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Lin Yi slowed down the car and only sped up as the bus drove away.

Lin Yi didnt know why Wang Ran ran turned around and left when she got home, and he didnt want to ask too much.

This wasnt a school, and he didnt have the right to probe.

Lin Yi didnt go back to the Jiuzhou Pavillion after seeing ran Wang Ran off.

Instead, he drove his Pagani around the track a few times before returning home satisfied.

The next day, Lin Yi wasnt in a hurry since he only had one class today.

He arrived at school at around nine oclock.

He had just parked his car when Sugar called him.

“Where are you”

Sugers voice sounded a little anxious.

Lin Yi felt that something was wrong.

“I just arrived at school.

Is there something you need me for”

“Come to the principals office quickly.”

“Got it.”

Lin Yi didnt waste any more time.

He got out of the car and went straight to Zhao Qis office.


The moment he opened the door, he saw that the office was full of people.

Other than Zhao Qi and Sugar, the first people he noticed were George and Roca from yesterday.

The other students were the ones he had beaten up as well.

Beside them were a few middle-aged foreigners.

From their positions, one could see that they were parents.

“Lin Yi, come quickly.”

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Seeing Lin Yi come in, Sugar pulled him to her side.

“You called me because of this”

Sugar nodded awkwardly.

If she and Zhao Qi had the ability to handle this, they definitely wouldnt have made Lin Yi come over.

Unfortunately, because this matter involved foreigners, things became more delicate and sensitive.

“You scared me.

I thought you wanted me to substitute for you again.”

Seeing Lin Yis calm expression, Zhao Qi couldnt understand.

Why wasnt Teacher Lin afraid

If this incident blew up, it would affect his reputation.

There would be no way for him to work in this field anymore.

“Teacher Lin, let me introduce you.” Zhao Qi stood up and said.

“This is Georges father, Mark.

These are Rocas parents…”

“Alright, alright, theres no need for introductions.

It doesnt matter who they are, they wont affect my performance.” Lin Yi waved his hand nonchalantly.

“Father, he was the one who beat us up yesterday and forced us to drink the water from the pool.

Im suing him!”

“Dont talk, Ive already found a lawyer and paid him a high commission.

Hell handle this matter.” Mark said.

“George, calm down.

Im your lawyer.

Ill take care of this.”

A middle-aged lawyer stood up, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose as he took out his business card.

“Hello, Mr.


Let me introduce myself first.

Im a lawyer from Prosperity Law Firm.

My name is Han Yue.”

Lin Yi sat down on the sofa.

“No need for the opening remarks.

Lets get to the point.

I have a class to attend later.”

Han Yues expression froze, his hand still holding out the card in the air.

It was an awkward scene.

Sugar shook her head speechlessly.

It was not possible to make Lin Yi conform.

“If thats the case, then I have to remind Mr.


If you dont cooperate, forget the class later, no one knows whether you can even stay in school or not.”

“F*ck, that scary” Lin Yi got up and quickly took Han Yues card.

“You can take my life, but you cant take leave my beloved teaching position.

I wont be able to stand it if I dont see my cute students in the future.”


Han Yue straightened his back as he saw Lin Yi politely putting away his card.

“Teacher Lin is such a stubborn person.

If I didnt use a legal tool, I really wouldnt know how to deal with him…”


Lin Yi took Han Yues card and tore it into pieces on the spot.

“Youre right, the quality of your card is pretty good.

It will take quite a few tears to rip it up properly.”


Han Yues expression froze and his body trembled in anger.

He didnt think that Lin Yi would do such a shameless thing!

“What about me” Lin Yi asked curiously.

“Im just tearing a business card.

Are you going to sue me is tearing a business card against the law When did this rule come out How come I dont know about It”

Sugar stood at the side and couldnt help but laugh.

When it came to a person like Lin Yi, no one could control him except for the constitution.


Lin, you can disrespect me, but…”

“I have to say, youre pretty self-aware.” Lin Yi laughed.

“You can see that I dont respect you.

Dont doubt yourself.

Be confident, Im definitely looking down on you.”

“I mean, you dont have to respect me, but you…!”

“Alright, alright, I really dont respect you.” Lin Yi said.

“You dont have to emphasize it anymore.”

Han Yue gritted his teeth in anger.

This was the first time he had seen such a scoundrel in his twenty years of practice!

“If you continue like this, Ill sue you for assault.

Youll have to pay for my mental damage!”

“With your looks and figure, youre not on the same level as me.

Do you think youre worthy of me attacking you”

Han Yue clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

“I dont want to waste any more time with you.

Let me tell you, you intentionally beat up a foreign student at around 10:20 am yesterday.

Today, I accepted the clients invitation and officially accepted the case!”

“I did beat him up, but they molested a student from the university and even urinated in the swimming pool.

How are we going to settle this” Lin Yi said,

“Fortunately, there were only six of them.

If there were two more, I would have thought that the eight-nation alliance had attacked again.”

“Im sorry, Im their lawyer.

Im only in charge of their litigation.”

“Tsk tsk tsk…”

Lin Yi smiled and shook his head.

“Actually, Im quite surprised.

After all, youre Chinese.

How could you do such a thing”

“Its because Im Chinese that I have to do such a thing!” Han Yue said righteously.

“Chinas international image is being tarnished by you people.

If it werent for me…”

“F*ck your image,” Lin Yi cursed.

“The Chinas international image is crafted by real weapons.

It has nothing to do with you.

You really know how to flatter yourself.”

“You dont have to admit that Im useful, but I did try my best in this area.”

It was as if Han Yue was already aware of Lin Yis shameless personality and knew that he wasnt his opponent in this regard.

Thus, he said seriously,


Lin, I dont want you to avoid the important matters.

Please respond to our demands!”

“Alright, thats all you have to say.” Lin Yi said.

“Just tell us what you want to do.”

“Youre scared, arent you” Han Yue narrowed his eyes.

“Our demands are very simple.

You have to compensate the medical fees and mental damages for the six students, a total of 3.29 million dollars.

We also want you to apologize to the entire school in front of the teachers and students.

In addition, we also want the school to compensate the six students.”


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