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“Molesting a female student”

Lin Yi and Zhao Qi were both stunned.

What kind of trick was this

Wasnt he moving a little too fast to go back and molest a female student right after leaving here

With Feng Jiadongs IQ, he shouldnt do such a thing.

“Teacher Lin, lets go take a look.”


Lin Yi and Zhao Qi pushed open the door and left.

They saw a large group of people gathered at the door of Feng Jiadongs office.

Most of them looked familiar to Lin Yi, and they seemed to be students from the same swimming class.

‘Why did they come here Werent you supposed to be watching the international students drinking the pool water


Lin Yi and Zhao Qi walked over and saw a girl sitting on the floor, wiping her tears.

She was wearing a suspenders skirt, and one of her shoulder straps had slipped down her arm.

She looked a little messy.

“Teacher Lin, Principal Zhao, you have to take justice for me.

If this gets out, I wont be able to live with myself anymore.”

Lin Yi, “…”

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‘Sis, could you please be more serious when you cry This was too fake.

“Quickly record his ugly behavior and post it online.

I want everyone to know his true colors.”

“Yes, yes, yes, post it on Douyin.

People like him must be severely punished!”

“Even the privilege of international students must be exposed.

People like him dont deserve to work in the school!”

Seeing that the students were filled with indignation, Lin Yi guessed that they couldnt take it anymore.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have done such a thing.

“Feng Jiadong, youre going too far.

Its one thing for you to speak up for the international students, but to turn around and bully your own students while calling me the black sheep.

I think youre a real piece of sh*t.”

“What are you talking about I didnt do anything.

I just got back to the office, and she rushed in.

Shes clearly framing me!” Feng Jiadong said in a panic.

“Dont you know what kind of person you are You even sneakily touched my hand before.

I was one of the victims!” A girl said.

“Me too, me too.

I failed three subjects last semester.

He called me to the office and asked me to go out with him once so that I could avoid the make-up exam.

But I didnt agree to it.”

“Once, I saw him flicking his cigarette butt on the ground.

He didnt have any self-awareness as a teacher.”

“A few days ago, when I was in the cafeteria, I saw him flirting with the cafeteria lady.

Then, she gave him a few more ribs.

This is a typical bureaucratic style.

There are even suspicions of female underlings who have unspoken rules with him.”

Feng Jiadong was already dumbfounded.

Even if I wanted to have unspoken rules, it would be with someone like Sugar.

Why would I have unspoken rules with the cafeteria lady!

Under the criticism of the students, all of the accusations surrounding Feng Jiadong was recorded on their phones.

Even the matter of not flushing the toilet was recorded.

However,there was no way to know whether it was true or not.

Feng Jiadong himself might not even remember whether he had done those things or not.

“Cough cough cough…”

Zhao Qi coughed a few times, and the chattering students stopped what they were doing and stopped shouting.

“Feng Jiadong, in view of your actions, Ill suspend you temporarily.

Ill report everything that happened to the bureau.

As for the punishment, you can wait at home for the news.”

Feng Jiadong was dumbfounded.

He even felt like crying.

Although Zhao Qi didnt have the right to fire him, he had no choice but to suspend him after such accusations had surfaced.

“I, I understand.”

Feng Jiadong left with a dirty look on his face.

He didnt even have the mood to pack his things.

When Feng Jiadong stepped into the elevator, a deafening cheer came from the corridor.

“Hes finally chased that old hooligan away.”

“Ive always disliked him!”

“A person like him doesnt deserve to stay in the university.”

As they cheered, more than ten girls surrounded him.

“Teacher Lin, are you alright We were worried to death.

Fortunately, I came up with such an idea in a hurry.”

“Whats there to worry about If I was really afraid of him, I wouldnt have gone against him.”

Zhao Qis mouth twitched.

He hadnt noticed it before, but now he realized everything.

If these female students went crazy, it would be even scarier than a nuclear weapon.

Sigh, being good-looking had its advantages.

“Alright, everyone, please disperse.

No one is allowed to post the video you recorded just now on the Internet, got it” Lin Yi said.

“Got it, Teacher Lin.

We were just worried about you, afraid that he would make things difficult for you.

Thats why we came up with this idea.

As for the video we recorded just now, it will definitely not be leaked.”

“Im relieved then.

You guys go back first.”


The men and women left one after another under Lin Yis arrangements.

The noisy corridor quieted down as well.

Ding dong.

The elevator door opened at this time, and a tall figure rushed out with two boxes in her hands.

Lin Yi glanced at her.

She seemed to be Wang Ran, from swimming class.

“Teacher, Teacher Lin, are you okay”

Wang Ran gasped as she stood in front of Lin Yi.

“Everything here is finished.” Lin Yi smiled.

“If nothing goes wrong, Feng Jiadong will be fired.

Its a happy ending.”

“Oh, thats great.” Wang Ran said.

“Teacher Lin, this is for you.”

Lin Yi looked inside the first-aid kit that Wang Ran handed over.

It contained some band-aids and iodophor.

“Why did you buy this”

“I saw that your hand was injured during the fight, so I went to buy you some medicine.”

“Huh Injured”

Lin Yi raised his hand and saw that there was a small cut on his right hand that was half a centimeter long.

There was some blood, but it had already stopped bleeding.

If Wang Ran hadnt told him, he wouldnt have even realized.

“You can keep the band-aid and iodophor.

I didnt even feel such a small cut,” Lin Yi said nonchalantly.

“Its better to put on a band-aid.

Im afraid youll get an infection,” Wang Ran said softly.

“Alright then, Ill do it myself.”

Lin Yi smiled as he took the band-aid and iodophor from Wang Ran.

“Bye, Lin.

Thank you.”

Wang Ran bowed to Lin Yi before running away shyly.

“Hmm What did I do Whats there to thank me for”

Lin Yi mumbled, “Is it because I stopped from wooing her”

“Teacher Lin, Im going back since Im done here,” Zhao Qi said.

Lin Yi nodded and returned to the school committees office.

Sugar and the others stood up when they saw Lin Yi.

“Lin Yi, are you alright Did Feng Jiadong give you a hard time”

“Hes about to be expelled, whats there to give me a hard time about”


Lin Yi briefly recounted what happened just now, and Sugar and the others were in awe.

Wasnt Lin Yi a little too strong

Hed only been at the school for a little while, and hed already gotten rid of two vice principals.

What kind of godly methods were these!


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