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Gong Shifeng thought about it and looked a little troubled.

“Then we can only use internal means to cancel their tickets at the last minute.”

“I dont care what means you use,” Zhao Zhengyang said.

“Just drive them away.”

“Okay, Ill do it now.”

For an airline, this kind of operation would definitely be a blow to their reputation.

If it came from an ordinary rich person, Gong Shifeng would reject such a request.

However, Zhao Zhengyang was different.

The Zhao family was a top family in Zhonghai, and were even slightly stronger than the Liang family.

Even if the boss learned about this, he would turn a blind eye.

“Lets go make the arrangements now.”


Not long after, the people in line began to check-in.

“Di di di di!”

“Di di di!”

“Di di di!”

The staff the pairs tickets and tried to scan them on the machine for a long time.

In the end, they only heard some beeps, signaling that it could not be recognized.

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“Sir, Madam, Im really sorry.

There is a problem with your tickets.

You cannot board the plane.”

“A problem” Ji Qingyan was stunned.

“I booked the tickets through the regular channels.

How can there be a problem”

“Im not sure about that, but theres a problem with both tickets.

You cant board the plane.”

The female staffs attitude was very good because of Lin Yi.

She didnt even urge them to leave as soon as possible.

“Impossible.” Ji Qingyan frowned and muttered to herself.

She didnt understand what was wrong.

“Whats wrong You can get cheated even when buying a plane ticket Thats too embarrassing.” Zhao Zhengyang said with a smile.

Seeing Zhao Zhengyangs pretentious expression, Lin Yi guessed that it was very likely that he was behind this.

Otherwise, this wouldnt have happened.

“Lets leave first,” Lin Yi said.

“Dont delay the people behind us.”

“Theyve already started checking the tickets.

If we dont solve the problem now, we wont be able to leave today.”

Ji Qingyan had been looking forward to this trip with Lin Yi for a long time.

Now that something like this had happened, she couldnt accept it because she didnt want to delay their trip by even a day.

“Its obvious that this idiots the one behind this.

How are you going to solve it”

Although he didnt mention his name, Ji Qingyan still looked at Zhao Zhengyang, along with the other spectators.

This indirectly confirmed his identity as an idiot.

“Zhao Zhengyang, is this a trick!”Ji Qingyan questioned.

“So what if its my doing”

Zhao Zhengyang shrugged with an arrogant expression.

“When I chased you back then, I thought highly of you.

But since you dont know whats good for you, then dont blame me for reacting this way.”

With that, Zhao Zhengyang waved the ticket in his hand.

“Im leaving first.

You guys can change your flight.

But whether or not you can catch a flight to the United States tomorrow will depend on my mood.”

“I know the Zhao family is rich and overbearing, but Xinhua is not the only airline in the China Sea.

We can just take a flight from another company.”

Zhao Zhengyang smiled and looked at Ji Qingyan:

“President Ji just said that our Zhao family is rich, so Im sorry to tell you that itll be the same even if you try to take a flight with other companies.

As long as I say the word, whether you can leave or not depends entirely on my mood.”

“However, I can give you an idea.

You can drive off and get on a boat.

If you work hard, youll arrive in about a month.

I wish you a pleasant journey!”


Everyone laughed.

“This man is so funny.

The distance from Zhonghai to America is more than ten thousand kilometers.

Hes so imaginative.”

“Its different when youre rich.

All bullies are so creative.”

“Son, you have to learn from this big brother in the future.

Be rich so that you wont be bullied and can bully others.”

Lin Yi was speechless.

If your son learned from him, he would become a fool sooner or later.

“Dont go too far!” Ji Qingyan argued.

It was supposed to be a happy occasion for her to go out with Lin Yi, but he ruined it!

“Really” Zhao Zhengyang pretended to be innocent.

“I just dont want you to pollute the air here.

What did I do wrong”



Lin Yi, who had been fiddling with his phone, put it back into his pocket and pulled at the angry Ji Qingyan.

“Dont bother with this wise guy.

Lets sit at the side,” Lin Yi said.

“And Im telling you, wise guys illness is derived from rabies.

Its very contagious.”

“But Im angry!”

“Whats there to be angry about If we dont board the plane, it wont take off.”

“Huh Haha…”

The jeers from the crowd grew louder.

“Are you out of your mind Why wont we take off just because you dont board” Zhao Zhengyang mocked.

Lin Yi shrugged nonchalantly.

“If you dont believe me, just wait.”

“Hes too good at acting.

Who does he think he is Just because hes handsome, it doesnt mean he can say anything he wants.”

“I think he said that for his own sake.”

“Its possible.

His girlfriend was mocked by others, so he had to think of a way to protect his own reputation.”

“The plane will take off soon.

Hell be slapped in the face later, and therell be a good show to watch.”

Seeing everyone else looking at her like they were laughing at her, Ji Qingyan was a little worried.

Shed rather lose face than see Lin Yi lose face.

On the other hand, Lin Yi was sitting comfortably in his chair, not worried at all.

The ridicule from others didnt affect him at all.

Seeing Lin Yi texting on his phone, Ji Qingyan was anxious.

“Lin Yi, is there really no problem”

“Its just that the plane wont take off.

Its not a big deal.

Whats the problem”

As they spoke, Lin Yi took out his phone and sent a WeChat message to Qin Han.

Liang Jinming was with him.

If anything happened, he would pass the news on to him.

“Are you sure you arent lying to me”

“When have I ever lied to you”

Ji Qingyan pursed her lips.

You dont lie to me, but you always set me up.

“Is it really fun to joke around like that” Zhao Zhengyang said.

“Wont your face hurt when we take off later”

“I dont think Im going to get slapped in the face,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“You guys arent on the plane yet, right Give yourself some leeway when you speak, or you might embarrass yourself.”

“Then Ill just wait.” Zhao Zhengyang spread his hands.

“I hope you will slap my face hard.

I cant wait anymore.”

Ding Dong…

At this moment, a broadcast sounded in the departure hall.

“Dear passengers, Im very sorry to inform you that you that passengers of flight MU5305 to Orlando, United States, will be unable to board the plane on time due to equipment problems.

Please prepare to board the plane in twenty minutes.”


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