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Qin Han handed the car keys to Lin Yi when he saw him.

It was only then that the person standing at the door realized that what he heard and saw wasnt an illusion!

The famous Emperor of Zhong Hai, Qin Han, had indeed borrowed this mans car!

“I wanted to give it to you, but you didnt want it, so now I have to drive it back.”


The man and woman at the door widened their eyes, their jaws dropping in shock!

Lin Yi was going to give away a car worth more than 60 million dollars!

And he was going to give it to Qin Han How rich were you!

“Its not good to want your stuff.

Whats yours is mine, and whats mine is yours.

Ill come get it from you when I want to drive it.” Qin Han said.

“Alright, Ill leave first.” Lin Yi took the car keys.

“Old Liu is a nice guy.

Invite him when you have time, and Ill treat you guys to a meal.”

“Were all on the same side, youre too polite.” Qin Han said.

“Drive the Lykan and leave.

Ill send the Shari to Jiuzhou Pavilion after this.”


In reality, Qin Han could also use this method to send Lin Yis Lykan back.

But they hadnt seen each other for a long time, so he used this reason to invite him out for a drink.



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Everyone present was shocked once again when they heard the wordsJiuzhou Pavilion!

Anyone with common sense would have heard of the nameJiuzhou Pavilion!

The number one luxury estate in Zhong Hai, where any random unit would have a price of at least one billion.

It was so extravagant that it made one vomit blood!

Since this guy was already so rich and was good friends with Qin Han, what the hell was with the Shari!

After chatting with Qin Han for a while, Lin Yi and Wang Ran got into the car.

Wang Ran was nervous as she got into the car.

She had never seen such a nice car before.

“Why are you covering your mouth”

“Im… Im afraid Ill vomit.”

Lin Yi didnt say anything as he drove towards the Peninsula Hotel.

Wang Ran covered her mouth shyly and didnt dare to say anything.

Teacher Lin was so scary when he was angry.

“T-teacher lin, what kind of place is this…” Wang Ran said in a daze.

“You cant even recognize Chinese characters”

Wang Rans heart skipped a beat when she saw the wordsPeninsula Hotel.

Lin… Teacher Lin wouldnt do something like that to her, right…

“Nice to meet you, Chairman Lin.”

“Nice to meet you, Chairman Lin.”

The people in the hotel greeted Lin Yi when he entered.

The reason for this was because Tianlong wasnt here.

If Tianlong was here, he wouldnt have let his men expose Lin Yis identity.

Otherwise, he wouldnt be acting so pretentious.

Lin Yi nodded and led Wang Ran up the elevator to his exclusive presidential suite.

“Lin, Teacher, why are they…”

“This hotel is mine,” Lin Yi replied faintly.

Wang Ran, who was already in a daze, was even more confused now.

What was Teacher Lin doing How could he be so rich !


When they reached the room, Wang Ran couldnt hold back the burning sensation in her stomach anymore.

She rushed to the bathroom and threw up while hugging the toilet bowl.

Ten minutes later, Wang Ran walked out of the bathroom timidly.

“T-Teacher Lin, Im sorry…”

“Why are you apologizing”

“I did something I shouldnt have done.” Wang Ran stood at the bathroom door, clutching at the corner of her clothes.

She was too nervous to approach Lin Yi.

“Its just a nightclub.

Youre all adults, so its not against the law.

Im a teacher, but I dont have the right to restrict your freedom,” Lin Yi said.

“Oh right, theres something I need to tell you.

Your teacher from the School of Economics has already informed us that your national scholarship has been canceled.

You should be mentally prepared.”

“My… My scholarship has been canceled !”

“Yeah.” Lin Yi nodded.

“This is what the dean from the School of Economics said, and the school committee has already approved it.

The announcement will be sent out in the next few days.”


Wang ran couldnt hold back her tears as they fell.

“Why are you crying Dont you know what youve done Canceling your scholarship is only natural.”

“I, I need this money…”

“Youve earned 40,000 dollar from Qin Han.

Isnt that enough”

“My mother had a heart attack.

The doctor said that she needed to have an operation as soon as possible.

My fathers insurance compensation has already been spent.

If I dont find a way to earn money, my mother will…”

Wang Ran cried like a pear blossom in the rain.

She no longer fit the image of a school belle.

“Whats with the compensation”

“My father was absent from work over the past, but something happened in the mine half a year ago.

My father passed away, and the company compensated us 30,000 dollars.

At that time, my mothers heart disease was serious, but it was delayed for half a year.

Now, it cant be delayed any longer…”

“So you went to work at Metropolis”

“Yes, they were the ones who looked for me.” Wang Ran wiped her tears and said,

“The manager of Metropolis said that I was good-looking and that he would give me 10,000 dollars a month to sell wine there, so I went.”

“Dont cry.

Youre making me upset.”

Wang Ran was so frightened that she immediately held back her tears.

“How much does the surgery cost”

Wang Ran did not say anything.

She held back her tears and stood in place.

“Im asking you a question.”

“I cant take Teacher Lins money,” Wang Ran said.

“My grandma and I have already thought about it.

If we sell the house during this period of time, it will be enough to treat my mothers illness.”

“Where will you live if we sell the house” Lin Yi asked.

“Well just rent a house.” Wang Ran wiped her tears.

“Im about to be a senior.

Ill be able to earn my salary as an intern.

Itll be enough to support my family.”

“How much can your house sell for” Lin Yi asked.

“If we dont do the surgery soon, will your mother be able to hold on until your house is sold”

Wang Ran stopped talking.

She had thought about what Lin Yi said before, but there was nothing she could do.

This was her only way out.

What smoothed out the edges of a persons life was never enjoyment, but suffering.

“The manager of Metropolis said that as long as I was willing to drink with you, I could earn more.”

“Who gave you the courage to say something like that after four glasses of wine” Lin Yi said.

“Do you think everyone is like Qin Han, giving you ten thousand dollars for a glass of wine”

“Then Ill go sleep with someone else!” Wang Ran said.

“I wont ask for anything else, as long as I can make money.”


Lin Yi could hardly believe his ears.

Sure enough, women could be fearless if they were brave.

“Okay, thats a way out.”

Lin Yi took out his phone and dialed Tianlongs number.

“Boss Lin, you wanted to see me…”

Tianlongs voice was very loud, so it was obvious that there was someone beside him.

“Ask the manager on duty to send me 500,000 in cash, Im in room 2618.”

“Got it, Boss Lin, Ill make the arrangements right away.”

Ten minutes later, there was a knock on the door.

Lin Yi raised his head.

“Open the door.”

“Got it, got it…”

Wang Ran opened the door and saw a woman standing outside.

Lin Yi had some impression of her.

She was the assistant manager of the hotel, and she could be considered the second-in-command.

“Boss Lin, Ive got the money.”

Lin Yi nodded.

“Alright, thats all for now.”

The door closed and Lin Yi took the suitcase over.

There were stacks of cash inside, and it made Wang Rans heart skip a beat.

“Take it off.

Tomorrow morning, this money is yours.”


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