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“Alright, alright.

The two of you must be bored to death to waste your breath on him.” Meng Xin said.

“Hurry up and touch up your makeup.

We are going to meet Young Master Liang soon.

We have to meet Young Master Liang and the others in our most perfect state.”


If you didnt mention it, I would have forgotten about this,” Li Fei said.

“We arent far from Zhonghai International Racetrack.

We really have to touch up our makeup quickly.

It wont be good if they spot any flaws.”

“I think youd better fasten your masks tight.

When Young Master Liang takes us for a ride later, well be able to shake them off easily,” Yu Jiaojiao said.

“Haha, I can tell at a glance that youre an experienced player.”

The three of them each took out their own makeup bags and began to touch up their makeup, wanting to make themselves appear as perfect as possible.

“Feifei, lend me your lip gloss.”

“This is Givenchy.

Dont put too much on.” Feifei said.

“Got it.

I wont waste it.”

Lin Yi didnt say anything when he saw the three of them fussing over a little bit of makeup.

He would meet all sorts of people when running errands, and driving for Didi was no different.

He could meet any kind of customer in this line.

These were the so-called hundred states of life.

Lin Yi drove the car to the Zhonghai International Racetrack with ease.

Outside the main entrance, Lin Yi saw several supercars worth more than five million each parked inside.

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One of them was a McLaren P1.

It looked even more familiar.

“Isnt that Qin Hans car Why is he here again”

The car drove in through the main entrance.

Lin Yi found that not only Qin Han was here, Liang Jinming and Gao Zongyuan, whom he met in the metropolis, were also here.

“Feifei, there are a few people over there.

Which one of them is young Master Liang”

“The one with the short hair and jeans is Young Master Liang,” Li Fei said proudly.

“I remember you saying that you only like skinny guys.

I didnt think youd like guys with that kind of body,” Yu Jiaojiao said.

“What do you know Ive changed my tastes.

I feel like fat guys like him give me a sense of security.

I like him a lot.”

“Youre right.

Hes chubby, but he looks cute.

Im starting to like him too,” Yu Jiaojiao said.

Lin Yi was speechless.

Liang Jinming was just a fat otaku.

How the Hell could he give you a sense of security

Did they think driving for Didi all day was too boring, and were thus cracking jokes for him to hear

“F*ck, are you two blind Stop staring at Young Master Liang,” Meng Xin said.

“Quick, take a look.

The man in shorts next to him seems to be the famous Emperor of Zhonghai, Qin Han!”

“Really Qin Han is here too”

Qin Han was very famous in the circles of girls like Li Fei.

As one of the top second-generation rich in Zhonghai, ones business status would be too low if they didnt know who Qin Han was.

It was just that for a long time, they didnt have the qualifications to come into contact with people like Qin Han.

They had only seen him in photos and videos.

They had never seen him in person, so they didnt recognize him at first glance.

Li Fei and Yu Jiaojiao took out their phones at the same time and found his photo on Qin Hans Weibo.

They compared it with the person standing next to Liang Jinming and found that the man in shorts really was Qin Han!

“Oh my God, no way.

Isnt it too exciting Im actually meeting Young Master Qin here” Li Fei said excitedly.

“Feifei, your Young Master Liang seems to be pretty good.

He actually knows Qin Han.

Todays gathering was definitely not a waste.”

“Of course.

Through todays event, we can be considered to have gotten to know Young Master Qin as well.

The road ahead will only get wider for us,” Li Fei said.

“The two of you dont need to talk nonsense.

Hurry up and touch up your makeup.

Young Master Qin is not an ordinary person.

The three of us have to treat him seriously.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

Touch up your makeup again.

We absolutely cannot leave a bad impression on Young Master Qin,” said Yu Jiaojiao.

“Driver, slow down and buy us some time,” ordered Li Fei.

“I advise you not to waste your time.

Its impossible for people like Qin Han to take a fancy to you.

Youd better save your energy.”

“What are you talking about Whats wrong with the three of us Who doesnt want a body and face like ours Why wouldnt they fall for us!” Liang Jinming said.

“If you guys are stubborn, then try it.

I dont care.”Lin Yi said.

Lin Yi slowed down and drove slowly.

At the same time, Qin Han and the others who were smoking saw the Shari driving over.

“Whats going on A Shari dares to drive here” Liang Jinming said.

“Wait a minute, this Shari looks familiar.” Qin Han said suspiciously.

“Qin Bro, dont joke around.

With your status, how can it look familiar to you Are you trying to make me laugh”

“What joke This car belongs to Old Lin.”

“Ah Its Brother Lins car”

Liang Jinming and Gao Zongyuan were stunned.

They understood Lin Yis situation.

He was on the same level as Young Master Qin.

Driving a multi-million dollar supercar was an insult to him, so how could he drive a Shari here

“Brother Qin, are you sure youre not joking”

“You dont understand Old Lin.

His brain is different from ours, so his actions are not something we can understand,” Qin Han said.

“Hes got billions in his hands, but he goes out to work every day.

Do you guys believe that”

“Uh… Brother Lin is really a unique person.”

“Lets go.

Stop wasting time.

Lets see what hes doing here.

Maybe we can drag him around for a couple of laps.

This guys driving skills are incredible.

Hes already at the professional level.”

“Then what are we waiting for Brother Lin is here.

This is a good thing.

We havent seen him for a few days.”

Qin Han, Liang Jinming, and Gao Zongyuan made up their minds and walked toward Lin Yi.

At the same time, Li Fei and the others who were in the car were shocked to see Qin Han and the others walking toward them.

They were so excited that they couldnt speak.

“Look, Young Master Qin is walking towards us,” Yu Jiaojiao said excitedly.

“Hes not here to welcome the three of us, right” Meng Xin said.

“It could be possible,” Li Fei said.

“Im the person that Young Master Liang called over.

I think they were here waiting for me.

Now that Im here, its only natural for them to come over to welcome me.”

“Feifei, you do proud.

Youre so awesome, my sister.”

“This is nothing.” Li Fei raised her head and said.

“Young Master Qin is also a man.

Naturally, he likes beautiful women.

Its normal for him to be interested in us.”

“If thats the case, then theres a possibility of being taken away by Young Master Qin.

Just thinking about it makes me happy.”

“What should we do now Should we wait in the car or take the initiative to get down” Meng Xin said nervously.

She felt that her heart had already jumped into her throat.

“Of course well wait here,” Li Fei said.

“They have shown their gentlemanly side.

If they want to open the car door for us, we have to give them this opportunity.”

“The young masters of rich families are really different.

They are actually so gentlemanly.

They are much better than those poor people.”

“This is the difference between the rich and the nobles.”

Seeing the Qin and Han people walking over, Li Fei and the others all looked unusually nervous.

This was a legendary second generation of the rich.

They had to be nervous!

At the same time, the Qin Han and gang walked to the front of the car.

They pulled open the car door and laughed loudly,

“I knew this was your car.

Why are you still here Were your hands itching”


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