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Lin Yi was surprised to see the reward from the system.

50 million dollars after completing an order!


Adding this to the 10 million dollars he received before, it totaled 60 million dollars in liquid assets.


Apart from that, he also had the Peninsula Hotel.

He could be considered a rich man now.

Lin Yi rubbed his chin.

Although the rewards were tempting, the Peninsula Hotel was still waiting for him to claim it.

It just so happened that no one had placed another Didi order yet, so he went to claim the hotel first.

The Peninsula Hotel was a standard five-star hotel, and it was one of the top hotels in Zhong Hai!

There were even many celebrities who had come here to hold weddings.

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It was obvious how luxurious it was.

In the past, Lin Yi only dared to look at it from afar when he passed by this place.

He didnt expect it to belong to him now.

Life was so full of ups and downs…


After parking his car, Lin Yi entered the hotel.


As soon as he stepped into the hotel, he heard a series of chatters.

“Yun Jie, thank you for booking my birthday party here.

Its my first time being in such a luxurious hotel.”


“Youre welcome.

Its all part of my job.”

The guy who spoke had an ordinary appearance, but his clothes were very stylish.

He enjoyed the envious gazes of others.

His name was Yun Jie.

His family was in the timber business, and he was considered a little rich in Zhong Hai.


He drove a Mercedes-Benz E-class car worth more than 500,000 dollars.

It was many times better than Lin Yis old shabby Shari.


Liu Sisi and Yun Jie met at the bar the previous night.


They chatted on WeChat for the whole night and she found out that he came from a decent family, so she ditched Lin Yi and chose to be with Yun Jie.


Meanwhile, Yun Jie didnt disappoint Liu Sisi.

After learning that it was her birthday today, he changed the venue of the birthday party to the Peninsula Hotel.


“Muma, I love you so much.”

The voice sounded familiar.

Lin Yi turned his head and realized that it was Liu Sisi!

Lin Yi was a little surprised.

He didnt expect her to change the venue of the party to the Peninsula Hotel.

However, there were two other people besides Liu Sisi.

They looked familiar to Lin Yi.

They seemed to be her best friends whom he had met a few times before.

As for the rest of them, Lin Yi didnt know them.

They were probably friends of the guy.

“Whats the big deal The Peninsula Hotel is expensive, but with my wealth, I can still come here once in a while.”

“Darling, I wish Id met you earlier,” Liu Sisi said sweetly.

“Its okay.

Now that youre with me, Ill make you the happiest woman in the world.”

“Sisi, look.

Isnt that Lin Yi”

Hearing her best friends voice, Sisi looked toward the door.

She realized that the person standing in front of the hotel was really Lin Yi!

“Lin Yi, what are you doing here!”

Sisis expression changed instantly.

She had already told him that the two of them were done with each other, but he seemed to still be chasing after her.

He was really haunting her!


“This isnt your house.

Cant I enter the place” Lin Yi said.

“Didnt I already call you I told you not to come.

Why are you still here” Liu Sisi questioned.

“Its over between us.

I hope you wont bother me anymore.

Even if you kneel down and beg me, its impossible for things to continue between us.

Just die!”


At that moment, Yun Jie and his friend walked over before the former wrapped Liu Sisi in their arms.

“Your name is Lin Yi, right Sisi told me about you, but from now on, Sisi is mine.

I hope you wont bother her anymore.”

“Jie Bro, dont waste your time with this loser.

Its a waste of time,” one of Yun Jies friends said.

“Youre right.

Its not worth it to waste your time with him.” Yunjie smiled at Liu Sisi,

“Sisi, hes your ex-boyfriend at the end of the day.

You can handle this yourself.

I have a friend coming over later.

I dont want him to get in the way.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

Ill get rid of him right now!”

Liu Sisi looked at Lin Yi and said earnestly,

“I know youre not happy about this, so you didnt even go to work.

You came here on purpose to ask me for an explanation.

Well, let me make things clear to you.

Yun Jie and I are true love.

No matter what you say, it wont change our relationship.

You should give up and leave now!”


“Why did I leave” Lin Yi said.

“Who said I came here to see you”



Liu Sisi put her hands on her chest and laughed coldly.

“If you didnt come here to see me, did you come here to eat” Open your eyes and look carefully.

This is the Peninsula Hotel, a place only rich people can visit.

Did you want to come here to spend money after closing the sale of a shabby Shari What a joke!”

“Sisis right.” Her best friend added,

“Lin Yi, although youre handsome, you cant compare to Yun Jie in other aspects.

Hes not only richer than you, but he also has many connections.

Youd better give up and stop struggling.”


“Yeah, even the manager gave him 95% off when he came here to eat.

Do you have the ability to do that” Another girl friend said.

“95% discount” Lin Yi smiled.

“Let me see who has the power to do that.”

At that moment, hurried footsteps sounded.

A dozen men and women in black suits jogged over from not far away.

“Hehe, didnt you want to see who has the power to do that Well, hes here!” Yun Jie said.

“The man in the lead is the manager of the Peninsula Hotel, Wang Tianlong.

My dad knows him.

Hes the one who gave me the discount.”

“Brother Jie, lets ignore him.

Since manager Wang is here, lets go and greet him first,” said Liu Sisi.

“Thats good.

After all, they are all famous people.”

Yun Jie tidied up his clothes and walked toward Wang Tianlong.

However, just as he was about to greet him, Wang Tianlong pushed him away.

“Get out of my way!”

Yun Jie and Liu Sisi were stunned.

They were quite polite when they met just now, but why was he so arrogant now

The men walked past Yun Jie and Liu Sisi before standing in front of Lin Yi, bowing forward 90 degrees.

“Director Lin, youre here!”



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