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“They are all from out of town, just like you.

They came back just for this occasion, so they obviously must arrive early.”

“That makes sense.” Lu Tian said.

“Lets go up first, Im a little hungry.”


Lin Yi parked the car and the three of them walked toward the front door.

They were a little surprised to see three luxury cars, but after thinking about it, they realized this was normal.

Their professor was a lecturer at Yan University, so the students they trained would naturally not be bad.

Ji Qingyan might the one with the most successful career, but a large part of it was because of her family.

If she started her own business from scratch, she might not be as successful as the other students.

These were the so-called famous university students.

The three of them went upstairs together.

After they got off the elevator, they found that the door to the unit was already open.

The sound of talking and laughing was coming from inside, and the atmosphere was extremely warm.

“Yo, Qingyan and Tiantian are here.

We were waiting for you.”

As soon as they entered the door, they saw an old lady with white hair.

She stood up and walked toward the door, welcoming the three of them in.

There were five people in the room.

Apart from Ji Qingyans mentor and her husband, there were two men and a woman present.

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One of them was wearing glasses, a blue shirt and dark pants, and was dressed very formally.

The other one was wearing casual clothes, and wasnt dressed very well.

The other girl, on the other hand, wasnt as elegant as Ji Qingyan and Lu Tian.

She wasnt even worthy of Lin Yis attention.

“Lin Yi, let me introduce you.

This is my mentor, Zhang Minhua.

This is her husband, who is also a professor at Yan University, Mr.

Peng Xingguo.”

Lin Yi nodded with a smile.

“Nice to meet you, Teacher Zhang.

Nice to meet you, Teacher Peng.”

“When I was chatting with Tiantian earlier, she told me that you had a handsome boyfriend.

Now that I look at it, this guy is really not bad.

Hes much better than those brats at Yan University.”

Ji Qingyan blushed and smiled shyly.

It filled her with joy that Lin Yi was being recognized by her elders.

“Come, come, come.

Dont stand there.

The food is ready.

Lets eat first,” Peng Xingguo greeted politely.

Ji Qingyan and the other two sat at the table.

The dishes were all home-cooked and there was nothing special about them.

They were the simple dishes, however, they gave off the feeling of homeliness.

Lin Yi learned the names of the other three during the meal.

The man in formal attire was called Liu Yida.

The man in casual attire was called Wang Zhihui.

The other girl was called Zheng Wenjie.

However, only Wang Zhihui and Zheng Wenjie were from the same class as Ji Qingyan and Lu Tian, as Liu Yida was their senior.

During the meal, Ji Qingyan raised her glass.

“Teacher Zhang, thank you for your nurturing of us during our university days.

Without you, we would not be where we are today.

I would like to propose a toast to you with tea instead of wine.”

“In my eyes, you are just like my own children.

Coming here is just like you returning home.

Why are you still saying this” Zhang Shumin said with a smile.

“Now that I see that you guys are successful in your careers, Im also filled with joy.”

“That makes sense,” Peng Xingguo said with a smile.

“But this wine doesnt seem to have any flavor.

Its better for us to have some at a wedding banquet.”

“Thats right.

Hurry up and set a date.

Were all waiting to have a wedding banquet,” Lu Tian heckled.

“Dont talk nonsense.

Its not moving as fast as you guys say,” Ji Qingyan said shyly.

“When I was in school, I knew that Qingyan was a thin-skinned girl.

I didnt think that after working for so many years, she would still be like this,” Peng Xingguo said.

“I guess she wont be able to change for the rest of her life,” Lu Tian said.

“I dont think that marriage can be rushed,” Liu Yida said.

“We should all examine our prospects thoroughly before making a decision.

Although Im a man, I have to admit that there are many men who are not reliable.

We cant do something that we regret for the rest of our lives just because of a moment of impulse.”

“Senior, dont be so sarcastic.

Lin Yi is a good person,” Lu Tian said.

“Im just talking.

Please dont take it seriously.

At our level, the main thing is to consider whats inside.

The rest isnt important.” Liu Yida said.

Lu Tian rolled her eyes at Liu Yida and whispered,

“He only knows how to play the accordion.

Only a drunk would pretend to spout deep thoughts every day.”

“Tiantian, what did you just say Are you talking about the accordion Its my forte, do you want me to play for you guys” Liu Yida asked.

Lu Tian was about to refuse when Zhang Shumin said,

“You can play for me too.

I havent heard you the accordion in a long time.

The instrument is in the study, go take it out.”

“Since Teacher Zhang wants to hear it, then Ill make a fool of myself for everyone.”

Then, Liu Yida stood up and walked toward the study.

Lin Yi looked at his disappearing back and said,

“This guy is so pretentious, and he doesnt look fresh or refined at all.

There is hardly any attention to detail about him.”

“If you want to know, he would be your rival in love.

When we were in school, he was very attentive toward Ji Qingyan, but Qingyan never had any feelings for him.

If it wasnt for the fact that she couldnt bear to leave Teacher Zhang, Qingyan would have changed classes a long time ago,” Lu Tian said in a low voice.

“Who gave him the courage to pursue my little baby Qingyan Was it Liang Jingru”

“Eh, this is so digusting.

Little Baby Qingyan, can you two please be normal I want to keep my appetite to eat a few more ribs.”

“Watch your language, were at my teachers house.”

Ji Qingyan pinched Lin Yis waist.

“It wouldnt be good if Zhang and Peng heard us.”

“Alright, Ill call you that when I get home.”

Ji Qingyan didnt say anything, because she thought that the nicknameLittle Baby Qingyan sounded pretty good.

At that thought, Ji Qingyans face turned even redder.

She was a little embarrassed.

Just as the three of them were whispering, Liu Yida brought out the accordion.

“Yida, playLake Baikalfor me.

I cant play this song well, so I can learn from you,” Peng Xingguo said humbly.

Peng Xingguo and Zhang Shumin were both accordion lovers, but their skill levels werent high.

They usually played by themselves at home.

Now that Liu Yida was here, they naturally had to listen to him play a tune.

“Teacher Peng, youre too modest.

How would I dare to show off in front of you”

“You think I dont know how good you are Dont be so polite.

Hurry up and play a tune for me.

Itll be good for everyones entertainment.”

“Then I wont hold back.

Let me show you guys something.” Liu Yida said.

Liu Yida picked up the accordion and started playing Lake Baikal at Peng Xingguos request.

He looked pleased with himself, and appeared extremely pretentious.

What Lin Yi didnt expect, however, was that something even more pretentious was still to come.

Liu Yida started to sing by himself.

The pronunciation was a bit f*cked up, but it was still pretty good.

“Not bad, not bad!”

Liu Yida finished the song, and Peng Xingguo and Zhang Shumin took the lead to applaud.

“Not only did your level not drop, it seems like youve improved a lot.

Your Teacher Zhang and I practice at home every now and then, but your level has not diminished at all.

As you get older, we wont be able to learn as fast as you guys.”


Lin Yi paused.

What the hell was that

How could you sayokay when youre acting like this


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