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“F*ck you.

These are all skills passed down from our ancestors.

If you cant even enjoy this, then youre not going to be very successful.”

“Dont try to fool me.

Brother Sun said that this wasnt the case.”

“Hmm What did he tell you”

“He said this skill can only be understood without words.

I dont know what it means either.”

“F*ck, that old bastard.”

“Lets talk about it in a cafe.

I dont want you to waste your money.”

“How Ive missed you.

I have other tasks for you,” Lin Yi said.

“Dress a bit mature later.”

“Mature Can I dress the same way I did when we went to Huaqing Lake”

“Not like that,” Lin Yi said.

“Ill send you two photos.

Just dress like that.”

“Okay, send the photos.”

Lin Yi took his phone and sent the photos of Ji Qingyan and Sugar to Lu Ying.

“I dressed like them that day.

Im not as pretty as them, but my style was alright.”

Lin Yi rubbed his chin and commented, “I did get the sense that they were ripe, but certain things were definitely not impressive enough!”

“Boss, dont think Im big enough, right”

“Eh, dont be so direct.

Im a proper boss, and I didnt mean that,” Lin Yi said.

“But if you can work hard toward that direction, it would be good.”

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“Ill give it a try.”

“Its settled then.”

After hanging up, Lin Yi called Qi Xianzhao and asked him to help him get some materials.

After receiving Qi Xianzhaos email, Lin Yi went to print out a copy of it before driving to pick up Lu Ying.

Twenty minutes later, Lin Yi arrived at Lu Yings house.

He waited for another ten minutes before he saw her walk down.

Lu Yings appearance had indeed changed Lin Yis perception of female doctors.

The black one-piece dress wrapped around her tall figure, and she wore black high-heels.

Because of this, her aura was much stronger than before.

Her originally straight black hair was now wavy, and she even smelled seductive.

Even the Grandpa playing chess at the entrance of the community was stunned.

Lin Yi frowned as he looked at Lu Yings outfit.

Didnt he say to be more elegant

Why did she look smaller than usual

“Boss, how do I look” Lu Ying asked as she opened the car door and got into the car.

“Mature, but not elegant enough.”

“I looked it up on the internet.

The flat ones looked best, so Im wearing a smaller size.” Lu Ying combed her hair.

“And look at those fashion shows.

Theyre all flat, and they look really cool.”

“No, they dont.

When I looked at Victorias Secret, they were all smiling until their mouths reached the back of their heads, and they werent flat either.”

“Boss, youre talking about Victorias Secret, and Im talking about a real fashion show.

Theyre two different things,” Lu Ying said.

“Besides, no matter how dignified I look, Im still sitting in a Shari, so itll drag down my appearance.”

Lin Yi, “…”

F*ck, my Shari is pretty awesome too.

“Boss, what task do you have in mind for me”

“This is the power of attorney.” Lin Yi handed the document to Lu Ying.

“You should know about the company, right I bought them out.

Help me with the paperwork.”

“Ah! You bought out the company”

“Is there a need for such a big reaction”

“Its mainly because of the company you bought.

They used to be very powerful, but they didnt have a good leader, which led to their current state.”

“Dont worry about it now.

With my wise leadership, theyll be reborn.”

Lu Ying didnt say anything, and silence filled the car.

“Why arent you expressing your opinion Tsinghua University is a famous school, after all.

Didnt the teachers teach you how to suck up to the leader”

“Boss, youre really good.”

“Good at what”


Lin Yi, “”

Why did this conversation feel so familiar

“Boss, are you going to the companys factory or their office building”

“They arent together”

“Of course not.” Lu Ying said.

“The companys office building is at 122 Xiafei Road, and the factory is at Xiangyang Industrial Area on the outskirts of the city.

Theyre two different places.”

“Xiafei Road,” Lin Yi said.

“Well go to the factory after we finish the handover procedures.”

“Ill go wherever the boss tells me to.”

“Oh right, dont expose my identity when we go to the handover, and dont expose your identity as a researcher at Longxin.

In short, dont expose too much information.”

Lu Ying looked at Lin Yi in confusion.

What was the boss trying to do Was he trying to trick someone

“Got it.”

After exchanging a few words, they arrived at 122 Xiafei Road.

Although the companys office building was in the city, it was more on the edge of the city boundary.

They would reach the outskirts of the city after driving a little further.

The companys office building wasnt as grand as they had imagined.

It only had four floors and didnt look very eye-catching.

“Alright, you can go up first,” Lin Yi said.

“Dont waste your breath with them.

You can leave after youre done with the paperwork.”

“Anything else”

Lin Yi thought for a moment, then took out a pen and paper and handed Wang Tianlongs contact information to Lu Ying.

“When you sign the contract, just say that your bosss name is Wang Tianlong.

You dont have to worry about the rest.”

“Boss, you dont have to be so mysterious.”

“What do you know Just do as I say,” Lin Yi said.

“Dont let them learn anything about you other than your gender.”

“Got it.”

Lin Yi stayed in the car alone after Lu Ying left.

He had no one to use right now, so he had to drag Wang Tianlongs name out to take advantage of him.

With his well-rounded personality, it wouldnt be a problem for him to bluff on Lin Yis behalf.

Lin Yi then called Wang Tianlong and told him the whole story.

The latter gladly accepted and patted his chest, promising that he would complete the mission.

The whole process took less than five minutes.

It wasnt tiring at all to talk to someone who knew how to lie.

About half an hour later, Lu Ying walked out of the building, much faster than Lin Yi had expected.

“So fast Are you all done”

“When I went in, they had all the information ready.

I just had to sign it.”

“Didnt they ask for any other information”

“I went in with a straight face, scaring them all.” Lu Ying took a deep breath.

“That was too exciting.

I was afraid Id get exposed.”

“Whats there to be afraid of Youll have plenty of opportunities to show off in the future.

Just get used to it.”

Lu Ying, “…”

Lin Yi looked at the building from inside the car.

“Didnt you and Sun want a separate lab to work on the photolithography machine How about I give you this building”

“Really Isnt that a little too extravagant We dont really need such a big space,” Lu Ying said in surprise.

“Its fine, I have money.”

Lu Ying, “…”

Boss, when are you going to keep a low profile!

“Since you dont have any objections, its decided for now.”

Lin Yi started the car again.

“Lets go to Sci-techs factory.”


After fastening his seatbelt, Lin Yi drove to Xiangyang Industrial Park.

With Lu Yings introduction, Lin Yi had a rough understanding of Xiangyang Industrial Park.

This was a high-tech industrial park that the CPC had taken the lead to build.

The ongoing projects were all in high-tech industries.

It was also a sign that Zhonghai was moving toward high-tech industries.

“No way, Ciscos factory is here too”

“Yeah, didnt you know” Lu Ying asked.

“How would I know”

“We are both working in chip research and development, and Cisco is our sworn enemy.

I thought you would know that.”

“Maybe I have too many industries to take care of.”

“Boss, there are no outsiders in this car.

Lets have a good chat.”

“Uh, okay.”

Lin Yi glanced at the entrance to Ciscos building and saw two factories located less than a hundred meters away from each other like neighbors.

There were a lot of cars parked in front of the entrance of Ciscos factory.

A few trucks were busy unloading things outside.

“Cisco stole our technology, and their reputation in the industry skyrocketed.

I heard they cant even take anymore orders,” Lu Ying said apologetically.

“Im the one responsible for this.”

“Its fine.

Everyone loses out when they go out to do business,” Lin Yi said.

“If your life is always smooth sailing, you wont be able to run a big business.”

“Then what kind of person can run a big business”

“A shameless person.”


Lu Ying, “…”

Looking at Lin Yi from head to toe, Lu Ying suddenly got a feeling.

Her boss could become the richest man in the world in the future.

After observing for a few minutes, Lin Yi drove away and stopped at the entrance of Sci-techs lab.

Lin Yi then took out the sunglasses and mask that he had prepared in his suitcase beforehand.

“Take this, lets go in and take a look.”

“Why do you have this in your car Do you intend to use it if you get spotted at the spa”


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