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“100 yuan a piece is a bit high.” Cao Xiangyu pretended to be troubled.

That was what he said, but according to the current market, the price of a chip was about 110 yuan, so it was still a very low price.

He only offered him 80 yuan before because Cao Xiangyu did not respect Lin Yi.

Even if he asked for 100 yuan now, he could accept it.

Moreover, Cao Xiangyu was sure that this Lin Yi was an amateur.

“Brother Cao, my price isnt that high.

We have employees to support.”

“But this price is a bit high to me.

Its difficult for me to accept.”

“Consider it a favor to me, Brother.” Lin Yi said hopefully.

“I can try, but I have a small request,” Cao Xiangyu said.

“If Brother Lin agrees, Ill agree to the 100 yuan price.”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“You should help us with the production first.

Ill postpone the contract payment by a few months,” Cao Xiangyu said.

“But dont worry, well give you a million yuan in advance for staff expenses.

We will ensure you dont lose anything.”

“No way.” Lin Yi rejected.

“If you want to pay me later, I wont do it.”

“Brother Lin, if you say that, youll be walking a narrow path.” Cao Xiangyu put his arm around Lin Yis shoulder and called him brother.

“Think about it, youre helping your brother-in-law manage this factory.

To put it bluntly, youre a part-time worker and youre getting a fixed salary.

But if you help me to make this deal happen, do you think Ill treat you badly”


“What do you mean”

Cao Xiangyu gave his secretary a look, and the latter understood.

She immediately took out a check for 500,000 yuan from her bag.

“This is a reward for you, it should be more than your annual salary, right”

“Brother Cao, if youd taken this out earlier, we wouldnt have to talk so much,” Lin Yi said with a laugh.

“The delay will just be for a few months later.

Ill tell my brother-in-law when I get back.

Well make it work.”

“But theres one thing I have to explain in advance.

You guys have to pay for the labor.”

“No problem.

Then well deduct it from the contract fees.

The total is 10 million yuan.

After deducting the labor, when its time to pay, well just give you the net profit.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

Brother Cao will be in charge of this.

Ill stay out of it.

You can use the factorys equipment and warehouses as you like.

Ill have nothing to do anyway.” Lin Yi lit a cigarette casually and said casually.

“Im f*cking confused.

The factorys not that big, so why are there so many warehouses If it wasnt for your order, Id have f*cking demolished all of them and start raising fish.”

“Raise fish”

“I even found an excavator.

I wanted to tear down those warehouses, dig a few big pits, and raise some koi fish to change my luck.

Ive been unlucky all these years and havent made any money.

Im probably just missing these koi fish.”

Cao Xiangyu was dumbfounded by Lin Yis words.

How f*cking unreliable did he have to be to do something like this

You cant make money because of your IQ, it has nothing to do with raising koi fish.

“Brother Lin, youre really in a good mood.

Ill get you some koi fish when I have time.

I wish you good luck and for you to make a fortune in the future.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

Its settled then.”

“Alright, thats it for today.” Lin Yi smiled as he put the check into his pocket.

“I still have something else to do, so Ill leave first.

Lets meet again another day.”

“Brother Lin, dont leave yet.

We only made a verbal agreement, we havent signed the contract yet.”

“Do we still need to sign the contract Do you still not trust my character”

Cao Xiangyu laughed coldly in his heart.

‘I really dont f*cking trust you!

“Of course I trust Brother Lins character, but this is the companys rule.

Theres nothing I can do about it.”

“Alright then, when do you want to sign the contract”

“Ive already prepared it.

Lets just sign it now.”

At the same time, Cao Xiangyus secretary took out her laptop and began to revise the contract that she had prepared beforehand.

Then, she left to print two copies.

“Brother Lin, the contract is here.

You just need to sign your name.”

“No problem.”

Lin Yi waved the pen and signed his name on the contract.

“Brother Cao, can I leave now There are a few guys waiting for me at the bar.

I cant miss tonights show.”

“Since Brother Lin has something to do, I wont force you to stay.

Ill send you off.”

“No need, no need.

Im not an outsider.

I can leave by myself.”

“Then I wont stand on ceremony with you.”

“Were all on the same side.

Theres no need to stand on ceremony.”

Lin Yi left happily with the check for 500,000 yuan.

Cao Xiangyu sat back in his chair and lit up a cigarette.

“I thought it would take more effort to take him down, but I didnt expect a mere check for 500,000 yuan to do the job.

I really overestimated him.”

“Although he has Sci-Tech, Wang Tianlong clearly chose the wrong person to manage it.

With such a brother-in-law around, sooner or later he will be cheated to death,” Cao Xiangyus secretary said.

“Thats true, but its also beneficial to us,” Cao Xiangyu said.

“At the very least, the problem surrounding the contract manufacturing has been solved.

Moreover, this is just a tentative cooperation.

If there are no problems, we still need to increase the intensity of our sub-manufacturing.

This will be good for Cisco.”

“But negotiating with such a fool and offering him 100 yuan a piece to sub-manufacture is a pretty good price.”

“Do you really think Id give him so much money” Cao Xiangyu said disdainfully.

“How are you going to escape payment”

“Didnt we agree just now Throughout the contract manufacturing period, our side will pay the labor fee and settle the net profit at the end.” Cao Xiangyu flicked the ashes of his cigarette and said.

“When we settle, I will claim that the labor cost was very high.

The 10 million was all spent on labor.

After that, Ill give him a few dozen thousand yuan and he will be satisfied.”

“President Cao, your methods are really good.

Fortunately, I added this clause to the contract just now.

Even if there is a dispute, they have no choice but to shoulder this loss.”

“Thats what I think.” Cao Xiangyu crossed his legs and said.

“Based on the current situation, Sci-Tech has already become our second factory.

Moreover, we dont have to spend a single cent more.

What a wonderful deal.”

The secretary walked behind Cao Xiangyu and massaged his shoulders.

“Not only did he help us solve the problem regarding our insufficient production capacity, but Sci-Tech also has enough warehouses to store our goods.

I feel that even God is helping us.”

Cao Xiangyu closed his eyes comfortably and he said in satisfaction,

“This time, I must show some achievements.

I have to make my father see that I, Cao Xiangyu, am the truly capable one.

The person who took over Cisco, that little b*tch, hasnt even started teething yet.

How can she compare to me!”

“Then what should we do next Should we inform Chairman Cao of this good news as soon as possible”

“Not for the time being.

When the time comes, I want to give him a big surprise.

I want to completely take back my dominant position in the Cao family.

I want to ruthlessly trample everyone else under my feet!”

“Thats a good idea.

Its wont be too late to give him this news after all the contract manufacturing business at Sci-Tech has stabilized.”

“Thats right, thats also what I was thinking.”

Cao Xiangyu stepped on the cigarette butt and stretched lazily.

“Call the waiter over to settle the bill.

Ive already found the hotel where you and I can have some extrarelaxation.”

“Mmm, Im a little impatient too.”

A few minutes later, the waiter walked in.

“Sir, your total bill this time is 426,800 yuan.

We accept both bank transfer and card payment.

Which do you prefer”

“What did you say This meal cost more than 400,000 yuan”

Cao Xiangyu could not sit still.

“I calculated just now.

This meal is at most 200,000 yuan.

How can it now be twice as expensive!”

“That gentleman just now took two bottles of Chateau Latour with him before he left.”


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