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“When I go, I always go through the VIP channel.

I dont need this,” Lin Yi said.

“Alright, get out of the car.

Lets go take a look.”

Lu Ying tidied up her clothes and got out of the car alongside Lin Yi.

planning, you and Sun can decide by yourselves.” Lin Yi said before Lu Ying got out of the car.

“In any case, we need to put the photolithography project on the agenda as soon as possible.”  

“Got it.” Lu Ying said seriously.

“What about Shen Tianzhuo With him around, the photolithography project will go twice as smoothly with half the effort.

I cant speak for the rest, but at the very least, his presence will greatly shorten the research and development cycle of our project.

His value is self-evident.”

“Just leave it to me.

Ill go to America soon and see if I can get him.”

Lin Yi didnt know much about Shen Tianzhuo, so he could only do his best.

After all, this man wasnt someone to be trifled with.

Lin Yi sent Lu Ying back and dialed He Yuanyuans number.

“Whats up”

He Yuanyuan didnt stand on ceremony.

People who didnt know the situation would think that she was the boss.

“Help me investigate a car.

The license plate number is Zhonghai A34921.

Its a black Range Rover.

Find out who the owner is.”

“Boss, Im the CFO of the company, not a detective.” He Yuanyuan complained.

“A few days ago, you asked me to investigate Shen Tianzhuo, and now you want me to dig up a car…”

“500,000 dollars.” Lin Yi said

“I didnt mean anything by it.

The bosss words are an order, and I wont refuse.

Its as if Im asking you for money.” He Yuanyuan said.

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“Alright, in that case, the moneys gone.

Do your job well.

I have faith in you.

This is a gift from me to you.

Be sure to cherish it.” Lin Yi said.

He Yuanyuan, “”

‘Can I swear

Lin Yi didnt give He Yuanyuan a chance to speak before hanging up the phone.

After arranging the things in front of him, Lin Yi leaned back into the chair and closed his eyes to rest.

The ultimate mission for the teacher profession had been completed.

He could start the ultimate mission for the Didi driver profession now.

Thinking of this, Lin Yi rubbed his palms together.

It wasnt because of how attractive the ultimate reward was, but because he could start a new profession after completing this mission.

It was quite interesting to think about being a doctor.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Just as Lin Yi was about to close his old profession, his phone rang.

It was a call from Ji Qingyan.

“Teacher Lin, are you busy”

Lin Yi listened carefully.

There was some noise around her, as if he wasnt in the office.

“Nothing at all, Im bored to death.”

“Hehe, Im at Wanda Plaza.

If youre free, come pick me up.”


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