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“You have a new order, please look at it.”

As Lin Yi was strolling down the street, a new order appeared on his phone.

He looked at the location of the order and saw that it was from Fugui Home to Wanda Plaza.

Lin Yi thought about it but found himself to be unfamiliar with Fugui Home, so he followed the navigational directions.

As one could tell from the name, it was an old residential area.

The markets stalls on both sides of the road were still open, and aunties and uncles carefully choosing their vegetables and goods gave Lin Yi a headache.

The road wasnt in very condition either, and he couldnt enter.

Lin Yi took his phone and dialed the customers number.

“Hello, is this Mr.

Huang with the tail number 9421”

“Thats me.”

“Im your Didi driver.

Theres a market in front of your neighborhood, and the road conditions arent too good.

My cant enter it.

Can you walk a few dozen meters outside Im right next to the market.”

“Bad road condition What kind of reason is that” The other party was unwilling to compromise, “There are cars coming in and out of the neighborhood every day.

They never claim that the road conditions arent good.

Why cant you come here Its only a few dozen meters.

How much gas can you save by refusing to enter”

“Its not about the gas.

Its just that the chassis of my car is too low, so itll get easily scrapped.”

“Are you kidding me I often use Didi and come to the door to pick me up.

Why are you claiming that your car chassis is too low Do you drive a sports car!”

“I drive a sports car.”

“Stop f*cking bragging.

If you drive a sports car, I drive a rocket,” the other party said bluntly.

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“Hurry up and drive in.

Dont waste my time, or Ill file a complaint!”

“Will you be responsible if the car gets scratched”

“Ill be responsible if it gets scratched.

Damn it, you wont get rich by saving that little gas money!”

Lin Yi turned on the recording function.

“Will you be responsible if the car gets scratched”

“F*ck, can you stop wasting my time If I wasnt in a hurry, I wouldnt take your car!” The man cursed.

“Its just a broken car, I can pay for it!”

“If you say that, then I wont be afraid anymore.”

As he spoke, Lin Yi drove the car into the community.

Seeing the fiery red Lykan driving in, the aunties who were busy picking goods at the stall automatically gave way.

Although they didnt know how much the car cost, it was definitely not cheap.

Thus, it was better to stand further away.

As Lin Yi drove the car into the neighborhood, he shocked some of the young men and women who were going about their business.

There was actually a supercar in such an old residential area!

Who were they here to pick up

At this moment, a young couple in their early thirties stood at the entrance of Unit 3, Building 4.

The mans name was Huang Hesong, and the woman was his wife, Li Xiaoyu.

“Whats going on Why were you cursing just now There are so many people in the residential area watching,” Li Xiaoyu said.

“Dont bring it up.

I called a Didi driver, but he parked the car at the entrance of the market and wanted me to walk out!” Said Huang Hesong.

“What kind of service is that He wants us to walk out”

“I know.

I think hes lazy and wants to save some gas money, which is why he said this,” said Huang Hesong.

“Ive thought it through.

When we get to the place, Ill give him a bad review.”

“Heh, giving him a bad review would be too kind,” Li Xiaoyu said.

“These people are so lazy and arrogant.

I dont know why they can be so prideful.”


And the reason he gave was really weird.

He said that he was driving a sports car and that the road into the neighborhood was uneven.

He was afraid that he would scratch the chassis and didnt want to drive in.

What kind of f*cking reason is that”

“He said that he was driving a sports car” Li Xiaoyu said in surprise, “This drivers brain isnt working.

How dare he offer such a reason”


Im convinced by this kind of person,” Huang Hesong said.

“When we were talking just now, I had thought it through.

I am going to make him come in then give him a bad review and file a complaint after.”

“Yes, lets do that!”

Boom Boom Boom!

Just as the two of them were talking, they heard an unexpected roar.

The people passing by all looked over subconsciously.

They were shocked to find a red sports car driving over from not far away.

“Isnt… isnt that a Lykan!”

Huang Hesong was an out-and-out movie fan.

He was especially fond of the Fast and Furious series.

That was why he recognized the car at a glance.

It was the famous Lykan!

He didnt expect to see a car worth more than 60 million in such an old neighborhood.

It was too exciting.

“You must be Mr.

Huang with the tail number 9421.”

Huang Hesong and Li Xiaoyu were stunned when they heard Lin Yis question.

“You… how do you know my phone number”

“Im the Didi driver.

Didnt you tell me to drive in and pick you up”

“You… Youre the owner of Didi”Lin Yi asked

Huang Hesong and his wife were the perfect example of what it meant to be confused.

The people in the neighborhood were also staring at Lin Yi with their eyes wide open.

No one had expected someone to use a supercar to drive for Didi.

“Thats right, I am.”

Huang Hesong was excited.

Wasnt he a little too lucky today

How could he get to ride in such a good car just by taking a cab!

If he could just sit inside it for a while, hed be able to brag to his colleagues after he got to the company.

“Dont get in the car yet,” Lin Yi said.

“I scratched the chassis when I entered the neighborhood.

Didnt you say that youd be responsible if I scratched the car Ill call the insurance company now.

Lets discuss the compensation.”


Huang Hesong and Li Xiaoyu were shocked and broke out in a cold sweat.

They had indeed said something like that just now.

But this was a Lykan!

It was worth more than 60 million!

For a car like this, even a light scratch on the chassis would cost at least 100,000.

It was enough for them to buy a small car.

“I… I was joking just now…”

“Joking Thats none of my business.

Anyway, I drove the car in according to your request.

Moreover, you said that you would compensate me for any loss, so theres nothing more to discuss.”

Huang Hesongs blood was drained from his face, and his excited expression had completely disappeared.

He simply couldnt afford to compensate this!

“Dont be so unreasonable!” Li Xiaoyu said, “My husband never said anything like that.

You drove in voluntarily.

It has nothing to do with us.”

“Right, right, right.

It has nothing to do with me.

You drove here of your own free will.

Dont be so stubborn.”

Lin Yi shook his head helplessly.

“I knew you guys wouldnt admit to it, and thats why I recorded it in advance.”

“You… You recorded it”

Both of them were flabbergasted.

Their earlier confidence vanished into thin air.

“Recording… So what if you recorded it” Li Xiaoyu said.

“Who knows when the chassis of your car was scraped Dont try to blame us for this!”

“If thats the case, then youre being a little unreasonable.”

“What do you mean were being unreasonable I think youre just trying to extort us!” Li Xiaoyu said.

“And I have your details.

Before I report you, youd better be sensible and leave quickly!”


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