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Chen Yongxin and Wang Tong nearly vomited blood when they heard Lin Yis words.

“Your company is the Lingyun Group in Century Avenue!”

“Yeah, that Lingyun Group.” Lin Yi sighed and said.

“To be honest, because the company is too small, we only do small projects worth a few billion.

They are so busy every day but they end up not even making much money.

Its making my hair turn white.”

Lin Yis words shocked everyone in the room.

A project worth a few billion was still considered small

In your eyes, what kind of big project was considered big

“Yongxin, this Lingyun group seems to be quite big.

Why havent I heard of it before” Wang Fang asked.

Because of their age, Wang Fang and the others didnt know much about Lingyun Group.

“You might have never heard of Lingyun Group, but Im sure youve heard of the Twin Towers.”

“I know about that.

When it was built, it was even shown on television.

Its said to be the tallest building in China.”

“Yes, thats the Twin Towers, a new landmark in Zhonghai city.

The two buildings cost more than 14 billion dollars.”

“Whats the relationship between the Twin Towers and Lingyun Group”

“I heard from my good brother that the Twin Towers were bought by a mysterious rich man not long after they were built.

In the end, it was turned into the headquarters of Lingyun Group!”

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Hearing Chen Yongxins explanation, everyone present sucked in a breath of cold air.

The cost of the Twin Towers was more than 14 billion dollars.

If it was sold off, wouldnt the price tag be even higher

Moreover, when it came to a building like this, there shouldnt be any loans one could take to fund it, right

At that moment, everyone in the room turned their attention to Lin Yi.

It was as if he wasnt just a person anymore, and he was now a golden man covered in cash.

Furthermore, he even seemed to be shining.

With his current wealth, he didnt even need to take care of them himself.

Even if the little bit of money that leaked out from his fingers would be enough for them to spend for the rest of their lives.

“I really didnt expect you to know so much about my company.

Thats really good.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Can you get your good big brother to set me up with a few projects worth more than five billion Its no problem even if its worth ten billion.

Our company can handle it.

Thank you in advance.”

“Teacher, Teacher Lin, youre such a joker.

No matter how good my good big brother is, he cant bag such a big project.” Chen Yongxin said awkwardly.

“Uh… so you were just bragging.”

This time, Chen Yongxin didnt refute or get angry.

His eyes were filled with flattery.

Wang Tong was the same.

She had still been angry because Lin Yi humiliated her.

Now, she wasnt angry at all.

If it wasnt for the fact that there were so many people here, she would have said it out loud.

Humiliate me as much as you want.

“Teacher Lin, my third aunt just finished her surgery and she still needs to rest.

Why dont we talk outside” Chen Yongxin asked tentatively.

“Thats fine too.

All of us can go out.

Dont disturb the patients rest.”

The group of people walked out and stood in the corridor.

Chen Yongxin hurriedly took out a cigarette and a lighter from his pocket.


“Teacher Lin, have a cigarette.”

“No, Ive long given up.”

Chen Yongxin smiled awkwardly.

“Teacher Lin, Little Ran is really honored to have such a good teacher like you.

Its also our honor to be able to meet a friend like you.”

“Then why do I feel that this is a burden for me”

“Teacher Lin, isnt it hurtful for you to say that” Wang Fang said with a smile.

She was not angry at all.

“Teacher Lin, dont worry.

We will definitely supervise Little Ran in the future.

If she doesnt listen, you can tell us,” Wang Rans third uncle, Lin Dashan, said.

“Little Ran will be yours in the future.

Our big family will depend on you to take care of her.”

“Aiya, speaking of taking care of her, I really have something I want to ask Little Ran for help with,” Lin Dahai sighed.

“You want me to help With what” Wang Ran asked curiously.

“Lets not talk about it just now.

Your cousin got into the civil service,” Lin Dahai said.

“She came in second in the written examination.

She will have an interview in a few days, but if I dont give the interviewer a gift, she will definitely not pass the interview.

Can you think of a way to help Uncle”

“How can I help I dont have any money either.”


Wang Dahais expression was a little hesitant.

“After your mothers surgery, there will still be more than 200,000 dollars left, right Can you give your second uncle a bit of emergency funding”

Wang Ran was stunned for a moment.

She didnt expect them to try to make a play for the money.

“Second Brother, what are you talking about!” Wang Fang said.

“Our familys Yongxin just bought a house.

We are still short of 200,000 dollars for the renovation.

Dont get any funny ideas.”

“What do you mean by me getting funny ideas” Lin Dahai was unwilling to listen.

“That is money to save my family.

If she doesnt pass the interview, it will delay Tongtongs whole life!”

“My father is right.

As long as I give the interviewer some gifts, I will definitely pass the interview!” Wang Tong said.

“Is your familys life so important that mine can be ignored” Wang Fang theorized.

“The woman has already said that she will get married when the renovation is complete.

If she doesnt get married because of this 200,000 dollars, will you be able to compensate us”

“If you dont have money, dont get married.

This is the first time Ive heard of borrowing money to get married.” Wang Dahais voice rose, unwilling to be outdone.

“Uncle, watch your attitude,” Chen Yongxin said.

“What attitude!” Wang Tong said, “Theres nothing wrong with what my dad said!”

“Alright, alright, stop arguing.

This is a hospital!”

Wang Ran couldnt stand it anymore.

They were arguing over money.

Why were all the relatives like this

Wang Ran lost her temper, and the Wang family stopped arguing.

It wasnt because of her reputation, but because of Lin Yis presence.

“Dont even think about the money.” Wang Ran said.

“Ive thought about it from the start.

Ill give the remainingmoney to Teacher Lin, so this money is no longer mine.

Its useless no matter how much you argue.”


Theyd all watched Wang Ran grow up, and they knew her personality very well.

She looked weak and weak, but her stubbornness was something that ten oxen couldnt budge.

Lin Yi understood this very well.

The Wang familys eyes fell on Lin Yi, full of hope.

He was so rich, so 200,000 shouldnt be a big deal to him.

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Lin Yi coughed lightly.

“Although my company is quite big, its still a fixed asset.

I dont have much cash, but Im not going to take back the 200,000 dollars.

After all, you guys are in trouble, and I have to help you guys out.”

The Wang familys eyes lit up.

Some people were just different!

200,000 dollars was like two dollars in his eyes.

“I have a finite amount of money, so what if we split it equally It wont be enough to cover everybody, so you can only choose one person to satisfy,” Lin Yi said.

“But this is your familys business, so I wont be involved.

You can decide who you want me to lend the money to.

Just tell me the result afterwards.”

Lin Yi patted Wang Rans shoulder as he spoke.

“Lets go.

Lets head inside and let them discuss things here.”


The two entered the room and left the Wang family outside.

However, each of them had ulterior motives.

The remaining 200,000 dollars could only be taken by one person, so they had to fight for it!

The hostility in the Wang familys eyes grew at the thought of this.

It was like a volcano about to erupt!

“Our family will take this money.

As for the money needed the gift, you guys will be able to think of a solution,” Chen Yongxin said.


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