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“W-what did you say!”

“Hes your vice president!”

“Thats right, I am.”

Lin Yi smiled at Zhao Zhengyang.

“Are you surprised Shocked Isnt this exciting”

Zhao Zhengyangs legs gave way, and he stumbled backward.

If it wasnt for Qu Nans quick reflexes, he would have fallen to the ground long ago.

“You… youre a hooligan! What qualifications do you have to be the vice president of Microsoft!” Zhao Zhengyang cursed as he pointed at Lin Yi.

“Dont make me sound so bad.

My new colleagues are all here.

How am I supposed to continue working here in the future” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Oh right, didnt you guys want to sign the contract Let me see it.

If theres no problem, Ill sign it.”

“Are you really that kind”

“Not bad.

Looks like your position isnt just for show.

You even guessed that I wouldnt sign the contract.”

“You, you…”

Zhao Zhengyangs body trembled and his face turned pale.

He was so angry that he couldnt even speak.


Bright red blood spurted out of Zhao Zhengyangs mouth.


Qu Nan was shocked.

“Director Zhao, Director Zhao! Dont scare me!”

No matter how much Qu Nan shouted, Zhao Zhengyang didnt move at all.

It was as if he had gone into shock.

“Lin Yi, just you wait.

The Zhao family wont let you off!”

Lin Yi, “”

The charity banquet was the first round, the airport was the second round, and now it was only the third round, yet he couldnt take it anymore

Wasnt he too weak

My my, this wouldnt do!

Qu Nan helped Zhao Zhengyang leave, and Lin Yi stretched his back.

“Alright, the project is over.

Go take care of your other matters.”

Shang Wenzhong, “…”

Shao Jie, “…”

Shed been at Microsoft for so many years, and she had signed so many contracts throughout that period.

There were only two outcomes to these meetings, success or failure.

This was the first time shed seen someone vomit blood.

Director Lin wasnt simple!

Lin Yi went to Shen Tianzhuos office after leaving the conference room.

It was empty inside, and he only found out after asking Jessica that SHen Tianzhuo had gone to a meeting.

Since he was bored, Lin Yi found a random computer and started working.

Shen Tianzhuo came back in the afternoon and saw Lin Yi busy at work in his office.

He smiled.

“This is the first time Ive seen someone as talented and hardworking as you.”

“If I take money from others, I have to make sure I also help them solve their problems.

You gave me such a high position, so you have to get something in return.”

“Haha, thats good.

Lets work on it together,” Shen Tianzhuo said.

“To be honest, Im not as good as you in terms of chip knowledge.”

“Its not easy for a boss like you to say something like that.”

“Whats the big deal Learning never stops.

No one is omnipotent, especially in comparison to young people like you.

We cant be arrogant and complacent.”

Shen Tianzhuo paused and said seriously, “You are the future of Huaxia.”

“Dont say that.

We still need a giant like you to stand up for us,” Lin Yi said seriously.

In the afternoon, Shen Tianzhuo went to two meetings and then stayed with Lin Yi in the office as they typed code.

It was precisely because of this afternoons in-depth exchange that Lin Yi had a deeper understanding of Shen Tianzhuo.

This guys achievements in computer science far exceeded his imagination.

He possessed a kind of stubbornness and tenacity that belonged exclusively to men of science.

Lin Yi was secretly impressed.

No wonder Lu Ying and Sun Fuyu gave him such a high evaluation.

He was indeed worthy of it.

If he and his team were poached, then the launch of the domestic photolithography machine would be brought forward by leaps and bounds.

Lin Yi and him didnt talk about anything else throughout the whole afternoon.

He didnt do anything other else other than take Ji Qingyans phone calls and go to the toilet.

The better he got along with Shen Tianzhuo, the higher the chances of him being poached.

If he was too anxious, it might backfire.

Thus, he had to take it slow.

It was soon past four in the afternoon.

Lin Yi stretched and prepared to leave.

Since Ji Qingyan and Guan Ya were coming back soon, he had to get back to the hotel before them.

“Why dont you come to my place for dinner Lets have a drink together and study the code at the same time,” Shen Tianzhuo invited him.

“No thanks.

Im exhausted from working the whole day.”

Lin Yi said goodbye to Shen Tianzhuo and left on his own.

The three of them met back at the hotel and had dinner together.

After that, Ji Qingyan and Guan Ya started discussing the details of the renovation of the pier, leaving Lin Yi at the side.

Lin Yi was a little puzzled.

He asked Guan Ya to come over to be one of his tools in distracting Ji Qingyan.

Why was the discussion so heated now, as if it was the real thing

Seeing that Ji Qingyan was focusing all her attention on work, Lin Yi wasnt in the mood to get involved.

Instead, he went back to bed early.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Lin Yi woke up at six in the morning when his phone rang.

His mind was immediately clear when he saw the name of the person he was calling.

It was none other than Cao Xiangyu, the son of Ciscos chairman, Cao Jiadong.

It was six in the morning in the US, which meant that it would be six in the evening in China.

What was the point of calling him at this time

Lin Yi calmed himself down and picked up Cao Xiangyus call.

“Lin Bro, I called you a few days ago.

You said you were going to the states, but you havent come back yet.

Im missing you a lot.” Cao Xiangyu said.

Lin Yi felt goosebumps all over his body.

What the hell did a big guy like you want me to do with a guy like me

“Im still in the states.

Ill be back in a few days.

Dont worry, Cao Bro.”

“Thats a pity.

I have a friend who has a few mares, and I wanted to share them with you.” Cao Xiangyu said.

Lin Yi pursed his lips.

Sure enough, there was only one reason why he would call at this time.

“Forget about the mares.

Its not like you dont know that Im in the states, and there are women all over the streets.

Im even getting sick of them.”

“Brother Lin, youre mistaken.”Cao Xiangyu said.

“Im talking about riding a real horse, the kind with four legs and a tail.”


Lin Yi smiled awkwardly.

Damn it, speak clearly man.

“Brother Lin, dont worry.

Were brothers.

Ill ask him to keep it for a few more days.

You can ride it to your hearts content then.”

“Sure, sure.

Thank you, Brother Cao.”

“Alright, thats all for now.

Ill contact you when you get back.

Lets have a good get-together.

Were neighbors, so dont be too distant.”

“Thats for sure.

We have to have a good get-together.”

Lin Yi hung up after bragging to Cao Xiangyu for a while.

However, he wasnt sleepy anymore.

Rather, he went to the bathroom and prepared to wash up.

Cao Xiangyus motive was already obvious.

All that was left was to whet his appetite and put on a good show.


Lin Yi cursed, “The show surrounding Shen Tianzhuo isnt over yet, and now I have to run to the next set.

Surely there is a place for a billion-dollar actor like myself in Huaxia, right”


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