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“Youre going to report me”

Lin Yi laughed.

“I should be the one reporting you.”

“Dont you know your position Youre going to report us” Li Xiaoyu said, refusing to back down.

“You came here with one of Didis cars to do business, and now youre going around swindling others, trying to extort money from us!”

“So thats what happened!”

Huang Hesong also came to a realization.

“So you drove the companys car and came out to try to scam us.”

“Thats right.

Doesnt Didi have a luxury car line These are definitely the companys cars.”

“Thats what I said.

How could a normal person be willing to take out such a good car to drive for Didi After all this time, its all a lie!” Huang Hesong said.

Li Xiaoyu crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“We dont want to argue with you about what happened today.

Hurry up and leave.

If we report you, not only will you be fired, but you might even get a prison sentence.

Dont say that I didnt warn you.”

“I wont be leaving today.

You can report me.

Let me see how you can have me sent to prison.”

“Okay, then you just wait.

Ill make a complaint right now!”

Li Xiaoyu took out her phone and found Didis complaint number.

“Is this Didi I want to complain about one of your Didi drivers committing fraud.

The license plate number is HU ANB666!”

“Yes, I didnt see wrongly.

Its Hu ANB666.

Its a red Lykan.

Its trying to run scams everywhere.

I hope you can deal with it and compensate us for the mental damage!”

“Were at the entrance of building four in Fugui Home.

You can see us as soon as you enter.”

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“Honey, what did they say” Huang Hesong asked.

“Didis people were very cooperative.

When they heard that it was their driver who swindled us, they immediately said that they would send someone to deal with it,” Li Xiaoyu said.

“Were still going to go out later today, but lets just keep him company until then!”

“Yeah, we have to make him pay for our mental damage!”

Everyone saw the arrogant looks on their faces.

The old lady who was watching from the side said, “Young man, I think youd better leave quickly.

You cant afford to mess with them.”

“Why cant I Its not like they have three heads and six arms.”

“Theyre famous for being deadbeats in this neighborhood.

Theyll definitely extort you of a lot of money,” the old lady advised.

“Theres no need to fight with them.

Youll definitely be the one to suffer in the end.”

“Its fine.

I believe in karma,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

The bystanders shook their heads.

It looked like this young man had a bad temper too.

He was going to fight with them head-on.

“Youre the real bad guy here.

I hope you dont chicken out when your boss comes,” Li Xiaoyu said.

“Youre really brave to drive a company car around to swindle people.

Youll go to jail for a long time.”

“Kid, we wont make things difficult for you.

Withdraw ten thousand for us and well consider this matter settled,” Huang Hesong said.

“Even if you dont pursue this matter, Ill still pursue it,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“You have to be reasonable.

You cant keep being shameless.”

“Hehe, how dare you say that were shameless” Li Xiaoyu said.

“Youre personally attacking us.

We were willing to settle this if you pay us ten thousand just now.

Now, dont even think about leaving without giving us at least twenty thousand!”

“Retarded people appear every year, and theres a lot of them this year.

Youve really broadened my horizons.”

“Were too lazy to continue talking to you.

Youll have to suffer when the officials come.” Li Xiaoyu said.

After waiting for about twenty minutes, a Bentley and a BMW 7 Series drove in from outside the community and stopped beside Lin Yis Lykan.

The door opened and four people got out of the car.

Lin Yi glanced at them, but didnt seem to recognize them.

He honestly didnt have the right to be a shareholder anymore.

Huang Hesong and Li Xiaoyu walked over enthusiastically when they saw the man getting out of the Bentley.

“You must be the boss of Didi.

We want to report this person who drove your companys luxury car out to swindle us.

Dont you need to deal with this seriously” Huang Hesong said.

“I think you have had a misunderstanding about this matter.”

The man who spoke was slightly chubby and wore a suit.

His name was Yang Chao.

He was the person in charge of Didis Zhonghai Business Department.

He had just been promoted recently.

“Misunderstanding How could there be a misunderstanding” Li Xiaoyu said.

“The situation is already very clear.

He came out to drive for Didi.

We asked him to come fetch us and then he said that his chassis was scratched and that we had to pay for it.

Its crystal clear.

Dont tell me that you still want to protect him”

“Looks like I have to introduce Director Lin to you guys before we deal with this.”

Yang Chao straightened his expression and said, “The person standing in front of you is Didis second-largest shareholder, Director Lin Yi.

Although Didi has a luxury car business, we cant afford a Lykan worth more than 60 million yuan.”

“To put it simply, this Lykan doesnt belong to our company.

It personally belongs to our Director Lin, so Director Lin didnt drive the companys car to scam us.”

“Secondly, with Director Lins status, he wouldnt go so far as to scam small figures like you.

In view of your defamation of Director Lins reputation, our company will pursue this matter to the very end.”


Huang Hesong and Li Xiaoyus faces were as pale as rats.

“You… you say that hes Didis second-largest shareholder”

“Thats right, hes worth ten billion.” Yang Chao snorted.

“Youre slandering Director Lin for swindling, what nonsense!”


The crowd sucked in a breath of cold air after confirming Lin Yis identity.

He was so handsome and so rich, yet he actually came out to run for Didi.

What was up with this guys acting

“We, we…”

Huang Hesongs mouth was hanging open, and he was too scared to say anything.

What the hell was going on Why did he meet such a powerful person!

“Director Lin, Im really sorry.

Well handle this properly,”Yang Chao said respectfully.

“Things like this do need to be taken seriously,” Lin Yi said.

“The passengers these days are all making trouble for no reason.

They bully Didis drivers just because theyre passengers.

We cant let this matter go easily.”

“We understand.”

“Oh, and make them pay the money for the car repair at the same time.”


“No, no!”

Huang Hesong pulled Lin Yis arm and kneeled on the ground.

“Director Lin, please give us a chance.

We really cant afford to pay you.”

“If you cant afford it, then go to jail.

What does that have to do with me”

Lin Yi drove off after saying that.

Yang Chao would take care of the rest.

There was no need for him to follow up on it.

Lin Yi continued to take orders after leaving that community.

At one oclock, Lin Yi took six orders and drove for more than 80 kilometers.

Yet, he only got one five-star review in the process.

Despite this, it didnt matter to Lin Yi anymore.

The systems mission requirement was based only on the number of kilometers.

The reviews could f*ck off.

After working all morning, Lin Yi was about to find a place to eat when his phone rang.

It was a call from Wang Ran.

“Boohoohoo… Teacher Lin, Im in trouble.

Can you help me”


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