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“What!”Jiadong was hopping mad.

“Youre just a physical education teacher, yet youre talking to a vice principal like me like that Youve got no respect for me! Lets go to the principals office right now, and if I dont get you fired, my surname wont be Feng!”

Lin Yi shrugged.

“Lets go, I was just about to talk some sense into you.”

Stretching his back, Lin Yi turned to the students.

“We wont be able to continue todays swimming class, but none of you should leave.

Stay here and keep an eye on them.”

“Understood, Teacher Lin.”

Lin Yi and Feng Jiadong walked out of the swimming pool and saw a large group of people standing outside.

They had all heard about the international students getting beaten up and had come to watch the show.

“These people are using their identity as international students to run amok in the university.

Teacher Lins actions are really satisfying!”

“What are you looking at Disperse or Ill give you a demerit!”

The surrounding students left resentfully.

They didnt dare to speak out against Feng Jiadong.


If it wasnt for his backing, these foreign students wouldnt have dared to be so arrogant.

In other words, he was the culprit!

As the students dispersed, Sugar and Song Jia jogged over.

“Principal Feng, calm down.

There must be a misunderstanding,” Sugar explained.

Lin Yi was the honorary vice principal of the school.

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Feng Jiadong was the executive vice principal of the university.

Although they were both vice principals, there was a huge difference in their power.

Lin Yis position didnt hold any real power, and he couldnt be compared to Feng Jiadong.

It was hard to say who the principal would favor in the end.

After all, Feng Jiadongs position wasnt low, and he was the second-in-command in the university.

“Theres no misunderstanding,” Lin Yi said.

“Im the one who did it.

This matter is clear, theres no misunderstanding at all.”

Sugars expression fell.

‘Cant you just let me have some peace of mind

‘Even if theres no misunderstanding, you cant just speak the truth!

“Director Su, this is none of your business.

I hope you wont interfere!”

Feng Jiadong harrumphed coldly.

Then, he clasped his hands behind his back and walked toward the principals office.

At this moment, in the principals office, Zhou Genzhe stood in front of Zhao Qi and recounted the events at the swimming pool to him.

“This Feng Jiadong is getting more and more outrageous!” Zhao Qi slammed the table.

“He actually indulged his international students and did such a thing.

If this matter gets out, our university will become a joke!”

Seeing Zhao Qis anger, Zhou Genzhe stood at the side and didnt dare to say anything.

This matter involved two principals.

He was just a small secretary and didnt have the right to participate.

It was better to let Principal Zhao decide how to deal with it.

Dang dang dang…

There was an urgent knock on the door, and without waiting for Zhao Qis permission, Feng Jiadong pushed the door open and entered.

The three vice-principals gathered in the office, and Zhou Genzhe quietly left.

With his identity, he had no right to stay here.

“Principal Zhao, Im sure youve heard about Lin Yi beating up international students.

I think this matter should be dealt with seriously, and we cant tolerate it!” Feng Jiadong said coldly.

“Such a black sheep has appeared among our ranks.

If we let him stay in the school, who knows how many people will end up being persecuted by him”

Zhao Qi pushed up his glasses and said in a low voice,

“Ive also heard about the incident at the swimming pool.

That international student named George openly harassed a female student from the university and even urinated in the swimming pool.

Do you want to give me an explanation for this”

“Its indeed their fault.

Ill teach them a lesson later,” said Feng Jiadong.

“But I dont think its a big deal.

Foreign Students advocate freedom and independence.

In their country, this is considered a kind of performance art.

Theres no need to go overboard.”


Lin Yi couldnt help but laugh out loud.

“No wonder you became the vice principal.

Your level of education is really not bad to claim that this has something to do with performance arts.


“Im talking to Principal Zhao.

You dont have the right to speak.

Pay attention to your identity!”

Zhao Qi looked at Feng Jiadong coldly.

“Lin Yi is not only a physical education teacher at the university, hes also the honorary vice principal of the school.

Do you think he has no right to interrupt with his identity”

Feng Jiadong was stunned.

He couldnt believe his ears.

“Principal Zhao, what did you say Hes the schools honorary vice principal”

Although Lin Yis name was added to the schools official website, everyone knew that the official website was just a decoration.

No one would even look at it.

This applied to Feng Jiadong as well.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have shown such an attitude.

He wouldnt have spoken to Lin Yi in such a restrained manner.

“You think Id joke around with you about this” Zhao Qi snorted coldly.

“Principal Zhao, we both know whats the real deal with the honorary vice principal position.

Its an empty title, and its completely useless in front of me.” Feng Jiadong snorted coldly.

“The families of these overseas students are all quite famous in the local area.

This has a very important impact on our schools international reputation.

In addition, their annual donations we receive from them are sizeable.

Compared to the contributions from overseas students, an honorary vice principal like him is nothing!”

Zhao Qi pick up the cigarette on the table and lit ut.

“Since were talking about contributions, Ill have a chat with you.”

“Im sure you know about the newly established computer lab in our school.”

“Of course I do.

Its said that it cost more than 20 million dollars.

The leaders from the education bureau attach great importance to it.

This can be considered as a business card that our school can take out and flex.”

Zhao Qi flicked the ash off his cigarette.

“Those are just some surface-level reports.

You dont know the real situation.”

“Could there be other insider information” Feng Jiadong asked in surprise.

“Why dont I, the executive vice principal, know about it”

Because Teacher Lin is very low-key and didnt want to publicize it.

Thats why I didnt say anything.”

“Huh He teaches sports.

What does this have to do with him”

“To tell you the truth, that lab was donated by Teacher Lin,” Zhao Qi said.

“Who do you think contributed more if you were to compare Teacher Lin compared to those international students”

Feng Jiadong was stunned.

He stood rooted to the ground like a nail.

For a moment, he couldnt accept the change in Lin Yis identity.

“Hes that rich!”

“Hes more than rich.” Zhao Qi said expressionlessly.

“Not only was the equipment in the lab donated by Teacher Lin, but even the Longxin Research Institute in Zhonghai also belongs to Teacher Lin.

Many of our schools research projects were completed with the help of this institution.

How can you compare those ** international students to Teacher Lins contributions Are you out of your mind”

Feng Jiadongs face turned ugly.

Hed never dreamed that Lin Yi would have such an identity.

Not only could he not touch him, with the current scale of the teachers university, it was only right for them to treat him as their ancestor.

Beating up a few international students wasnt a problem at all.

“Principal Zhao, look what happened was a misunderstanding.” Feng Jiadong immediately changed his attitude and said with a smile.

“Since were all on the same side, lets forget about this.

Ill go back and teach them a lesson.”

After saying that, Feng Jiadong left the office.

After leaving the office, he heaved a sigh of relief as the suffocating feeling disappeared.

After Feng Jiadong left, Zhao Qi looked at Lin Yi.

“How do you want to deal with him, Teacher Lin”

“Im just a physical education teacher.

I dont have the right to make decisions on this.

Principal Zhao, you can decide for yourself.”

Zhao Qi frowned slightly.

Although Lin Yi didnt say anything, his words were enough to show his stance.

“Feng Jiadongs identity is different from Li Detians, so I have to take it slow.

This matter cant be rushed.

Itll take some time before theres a result.”

“Just do as you see fit.

Youre the principal, after all.”

“Other than that, I dont want those foreign students to appear in the university anymore.”

“Thats not a problem, Ill deal with it seriously.”

“Alright, thats it for now.

Its already noon, I have to go eat.”

Lin Yi stretched lazily and was about to go to the cafeteria to eat.

However, at that moment, he heard a scream.

“Molestation, molestation, Feng Jiadong molested a girl with a slender waist and long legs!”



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