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What the f*ck!

How could he have forgotten about this!

Ji Qingyan charged at Lin Yi with bared fangs and claws, not caring about her ladylike image at all.

She was wearing a tank top underneath, and many waves were created.

“Listen to me first,” Lin Yi said.

“You cant blame me for that.

President Ji has such a good figure, which man wouldnt have indecent thoughts Its normal for me to do that, you have to understand.”

“You think I dont understand you”

“Thats right.” Lin Yi said righteously.

“Im a man too, I have needs too.

I had just left my job back then, and I used to sneak a peek at you, my beautiful boss.

When I had the chance, even if I had to risk a life sentence, I still had to give it a try.

I couldnt leave this life with any regrets.”

Upon hearing Lin Yis righteous declaration, Ji Qingyan was slightly moved.

Had this guy been secretly paying attention to her at work

She didnt expect him to be so shy in the past.

“Alright, Ill forgive you for this.”

Ji Qingyan was also curious about how many businesses Lin Yi owned, but she tactfully didnt ask.

She had to make him tell her first.

She couldnt just directly ask him as it would be too embarrassing.

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“Alright, Im tired.

Go back to bed and look for me tomorrow afternoon.

Dont be late.”


Lin Yi gestured and stopped teasing Ji Qingyan.

There were other things he needed to attend to.

Lying on the bed, Lin Yi pulled up the system page.

“System, restart the Didi driver class.”

[ Didi driver, class cooldown completed.


[ Do you want to restart ]


[ Didi driver job activated.


[ System mission: safely travel 5,000 kilometers (1,089/5,000).

Reward: 200,000 experience points.


Lin Yi did some calculations.

Hed driven for almost a week when he first started driving for Didi, and hed driven nearly 1,000 kilometers in total.

Based on this, hed probably need another month to complete the mission.

From now on, he had to be a little more serious.

The next morning, when Lin Yi woke up, he heard clanging sounds coming from the kitchen.

He went downstairs and saw that Ji Qingyan was busy in the kitchen with an apron tied around her waist.

She had a blue headband on her head and her messy hair was gathered at the back of her head.

Her whole body exuded the aura of a housewife.

“Go wash up, the noodles are almost done.”

“Why are you up making breakfast” Lin Yi leaned against the door.

“I cant make you cook all the time.

Im a fair person.”

“I made you fish and meat, but you made me noodles.

Isnt the quality a little too poor”

“Didnt you say that Im the female CEO that you have a crush on Arent you satisfied now that Im personally cooking for you ” Ji Qingyan said with a spatula.

“Isnt this much better than some random fish and meat”

“Yes, yes, yes, its much better.”

Lin Yi smiled as he went to the bathroom to wash up.

Breakfast was already on the table when he came out of the bathroom.

Noodles, fried eggs, and milk.

It was a combination of Chinese and Western dishes.

“How many days of leave did you take from university”Ji Qingyan asked.

“We need to arrange our schedule.”

“Im planning to quit my job and start driving for Didi again in the future.”

“You havent even been back to school for half a month, and youre leaving again”

“Its just about showing up.”

“Honestly, I like this idea as well.

Ill have a full-time driver in the future.” Ji Qingyan said, “It just so happens that I dont want to drive myself since I have to change into flats every time I do.”

“Youre so lazy.”


After breakfast, Ji Qingyan carried the bags she bought the day before and said, “Ill bring these clothes to the office.

You can change into them when you pick me up in the afternoon.”


The two got into the car.

Ji Qingyan skillfully placed an order, and the two returned to their old ways.

After sending Qingyan to the company, Lin Yi went to school.

“Lin Bro, you only have one afternoon class today.

Why are you here so early” Song Jia said.

In their eyes, the university was Lin Yis backyard, and the latter could come whenever he wanted.

However, this was strange.

Although he was always late and left early, he didnt miss a single class.

From another perspective, he could be said to be dedicated to his work.

“I wont be coming anymore.

I came to say goodbye to all of you today.”

“Youre not coming anymore Are you going to quit again”

“Im not quitting.

Im just going to stop teaching classes,” Lin Yi said.

“If something happens at school in the future, Ill come back.”

They chatted for a bit more before Lin Yi left the office and returned to his car.

Before he could put on his seatbelt, his phone rang.

It was an unknown number.

“Hello, is this Mr.


The voice was very loud.

Lin Yi tried to recall who it was, but he wasnt familiar with the person who spoke.

“Its me.”

“Im the Director of Cisco, Cao Xiangyu.

I called your brother-in-law yesterday.

He said that you were in charge of the factory.”

Lin Yi suddenly realized that the call was the one he had been expecting.

“Dont talk about those broken factories, theyre just money-losing goods.” Lin Yi scolded.

“I dont know what my brother-in-law was thinking, buying a broken factory for a few hundred million.

Im impressed.”

Cao Xiangyu was stunned.

His brother-in-law dared to scold him.

What a ruthless person!

“Oh right, who are you I didnt hear you clearly.”

“Im Ciscos factory manager, Cao Xiangyu.”

“Ah Whats Cisco Ive never heard of it before.”

Cao Xiangyu was even more stunned now.

Cisco was right next door to their factory, less than a hundred meters away.

How could he not have heard of it

It was obvious that this man was a hooligan!

“Its okay if you havent heard of us.

Im calling you today because I have something to talk to you about.

When are you free.

How about we meet up”

“Not now, Im traveling abroad… huff huff huff… Watch your **ing mouth… this is the life…”

“Haha, since Mr.

Lin is busy, I wont disturb you.

Well meet again when you come back.”

“Sure, Ill call you when I get back.

Were all friends here.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, were all friends.

Ill give you a welcoming reception then.”

“Sure, sure.”

Lin Yi rubbed his chin after hanging up.

Cao Xiangyu had taken the bait before he even fully let go of the line.

This was a good sign.

He had no one else to call upon, so he had to get Wang Ran to begin working for him as soon as possible.

“You have a new order, from Northbridge Hot Pot to the Zhonghai International Racetrack.”

Lin Yi smiled as he read the order.

This was his territory, after all.

Northbridge Hot Pot wasnt far from the university, and was just two streets away.

Sugar had even bought him here for a meal once.

At that moment, there were three sexy young women standing in front of Northbridge Hot Pot.

They wiped their mouths with paper and threw it on the side of the road.

“It has been a few minutes.

Why isnt the Didi here yet” The long-haired woman wearing shorts and suspenders said.

“If I had known earlier, I would have finished the soup before coming out.”


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