I played well and didnt point out so many problems.”

“See, arent we repeating ourselves now” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Lu Tian and I just said that you played a very good piece, yet you wanted me to correct it.

Now that Ive corrected it, youre unhappy again.

What kind of person does that”

“Youre just giving perfunctory feedback.”

“Are you sure that the other professionals werent just giving perfunctory feedback”


Liu Yida was burning with anger since he was the boss of a start-up company, Doctor Yan Da, but was currently being mocked by a gigolo!

This was outrageous!

However, he could not flare up in his teachers house.

“If thats the case, play us a song too.

Let me see the gap between us, and show me that I still have room for improvement.”

“Ive never played this before, so Im a little unfamiliar with it.”

“You spoke at length earlier, yet it turns out that you were just spouting nonsense.

Youve never even played the accordion before, yet you still dare to say such words.

Youre really good with words.”

“I only said that Im unfamiliar with it, I didnt say that I dont know how to play it.”

“Little Yi, youre really not a simple person.

Not only did you manage to woo that Lass, Qingyan, but you even know how to play the accordion.

Let us hear it too.” Zhang Shumin said with a kind expression.

“Since Teacher Zhang wants to hear it, Ill give it a try.”

Ji Qingyan was a little nervous.

“Lin Yi, are you sure you know how to play the accordion This isnt a joke.”

Ji Qingyan believed that Lin Yi knew how to play the accordion since he dared to try.

However, the main point was that he had to be better than Liu Yida, or else he would be laughed at to death.

She could get embarassed, but she didnt want Lin Yi to suffer the same.

“Its just an accordion.

It shouldnt be a problem.”


Lin is so confident, so his level shouldnt be bad.

Even so, a famous song likeLake Baikal is no fun to just play.

You should also sing a bit to really make sure you enjoy yourself.” Liu Yida added.


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