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Lin Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry when he saw Ji Qingyans message.

If she wanted a rose, why couldnt she just ask for one

Lin Yi, “Thatll depend on my mood.”

A few minutes later, the phone was still silent.

Lin Yi guessed that Ji Qingyan might have seen it, but she didnt reply.

She was fully displaying her prideful nature.

Lin Yi rubbed his chin.

It didnt seem like much fun just sending one bouquet.

He looked at the time and realized that it was only eight in the evening.

The flower shop should still be open in the city that never sleeps.

If he used his time wisely, he should still be able to make it.

After making up his mind, Lin Yi drove to Wenshun Road in Zhonghai1.

This was the main flower street in Zhonghai.

High, middle, and low-end flower shops could all be found here.

Lin Yi found the biggest flower shop on Wenshun Road and walked straight in.

“Look, that little brother is so handsome!”

Seeing Lin Yi come in, the female employees were infatuated by him.

Their eyes were full of stars.

“If he is coming to buy flowers at this time, it should be for his girlfriend, right”


“Which woman is so lucky to find a boyfriend as handsome as that little brother”

“Perhaps she saved the Milky Way galaxy in her previous life.”

Seeing the infatuated look on the female employees faces, the middle-aged female store manager shook her head.

These little girls were still so immature.

Being handsome was indeed an advantage, but in this realistic society, if one didnt have money, they would be knocked down by the challenges of life.

Too naive.

“Can you guys behave yourselves Why do you lose your footing the moment you see a handsome guy”

“Its mainly because hes too handsome,” a long-haired female shop assistant said.

“If it wasnt for my period, I would definitely go up and seduce him.”

“F*ck, if it were me, I would let him run all my red lights.”

The female boss shook her head helplessly.

As someone who had been through this before, it seemed like she had to teach them a lesson.

“Sister Xia, I cant believe that youre not tempted by him at all,” the long-haired female shop assistant said.

“Whats there to be tempted by My husband is good to me and has given me enough food and clothing.

Im very satisfied with my current life and wont be tempted by anyone else.”

“I dont believe it.

You must be faking it.”

“You guys are just naive and shallow.

You only know how to look at someones face,” the boss said.

“Im not bragging to you guys.

When I was young, there were all kinds of handsome guys chasing after me, and their looks werent any worse than his…”

“Sister Xia, if you say that, then youll sound even more pretentious.”

“What You guys still dont believe me”

“We believe that when you were young, there were people chasing after you, but we dont believe that theyd be as handsome as him.”

“Alright then, they indeed were not as handsome as him,” the female store manager said.

“But what I want to say is that being handsome wont put food on the table.

Only with a strong economic foundation can one hope to climb the societal ladder.”

“Thats true, but how do you know he doesnt have money”

“Do you know any rich second generation who would come out to buy flowers” The female store manager said.

“As long as he gives the slightest signal, those women would all take the initiative to buy birth control and wait for him at the hotel.

Only poor people would buy flowers to give them away.”

Hearing the female store managers analysis, the female employees nodded in unison.

This seemed to make sense.

“Is there a pharmacy on Wenshun Road” The long-haired salesgirl asked.

“Why are you looking for a pharmacy Are you not feeling well”

“Im going to buy some birth control.”

The manager, “…”

It seemed like she had to teach them a lesson through actions.

After walking around the store for a while, Lin Yi noticed that there was quite a variety of roses in the store.

Even the most difficult-to-buy blue enchantress was sold here, but the price was a little ridiculous at 199 yuan per flower.

Lin Yi walked to the counter and asked,

“Id like to buy some roses.

Will they still be fresh the next morning”

“Sir, were closed.

Im really sorry,” the female boss said.

“Closed” Lin Yi was surprised.

“Arent you still open”

“Were closing at nine oclock, and were currently doing our end-of-day accounting, so were not doing anymore business.”

“Alright then, sorry to bother you.”

Lin Yi didnt waste any words and turned around to leave.

The female employees were all dumbfounded.

The boss was so cocky that he dared to reject a handsome man of this level.

“Ah, what a pity.”

Buzz Buzz Buzz…

At that moment, a loud noise came from outside the shop, startling the women in the shop.

“Whats that noise Its too loud.”

“It sounds like a car engine.”

“How is that possible How can a car make such a loud noise”

“Youre so stupid.

A small shabby car doesnt make such a loud noise.

Its obviously a sports car!”

Several female shop assistants ran to the window, their eyeballs almost falling out.

“Damn, its really a sports car.

Its being driven by that little brother from just now!”

“What! He drove a sports car here”

The female store manager was stunned.

She quickly put down her work and ran out.

It really was a sports car!

What was going on

A rich and handsome second generation actually came to buy flowers.

This was too counterintuitive!

He didnt need to do such things, right

“Hey, hey, hey, Little Handsome Brother, wait!”

Lin Yi didnt hear the female boss calling him, so he drove to another flower shop a hundred meters away.

It was called the Love Flower Shop.

The name was a little vulgar, but it was decent-sized.

“Handsome, wait!”

Lin Yi had just parked his car when he saw the female boss running all the way over.

“Whats up”

“Didnt you want to check out some flowers Come to our shop.”

“Didnt you close the shop What could I possibly buy”

The female boss paused.

If she had known that he drove a sports car here, she wouldnt have closed the shop!

“It was a misunderstanding.

The customer is are God.

You came to our shop, so how could we close early”

“Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing You came to steal our business, right”

The person who spoke was the owner of the flower shop.

He personally came out to greet Lin Yi when he saw him driving his sports car over.

He didnt expect someone to steal his business at this time.

“What do you mean by stealing your business” The female owner didnt want to hear it.

“He went to our shop when he arrived.

How can you say that hes your customer”

“But didnt you guys close the shop How dare you come and interfere This is too much.”

“Im just doing normal business…”

“Alright, alright, stop arguing.” Lin Yi said speechlessly.

“How many roses do you have in your shop”

“We have about 2,000 roses in all kinds of varieties, and we have our own flower beds, so we can prepare them immediately,” the female boss said.

“We have our own flower beds too.

We can afford to prepare as many as you want,” the boss said.

“I dont care how many you have.

I want them all.

Get me a truck and help me set up at the location I give you.

I need it all done by 5 am.

Can you do that”

“All of them”

Lin Yi nodded.

“All of them.”

“Got it, got it.

Well go get them ready…”

The next morning, Lin Yi drove to Ji Qingyans Yunshui Villa.

Breakfast was already on the table when he arrived.

“You havent eaten yet, have you Come and eat.”

Ji Qingyan was wearing an apron, and when she saw Lin Yi, she brought him his slippers.

As she spoke, Ji Qingyan looked around.

“Did you come empty-handed”


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