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“Dont worry, I wont go back on my word.”

Lin Yi did not know why Ji Qingyan was so obsessed with the Ferris wheel, but he still agreed to it.

It was not a big deal, and there was no reason for him not to agree.

The two watched the world-famous Disney show in the park as night fell, then slowly walked toward the hotel.

“Lin Yi, I need to say a few words about the bedroom allocation tonight.”

“Uh, what do you want to say”

“The big bed belongs to me today.”

“Why” Lin Yi said.

“That will depend on your ability.”

“Although I didnt study abroad, I got a 8.0 on my IELTS exam.

No matter how you look at it, my language ability is better than your broken English, right”

“Alright then.” Lin Yi looked around and saw a girl with a backpack not far away.

“See that girl If you can get her contact information, the big bed in the bedroom will be yours.”

Ji Qingyan looked at Lin Yi with a straight face.

“Why do you need her contact information”

“Im just trying to test your ability.

I dont mean anything by it.”

“Alright then.” Ji Qingyan said confidently.

“Its just her contact information.

Ill go over now.”

Lin Yi sat at the side, not paying too much attention to it.

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With Ji Qingyans social skills and English, it wasnt a problem for her to get this girls contact information.

After all, there was not that much wariness in an interaction between women.

It could be said that this mission was not difficult at all.

“No, this mission isnt any good.

Lets change the requirements.”


Lin Yi was sitting on the steps.

His butt hadnt even warmed up before he saw Ji Qingyan walking back with a sullen expression.

“Whats wrong You cant even complete such a simple mission How did you become president”

“This has nothing to do with me.” Ji Qingyan said, “That girl is French, so theres no way to communicate with her.

We have to change our target.”

“Damn it, you cant even speak French, yet you still have the nerve to call yourself a top student”

“Thats different.

French is much harder than English.

Moreover, when I was in university, I didnt ever come into contact with this foreign language, so its not something Im familiar with.” Ji Qingyan said unhappily, “You say it as if you know it.”

“What if I do”

“If you can get her contact information, you can have the big bed tonight.”

“Ive been waiting for that.”

The French girl saw Lin Yi walking over, and her face blushed shyly.

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Lin Yi coughed a few times and said in a serious tone, “Ken you spek Chainis”

Ji Qingyan couldnt help but cover her mouth and giggle.

He was using this trick again.

“I asked her just now.

She doesnt speak Chinese.”

“Uhm… no wonder you were so confident.”

“Of course, Ive already been tricked by you once.

If Im not completely confident in my abilities, why would I make this bet” Ji Qingyan said proudly.

“Today, you can sleep on the sofa.

The big bed is mine.”

“Beauty, can I have your contact information”


Just as Ji Qingyan turned to leave, she was surprised to hear Lin Yi speak fluent French.

How was this possible!

He actually spoke French!

When did he learn to speak it

“Of course.” The French woman was obviously excited and gave Lin Yi her contact information.

Lin Yi waved his phone around and smiled.

“Thank you, Ill call you soon.”

After getting the contact information, Lin Yi patted Ji Qingyans shoulder.

“Lets go, your sofa is waving at you.”

Ji Qingyans head was in a mess as she looked at Lin Yi adorably.

“You… How can you speak French”

“Its just French, how can it be difficult for me” Lin Yi shrugged.

“I wanted to give you a chance, but God loves me, so Ill have to trouble you to sleep on the sofa.”

“Lin Yi, you bully!”

Ji Qingyan pouted her cheeks and stomped her feet.

She armed herself with the basic skills of a Huaxian women and acted shamelessly.

Lin Yi thought that a woman like Ji Qingyan would never do this.

He did not think that she was just an ordinary woman.

“Alright, stop acting shamelessly.” Lin Yi said.

“You can sleep on the bed tonight.”

“Hehe, thats right.” Ji Qingyan stood on the stairs and spread her arms.

“Lin Yi, carry me back.”


Lin Yi smiled and walked over.

He bent down and let Ji Qingyan climb on his back.

Lying on Lin Yis back, Ji Qingyan felt an unprecedented sense of security.

No one had ever given her this feeling before.

“Lin Yi, do you have anything to say” Ji Qingyan asked quietly.

“Its soft, keep it up.”


Ji Qingyan blushed.

“Who told you to say that”

“Thats my most honest feeling.”

“Hmph, its so unromantic all.”

Although she was a billionaire female CEO, there was still a little womans heart inside Ji Qingyans body.

She liked pink and romantic things.

“Lin Yi, put me down.

Were almost at the hotel,” Ji Qingyan said quietly.

“So what if were at the hotel Ill carry you to the room.”

“How could you do that There are so many people in the hotel.

Its so embarrassing.

Put me down.”

“Not possible.

Stay on my back.”

Lin Yi didnt care too much as he carried Ji Qingyan to their room.

The latters face was red as she buried her face into Lin Yis back.

She was too embarrassed to look at anyone.

Ji Qingyan let out a sigh of relief when she reached her room.

“There were so many people in the hotel just now.

I dont even dare to go out tomorrow.” Ji Qingyan covered her face like a small mole.

“Let me tell you, you dont understand the customs here.” Lin Yi said very formally.

“Were both single, so its normal for me to carry you on my back.

On the other hand, most of the men here arent here with their wives or girlfriends.

Theyre not embarrassed of this fact at all, so why are you so ashamed”

“How do you know this Youve never been here before.”

“Do you even need to ask Whats the point of still casting your line Youve already got the woman, so whod be willing to come here to spend money”


Although it was a fallacy, why could she not find a point to refute it

“You only know how to spout nonsense.” Ji Qingyan stood up.

“Im going to wash up, but dont forget you already said that youre going to give me the big bed.”

“Dont worry, Ill definitely give it to you.”

“Thats more like it.”

After washing up, the two of them chatted for a while more before Ji Qingyan returned to her room to rest.

However, she couldnt fall asleep on the bed.

“He carried me into the room yesterday, isnt it selfish to leave him outside today

“Ill give him a blanket, what if he catches a cold”

Thinking of this, Ji Qingyan got up and found a blanket, then got ready to pass it to Lin Yi.


Ji Qingyan opened the door and was surprised to see Lin Yi dressed neatly while standing at the door.

“Youre going out”



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