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Liu Fangfei slowly walked towards Lin Yi with a glass of wine in her hand.

Her assistant, Zhou Zihao, and the others followed behind to watch the show.

Lin Yi raised his head when he saw someone approaching.

One of them looked familiar.

It seemed to be the retard who wanted to buy Ji Qingyans dress yesterday.

The person standing next to her was probably her master.

When she was a meter away from Lin Yi, Liu Fangfei deliberately leaned forward.

She took the opportunity to pour all the red wine in her glass over!

“Damn it, you set me up!”

Lin Yi turned his body to the side and perfectly avoided the red wine.

Liu Fangfei panicked.

She thought that she could pour the red wine over Lin Yi so that she wouldnt fall down and later sue him for molestation.

She didnt expect this guy to be so skilled!

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Liu Fangfei screamed and fell to the ground.

She was in an extremely sorry state!

Her scream attracted everyones attention and they all looked at Lin Yi.

However, they didnt pay too much attention to her after they found out that she was a small celebrity.

There were as many celebrities in Zhong Hai as there were carps crossing the river.

It wasnt worth wasting time on them.

The people present were all financial bosses, and female celebrities were just playthings in their eyes.

They were not worth their concern.

“Miss Liu, are you okay”

Seeing Liu Fangfei fall to the ground, Zhou Zihao quickly went up to help her up.

He pointed at Lin Yi and shouted,

“Whats wrong with you You knew Miss Liu was going to fall, but you didnt help her”

“Help her What does it have to do with me”

“Youre talking nonsense! Youre the one who tripped me, and youre saying it has nothing to do with you!” Liu Fangfei said, pretending to be wronged.

“Youre talking nonsense.

You should at least find a better excuse,” Lin Yi said.

“If your legs get weak, youll have to look for the person you slept with yesterday.

You cant blame me, can you”


Liu Fangfei was so angry that she couldnt speak.

She didnt expect this guy to speak so rudely!

“Kid, you better watch what you say!” Zhou Zihao said.

“The person standing in front of you is Miss Liu Fangfei.

Watch your mouth!”

“Miss Which club Ill go and support them when Im free.”

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The people around Lin Yi laughed out loud.

This guy was really interesting.

He dared to say something like that in such a situation.

Zhou Zihao narrowed his eyes and said in a deep voice,

“I order you to apologize to Miss Liu, or Ill make you suffer!”

“What Are you the lobby manager Do you want me to take away the dishes after you finish eating too”


Zhou Zihao was so angered that his eyes were wide open.

“Let me tell you, Im the general manager of Jiade Industrial, and the chairman, Zhou Yuankang, is my father.

With my fathers network in Zhong Hai, its more than enough to kill you!”

“Then hurry up and find your father.

I want to see how he kills me.”

The people around were watching the farce in front of them with great interest.

Jiade Industrial of the Zhou family had a certain reputation in Zhong Hai.

Its market value was over one billion.

Moreover, the man in front of him didnt seem to be a rich young master.

It would be interesting to see how he was going to quell Zhou Zihaos anger.

Zhou Zihao took out his cell phone and started to make a call.

However, no one picked up after calling several times.

Zhou Zihao was also a little anxious.

Why couldnt he get through to his father at such a critical time

“Young Master Zhou, if the call doesnt go through, then forget it.

Its not a big deal,” Liu Fangfei said.

Liu Fangfei was skilled at this game.

She used the card of playing hard to get.

Liu Fangfeis thoughts were also very simple.

She hadnt contacted Young Master Qin yet, but it would still be good to use this sucker help vent her anger.

“How can you let it go so easily I have to help you vent your anger today!”

Liu Fangfeis goading worked.

Not only did Zhou Zihao not give up, he was even more enraged.

“My dad might be busy.

Ill call my mom and ask her to send some people over.”

As he spoke, Zhou Zihao dialed his mothers number, but there was still no answer.

“Make way!”

Just as the situation was getting awkward, a shout was heard.

Everyone turned around and realized that the person who walked over was the famous Young Master Qin!

Everyone was a little surprised.

It was very unusual to see Qin Han at this time.

The charity banquet had not officially started yet, while the truly famous people were all discussing matters on the second floor.

However, Young Master Qin had come down at this time.

Could it be for something important

Qin Han walked over to Lin Yi, his face cold and unfriendly.

Hed just finished his preparations and was about to go straight to let off some sexual tension when he heard his subordinate report that someone had provoked Lin Yi.

Qin Han was so angry that he pulled up his pants and came out.

Liu Fangfeis face lit up when she saw Qin Han coming over.

She came here today to get to know Qin Han.

She was worried that she wouldnt be able to find him, but she didnt expect him to appear at this time!

Could it be that he knew that she was being bullied, so he rushed over

“Hello, Young Master Qin.”

Seeing Qin Han, Liu Fangfei bowed slightly, displaying the temperament of a young lady from a wealthy family.

Glancing at Liu Fangfei, Qin Han rolled his eyes, seemingly a little familiar with who she was.

“You must be that Liu Fangfei.”

“I didnt expect Young Master Qin to still remember me.

Its such an honor.”

The expression on her face was calm, but Liu Fangfeis heart was ecstatic.

She had heard from people in the industry that Qin Han had a unique preference for female celebrities in the entertainment industry.

Moreover, she was the hottest little starlet at the moment.

As long as she performed well here, she should be able to leave an impression on him.

She now had a way into the Qin family.

Liu Fangfei looked pretty good, or else she wouldnt have been able to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

If it was the Qin Han of the past, he might have been a little interested in her.

However, now, under Lin Yis influence, Qin Hans taste had changed.

He might have been able to look at her once, but now he wasnt interested anymore.

“Young Master Qin, youre here.”

Zhou Zihao greeted Qin Han.

They were both rich heirs of Zhong Hai, and they had previously shared some interactions.

They werent on the same level as Qin Han.

Although they had drinks together, the latter forgot about it the next day.

“Whats going on” Qin Han asked with a cold face.

“Young Master Qin, heres the thing.” Zhou Zihao said,

“This guy deliberately messed with Miss Liu, and he even said some crazy words and refused to apologize.

Im calling my mom to get someone to teach him a lesson!”

“Calling your mom” Qin Hans expression changed slightly.

“The call didnt go through, right”

“Huh How did Young Master Qin know” Zhou Zihao asked curiously.

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Qin Han coughed a few times and said lightly,

“Because your mother is in my room.

If you have something urgent to ask her, go to the presidential suite upstairs.”



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