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What the f*ck!

Lin Yi realized that Lu Ying was looking at him with a complicated expression.

“If I told you that the mare he was talking about was a real horse with four legs and a tail, would you believe me” Lin Yi said after hanging up the phone.

“I believe you.” Lu Ying nodded.

“Boss, Ill believe whatever you say.

Theres no need to over-explain.”

Lin Yi, “…”

Lin Yi got up and left when he saw that it was almost time.

They probably wouldnt believe him no matter how hard he tried to explain.

Forget them, even he himself didnt believe the words that came out of his mouth.

With Cao Xiangyus character, he would no doubt bring a few girls along with him as well.

Lin Yi drove to the Dynasty Hotel at five in the evening.

Cao Xiangyus car was parked there, which Lin Yi recognized since he still had an impression of it.

When he arrived at Room 608, he found a big round table that could fit twenty people.

However, only Cao Xiangyu and his secretary were sitting at the table.

It made for a grand scene.

“Yo, you must be Foreman Lin.

Nice to meet you.”

Cao Xiangyu stood up when he saw Lin Yi come in and welcomed him politely.

There was a slight change in the way he addressed Lin Yi.

He didnt call him Brother Lin anymore, but Foreman Lin.

Lin Yi smiled.

It looked like this guy was a master at lying through his teeth.


He hadnt even met Lin Yi before, and yet he was calling him brother over the phone.

It was all bullsh*t.

“Brother Cao, Ive heard a lot about you,” Lin Yi replied politely.

“But what do you mean by Foreman”

Cao Xiangyu and his secretary were stunned.

This guy was too ignorant.

What did he mean by that

“Its just a nickname.” Cao Xiangyu laughed.

“Arent you the director of Sci-Tech Foreman means chief engineer”

“I see.” Lin Yi understood.

“I like the termengineer.

Its quite pretentious.”


Cao Xiangyu smiled awkwardly.

What kind of peacocking was this

“Come, come, lets sit down first.”

Cao Xiangyu brought Lin Yi to his side and started ordering.

“Foreman Lin, order whatever you want, Dont stand on ceremony with me.”

“Im quite hungry.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Lets have three Australian steaks, four three-headed abalone, bluefin tuna sashimi, crocodile tail soup, wild big yellow flowers, top-grade black and white caviar, searing wild big conch, salt-fried palace steak…”

“Sigh, sigh, sigh… Foreman Lin, its just the three of us, and weve ordered so many dishes…”

Cao Xiangyus heart ached when he heard Lin Yis order.

These dishes werent cheap.

Wouldnt this meal cost over a hundred thousand yuan

“Brother Cao, were all on the same side, whats the point of calling me Foreman Lin Just call me Brother Lin,” Lin Yi said with a laugh.

“I know youre a hospitable person, and you think our order is too small.

Dont worry, Im a friendly person, and were all brothers.

I wont take this to heart.”

“Uh… Were indeed brothers, youre welcome.”

The corners of Cao Xiangyus mouth twitched, but he was already cursing in his heart.

“But my appetite isnt very good today, so I wont be able to eat much.”

“So thats whats going on.” Lin Yi laughed.

“In that case, thats all Im going to order.”

“Thats not what I meant.” Cao Xiangyu said politely.

“I dont have a good appetite, but if Brother Lin has something he wants to eat, you can always order more.”

“How can I order if you already said that”

“Its fine, its fine.”

“Ill order a few more since Brother Cao is so enthusiastic.”


Cao Xiangyu almost vomited blood.

‘I was being polite, but youre not reciprocating in kind!

Lin Yi flipped through the menu.

“Whats this cool salad”

“Its a cold dish with a cucumber as the main ingredient.”

Cao Xiangyu glanced at it and realized that the dish was only 68 yuan.

It wasnt even worth as much as his pack of cigarettes, so he decided not to take it to heart.

At least he had a conscience.

“I dont want this cool salad.

I want the rest of this dish as well.”

Cao Xiangyu was dumbfounded.

Are you f*cking kidding me!

“Sir, are you sure you want all this”

“Actually, I cant eat this much, but if I order less, wouldnt it be a slap to Brother Caos face What do you mean by that Are you looking down on me”

“No, no, no, we dont mean that.”

“Yeah, thats right.” Lin Yi said.

“By the way, give us another bottle of Chateau Latour.”

“Okay, please wait a moment.”

The waiter left, and Lin Yi said, “The waiters in this restaurant arent that good.

They actually looked down on Brother Cao.

If it were me, I would have gotten them fired a long time ago.”

“Brother Lin, calm down.

Its not a big deal.

We still have business to attend to.

Lets not delay.”

“Alright, lets talk while we eat.”

Not long after, more than twenty delicacies were placed on the table.

Lin Yi didnt stand on ceremony.

He opened the red wine and started eating.

“Brother Lin, I have something to discuss with you.

Shall we talk now”

“Sigh, sigh, theres no rush.

We have to eat our fill first.”

“Alright, alright, you eat first.”

Cao Xiangyu lit a cigarette, his face full of disdain.

What was Wang Tianlong thinking

He actually asked such a person to manage the factory.

If he really took over, they wouldnt last three months.

Moreover, the end of the company would be worse than the death of the white bone spirit in Journey to the West.

Lin Yi ate his fill in about half an hour.

He took a hundred thousand yuan bottle of Chateau Latour and rinsed his mouth, then said with satisfaction,

“Brother Cao, what do you want to talk to me about Lets start now.”

“Now that you are in charge of the business of the sci-tech factory, we will be neighbors in the future.

I want to introduce you to a business.”

“What business Is it profitable”

“It is definitely profitable.

Otherwise, how can it be called a business”Cao Xiangyu said.

“Okay, what business Tell me about it.”

“Your production line has stopped, and my business just so happens to be a little busy right now.

Im thinking of diverting 20% of our orders to you guys and have you guys create OEM products.

What do you think”

“Thats good!”

Lin Yi said in surprise, “How much can you pay for the OEMs”

Cao Xiangyu and his secretary looked at each other, a smile on their faces.

They had been talking about money this whole time.

This was probably someone who was greedy for money, and that would make things much easier.

“Well give you 80 yuan for each chip.”

“No way, whats the use of 80 yuan” Lin Yi said disdainfully.

“Lin Bro, youre wrong.

Each chip costs 80 yuan.

What if we order 100,000 chips”

“80 times 100,000, thats… wait, Ill get the calculator.”

Lin Yi took out his phone and exclaimed, “Eight million!”

“Thats right, eight million is quite a lot.” Cao Xiangyu said with a smile.

“Lin Bro, are you satisfied with this number”

“No, its still a bit low.” Lin Yi said.

“Lets round it up, 100 yuan each.

Im too lazy to do the math, and this will be exactly 10 million.”


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