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“Are you sure you want this guy” Lin Yi asked seriously.


Sun Fuyu sat up and said,

“I think this guy will be the key to developing our photolithography machine.

If possible, we must get him.”

Lin Yi rubbed his chin.

“Thats a bit difficult.

I wont be able to use my good looks.”


Lu Ying sighed.


Lin, were talking about serious business here.

Be Serious!”

“Im wearing clothes now.

Whats not serious about it”

Lu Ying, “…”

“Forget it.”

“Lets set the matter surrounding Shen Tianzhuo aside for now.

Ill go to America when I have time to see if I can take this guy down,” Lin Yi said.

“Is there anything else besides this”

“Longxin has three projects going on right now.

One is the chip, and the other is a brand-new phone ecosystem.

All Thats left is the photolithography machine,” Lu Ying said.

“But without the photolithography machine, the development of the chip will be very slow.

Thats why Brother Sun and I have done some research on it.

Well deprioritize the chip project first and use the research institute to develop the phone system.

As for the photolithography machine, we want another lab to support it.”

“Another lab”

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“Yes.” Lu Ying nodded, “Theres nothing to hide about the mobile phone system, and many companies are also pursuing it.

Thus, its best to develop that it in Longxin, but the photolithography machine is different.

Its a military-grade secret project, and we want to keep it as hidden as possible.

Thats why we want to apply for a new lab.

However, thats just our idea.

As for how to do it, well need you to consider the big picture and see if its feasible.”

“No problem!” Lin Yi said without thinking.

“Now, you can start preparing the equipment.

Ill find a place for you within a week to avoid wasting time.”

“Thank you, President Lin.”

“Stop calling me President Lin.

It sounds weird,” Lin Yi said.

“Just call me boss.”


“Yeah, that sounds more exciting.”

Lu Yings head was full of question marks.

It was a normal title!

What was there to be excited about

Sun Fuyu chuckled.

“You sound so young and inexperienced.”

“Is there anything else you want to report”

“Not for now.”

“If theres nothing else, you can go first.

Well add on another session here.”

Lu Ying, “…”

Lu Ying wasnt too keen on the massage, after all.

She changed her clothes and left as soon as she finished her report.

Sun Fuyu didnt stay long either.

He stayed for another half an hour before saying goodbye and leaving as well.

Lin Yi stayed the whole time, and even took a nap.

He drove to work at eight the next morning.

His class was the second period of the morning, so Lin Yi wasnt in a hurry.

He drove slowly and tidied up the things in front of him again.

Judging from Lu Ying and Sun Fuyus attitude, that person called Shen Tianzhuo was definitely a talent.

If he wanted to develop a photolithography machine, he might not be able to do it without him.

There shouldnt be any room for relaxation on his trip to America.

He had to wrap up this matter while he was there.

As for whether he could take down the other party, Lin Yi wasnt certain.

He could only try his best.

Lin Yi pulled up the system interface at the thought of this.

The mission was at (19/20), and there was still one class left.

Hed finish the mission after that.

It wouldnt be too late to go to America after the mission was completed.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Lin Yis phone rang at this moment.

It was He Yuanyuan calling.

“Boss, somethings happened.

Come to the company quickly.”


With He Yuanyuans talkative personality, she wouldnt speak like that if it wasnt an important matter.

Lin Yi didnt waste any time.

He replied briefly and turned the car around, heading towards Lingyun Group.

He drove to Qi Xianzhaos office and found him and He Yuanyuan sitting opposite each other.

“President Lin, youre here.”

Lin Yi nodded.

“What happened You asked me to come here in a hurry.”

He Yuanyuan brought the paper on the desk over to Lin Yi.

“A court summons.”

“Ah A summons for me”Lin Yi was surprised:

“Is it because Im too handsome that the public is angry with me Im done for now.

Ill be sentenced to death.”

“Its written in black and white, theres no mistake.” He Yuanyuan looked at Lin Yi.

“Boss, what did you do recently Did you get caught peeping”

“Peeping All I ever do is make love.”

“Dont quibble.

A few days ago, Huaqing Lake sent me a receipt saying that you spent 376,000 dollars on two imperial sets.”

“376,000 on imperial crabs They must have been really big,” Qi Xianzhao said.

“Brother Qi, you should leave us alone for a while.

You might not understand.”


“Alright, stop wasting time.”

Lin Yi took the court order and looked at the contents.

“What the hell Are you suing Lingyun Foundation for fraud”

“Yeah, they said that our aid plan wasnt publicized and violated the foundation management regulations, so theyre suing us,” He Yuanyuan said.

“I checked just now.

The person suing us is the famous Tianhong Foundation, and the subpoena is from the Zhonghai No.2 Court,” Qi Xianzhao said:

“This Tianhong Foundation isnt a laughing matter.

They belong to the Tianhang Group of Zhonghai, and the owner is the Zhao family of Zhonghai, one of the top families in China.”

“Secondly, the Zhonghai No.2 Court is their main battlefield.

Theyve never lost a case there.”

“Its about the same as Tencents Nanshan Pizza Hut,” Lin Yi said.

“Thats exactly what I mean,” Qi Xianzhao said:

“And the trial starts tomorrow.

Its obviously not logical.

There must be something fishy going on, and they dont want to give us time to prepare.”

Lin Yi nodded.

He knew what Qi Xianzhao meant.

Still, why was the Tianhong Foundation so familiar with the so-called Zhao family

Lin Yi thought about it and finally understood.

The charity banquet he attended a few days ago was organized by the Zhao familys Tianhong Foundation.

Moreover, he met that idiot called Zhao Zhengyang who wanted to pursue Ji Qingyan.

In the end, he cheated him of 50,000 dollars.

Thinking of this, Lin Yi suddenly realized that it was probably that idiot who investigated him and played such a trick.

This revenge move was so advanced, and he didnt expect the little rascal to take revenge on him.

It was indeed not bad.

“The court date is tomorrow morning at nine oclock, right Ill go over,” Lin Yi said.

“And then” He Yuanyuan asked.

“What do you mean byand then”

“Youre going to court, what should we prepare”

“Prepare What a bunch of newbies.

Do we need to prepare anything to deal with them” Lin Yi said.

“But then again, its okay to prepare.”

“Thats what I mean.

This is a big deal.

How can we go unprepared”

Lin Yi nodded.

“Put on the miniskirt and black silk tomorrow and come with me.”

“Ah Why should I wear black silk and a miniskirt to such a professional place”

“Youre going to be a cheerleader.

What else should you wear”


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