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“What, you dont believe me”

The bald man laughed coldly, “Let me tell you, Old Liu and I have a life-and-death relationship.

Theres no need for me to lie to you guys.”

“Its fine, call him over.

Ill listen to what he has to say.” Lin Yi said.

“You want me to call him over You think my, Gao Tians.

face is so worthless” The bald man said.

“I dont have time to fool around with you.

Give her to me quickly, I want to take her away.”

“Im really sorry, Im afraid I cant do that.”

“F*ck you, you dont know who I am, do you…”


Before Lin Yi could do anything, Liu Yinxi pulled out a fruit knife from his pocket and thrust it at Gao Tian!

However, Liu Yinxis stab was perfectly controlled.

It hit Gao Tians thigh, which ensured it was non-lethal.

It was obvious that he was a veteran.

“So fierce!”


Lin Yi was surprised.

He felt sorry for sending a fierce man like Liu Yinxi to deal with Liu Mei.

This was the biggest insult to his career.

He had to buy him a drink when he had time.

Blood gushed out from Gao Tians thigh, and he collapsed to the ground.

He clutched his leg, unable to stand up.

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Screams rang out in the bar.

The men and women who came to vent their desires had never seen such a scene before.

The frightened birds and beasts scattered and hid far away, but they all secretly looked in the direction of the commotion

Humans were such strange animals.

They were obviously scared to death, but they couldnt resist the temptation to see what was going on.

“F*ck you, you dare to attack our boss Ill chop you to death!”

Liu Yinxi held a bloody dagger and looked around at everyone like a ferocious wolf.

“Whoever dares to move, Ill stab to death!”

Liu Yinxi, who absolutely ruthless, scared all of Gao Tians subordinates so much that they didnt dare to move.

“Brat, you guys are really fearless.

You even dare to touch me, Gao Tian.”

Gao Tian gritted his teeth and sneered, “I, Gao Tian, have lived for so many years, but I have never suffered such a big humiliation.

Let me tell you clearly, if I dont break one of your legs today, my surname wont be Gao!”

“What the f*ck are you all standing there for Hurry up and call Old Liu over.

I must cripple them today!” Gao Tian turned his head and scolded.

“Got it, Tian Bro!”

“Theres no need to call, were coming!”

A low voice rang out from behind the crowd.

The crowd opened a path and they soon realized that the people coming over were actually Liu Qiang and Yao Donglai!

“Old Liu, Ive taken a liking to this woman.

These two little b*stards are taking advantage of others and not giving me a chance.

Help me break both of their legs and teach them a lesson!”

“Old Gao, weve known each other for quite a few years.

Let me give you a tip.

If you dont want to die, just stay there obediently.

Otherwise, you wont even know how you died.”

Liu Qiangs words scared Gao Tian so much that he trembled.

“Old Liu, what do you mean”

“The Emperor of Zhong Hai, you should know who that is, right”

“The famous Young Master Qin, who doesnt know”

“Let me tell you, the guy who stabbed you just now is Young Master Qins bodyguard, so you didnt get stabbed unjustly.”

“Secondly, the guy standing in front of you is Mr.

Lin Yi, Young Master Qins good friend.

Hes even more powerful than Young Master Qin.

Youre lucky that he only stabbed one of your legs today.

Even if he stabbed you to death, you wouldnt have the right to complain.”

Gao Tian and his men were all dumbfounded.

No one had expected that this handsome man in front of them would be so capable.

He was actually on the same level as Young Master Qin!

The women not far away looked at Lin Yi with shining eyes.

That mans looks were even better than the stars in the movies, and he had a background that wasnt inferior to Young Master Qin!

This man was perfect!

They were in love.

Liu Qiang stood respectfully in front of Lin Yi.


Lin, how do you want to handle this Its all up to you.”

“I dont care about this.

Go ask Qin Han in the room and let him handle it.”

Lin Yi looked at Liu Yinxi after finishing his sentence.

“Go back and tell Qin Han that Im leaving first.

Ill treat him to a drink when Im free.”

“Got it, Mr.

Lin.” Liu Yinxi said.

“But you were drinking in the room just now.

Ill arrange for someone to take you back.”

“No need.

I didnt drink too much.

It wont affect my driving.”


Dont worry if you run into any robbers.

Young Master Qin has the connections to handle everything.”

“Okay.” Lin Yi patted Liu Yinxis shoulder.

“Come to meet me in a few days.

Ill be leaving today.”

“Ill send you off.”

“No need, go back to the room and continue playing with them.”

With that, Lin Yi left along with Wang Ran.

Following closely behind were some people who were watching the show.

It was rare to see such an awesome person, and he was so handsome.

They had to take a few more looks at him to really burn his image into their heads.

“Lin, Teacher Lin, Im sorry…” Wang Ran said shyly.

“This isnt the place to talk.

Lets talk when we get back.”

Wang Ran didnt dare to speak anymore.

She stood beside Lin Yi in a daze, forcing herself to walk.

As the two of them left, the people behind them who were watching the show started chattering non-stop.

“Ive been coming to Metropolis a lot these days.

The woman by Mr.

Lins side is the number one hostess here.

As long as shes available, shell be constantly pouring wine.

Its only been a month, and shes already taken down.

Sure enough, there arent any difficult women, just inferior men.”

“Boss Liu said that this man has the strength to be on equal footing with Young Master Qin.

What kind of car do you think a person like him would drive”

“I really dont know about that.

But I dare to bet that it cost more than ten million.

Otherwise, it wouldnt be worthy of his status.”

“I think so too.

Cars like Lamborghinis and Porsches are not worthy of his attention.”

At that moment, the people who were watching the show had already reached the door and saw a red Lykan sports car parked there.

“F*ck, look, its Lykan Speed 7.

I heard that its sold in China for 66 million dollars.

Its such an honor to see it here today.”

“I guess that Lykan is his car.

With his status, its perfect for him to drive around.”

At the same time, Lin Yi took the car keys and walked over to the Shari.

He opened the car door and was about to leave.

“F*ck, no way.

Hes driving a Shari Its not even as good as my car.”

“Boss Liu, are you mistaken Are you sure a person driving a Shari is on the same level as Young Master Qin”

“Thats possible.

There arent many rich second-generation heirs like Qin Han in the whole of China, and there arent many people who can compare to him.

Its not easy to be on the same level as him.”

“Youre all wrong.

When I came to Metropolis, I happened to see Young Master Qin.

This red Lykan was driven by him, not that man.”

“Now that the truth is out, Boss Liu must just be bragging.”

At this moment, a clamor came from the entrance of the bar.

Everyone looked back and found that it was Qin Han who had brought his people out.

Everyone made way for Qin Han when they saw him come out.

No one dared to stand in his way.

“Old Lin, wait a minute.

Dont go yet.”

“Anything else”

“I invited you here today to return your car.

I havent given you the car keys yet.”

Qin Han handed the car keys to Lin Yi.

Everyone was stunned when they heard that.

The famous Young Master Qin actually borrowed Lin Yis car


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