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Lin Yi rubbed his chin after settling the plan to go to America.

“Im such a smart boy.”

Lin Yi put his phone in his pocket, bought some fruit, and drove to the hospital.

He had just reached the entrance of the high-security ward when he heard the chattering inside before he opened the door.

The voices sounded a little familiar.

He pushed the door open and saw a few people standing inside.

Apart from Wang Ran and her mother, Lin Yi only knew three people.

Inside were Wang Rans first aunt, first uncle, and second uncle.

He didnt know who the other young couple was.

“Teacher Lin, youre here.”

Wang Rans furrowed brows relaxed when she saw Lin Yi enter.

She welcomed Lin Yi in with joy.

Even Wang Rans mother, who was lying on the bed, nodded at Lin Yi with a smile as a form of greeting.

“Theres a lot of people here.

I should have come earlier.”

“Yo, Teacher Lin is here.

Come in, come in.”

Unlike the first time, Wang Rans aunt welcomed Lin Yi in with a warm smile.

“Come, son, let me introduce you.” Wang Fang pulled the young man over and said.

“This is my Wang Rans teacher, Lin Yi.

Your aunts surgery fees was paid for by Teacher Lin.”

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After the introductions, Wang Fang introduced her son to Lin Yi.

“Teacher Lin, this is my son and Wang Rans cousin, Chen Yongxin.”

“Come, come, Teacher Lin, let me introduce you as well.”

Wang Rans uncle, Dahai, pulled the young girl over.

“Teacher, this is my daughter, Wang Tong.

She just graduated from university and is in the civil service.

She hasnt been in a relationship in all these years.”

Wang Tongs face showed a hint of shyness.

“Dad, What are you talking about”

“Ah, whats there to be embarrassed about Its just a simple introduction, nothing special.”

Wang Tong looked at Lin Yi shyly, feeling like her heart was about to jump out of her throat.

Wang Rans teacher was way too handsome!

Dahai laughed as he looked at Lin Yi.

“Teacher Lin, what do you think of my daughter”

“Is there something wrong with her”

“Teacher Lin, what are you talking about” Dahai was a little angry, but he didnt show it.

“Didnt you say that you have never been in a relationship You havent pursued her for so many years, so there must be something wrong.”


Dahai smiled awkwardly.

“No, no, Teacher Lin, please dont misunderstand.

Its definitely not what you think.

My daughter is very healthy.”

“Since shes healthy but no one has pursued her yet, then its a matter of her looks,” Lin Yi commented.

“Save some money for the future.

Youve raised her for so many years.

If she ends up alone and broke, itll be a huge loss.”


Wang Tong was about to flare up when she was stopped by Wang Dahai.

This Lin Yi was able to take out 500,000 dollars in one go.

His family background must be pretty good.

They couldnt fall out with him just yet.

They still had to get some benefits out of him.

“Son, say hello to Teacher Lin.”

Chen Yongxin nodded indifferently and extended his hand.

“Call me if theres anything you cant solve in Zhonghai.

I have a good big brother who is the boss of this area.

He can help you with anything.”

“Yo, are you serious Is your big brother that powerful”

Lin Yi held Chen Yongxins hand tightly, his expression excited.

“Why would I lie to you about something like that”

Even though his conditions werent as good as Lin Yis, Chen Yongxin had always put on airs.

He was well-off, but he and Lin Yi were on two different paths, and his connections might not be any worse than Lin Yis.

“Thats great.” Lin Yi said as he gripped Chen Yongxins hand tightly.

“Theres something else thats giving me a headache.” Lin Yi said.

“Sure, go ahead.”C hen Yongxin said with a smile:

“I can help you with most things.

Even if I cant do it, I can look for my good big brother and help you settle it.”

“Its like this.

A few days ago, I borrowed 500,000 dollars from a loan shark and gave it to Wang Ran.

In just a few days, the interest has increased by 100,000 dollars.

Can you think of a way to help me plug the hole for 600,000 dollars”

Chen Yongxins expression froze.

“You want me to help you pay back the money”

“Yeah,” Lin Yi said.

“Didnt you say that youre capable and that you know a good big brother Its just a few hundred thousand dollars.

Its nothing to you.”

“Are you kidding me!”

“Youre the one who started it.”

“Alright, alright, lets cut it out.” Wang Fang stepped out to smooth things over.

Theyd be wasting their time if they started arguing.

Lin Yi ignored the others and looked at Wang Ran.

“Hows Aunties condition There shouldnt be any problems, right”

“Yeah, yeah.

The doctor said the surgery was a success, but shell have to stay in the hospital for observation for a week.

She wont be able to do any heavy work after shes discharged.”

“Thats how heart disease is.

You cant get angry or tired.

You have to slowly recuperate.”

“The doctor said the same thing.

Ill pay attention to it after Im discharged.”

“Was the money I gave to you enough”

“Yes, yes.

Theres still more than 200,000 dollars left,” Wang Ran said.

“After shes discharged, Ill return the rest of the money to you.”

“Aiyo, Little Ran, what are you talking about”

Wang Fang interrupted, “After shes discharged, youll have to pay for the medicine, and youre still in school.

You dont even have a source of income, so you should at least keep some for safety.”

“By the time my mom recovers, there will be no need for so much money.

I can work part-time, and when I finish my internship in my senior year, Ill be able to go to Teacher Lins company.

In doing so, Ill be able to support my family.”

“He… He has a company !”

Wang Fang and the others were surprised.

Lin Yi was just a university teacher, so how could he have a company

Could it be a family business

If that was the case, then he was definitely a rich second generation

“Teacher Lin, may I ask the name of your company” Wang Fang asked.

“Thats a very presumptuous question.”

Wang Fang was a little embarrassed.

“Youre Wang Rans teacher, and I thought you were an outsider, so I asked.”

“Its just a small company thats not worth mentioning.”

“Haha, doesnt a small company need a name too” Chen Yongxin put his hands in his pockets, his expression calm.

He hadnt swallowed his anger from being toyed with by Lin Yi just now.

“Thats not good, right You make it sound like Im showing off.”

“Although youre well-off, my social connections arent bad either.

Youre thinking too much.”

“Thats right,” Wang Tong said.

“Youre too self-satisfied.”

“Tell me the name.

I might even know it,” Chen Yongxin said.

“And my good big brother works in engineering.

I might be able to introduce you to a few projects when I go back and talk to him.”

“Its the Lingyun Group on Century Avenue.

Its that big and only consists of two buildings.

Its a little hard to manage.”


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