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“So, thats how it is.”

The girl named Tian Xin relaxed her tensed nerves, as if shed just walked out of the gates of Hell.

Lin Yi stood up speechlessly.

“Anyone with candy in their pockets, give her a piece and then go to the infirmary.”

“Got it, Teacher Lin.”

The aerobics class paused for a moment because of Tian Xin, then returned to normal.

Lin Yi sat on the side and finally understood why the ancient emperors liked to watch a lot of beautiful girls dancing.

It was really enjoyable.

After class, Lin Yi realized that it was almost three oclock, so he didnt go back to the office and instead drove to Ji Qingyans place.

“Youre here so early.

Its only half past three.” Ji Qingyan said.

“I had a class in the afternoon.

I wanted to over since I have nothing to do.” Lin Yi said.

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“Thats right.

Come to me when you have nothing to do.

Ill take care of you.” Qingyan said.

“If youre bored, go play on the computer.

Ill go put on my makeup and change my clothes.

Otherwise, we might be too late.”

“Okay, go ahead.”

Qingyan put on her makeup very quickly.

It took her about twenty minutes to finish it all.

Lin Yi felt the world go silent as Ji Qingyan strolled toward him.

He held his breath and focused on the woman in front of him.

The black dress that sat above her chest fell on the floor.

It was long and elegant.

Ji Qingyans fair arms were spotless, and her collarbone was exquisite.

It was a stark contrast to her snow-white skin.

Although Ji Qingyans usual clothes could accentuate her figure, compared to this evening gown, it was like the difference between Heaven and Earth.

The close-fitting evening gown completely covered her graceful figure.

Her tall figure matched the high heels that were inlaid with black crystals.

The perfect lines were like the most outstanding golden curves in a painters painting.

Ji Qingyan had also done her best to match her jewelry.

The necklace, earrings, and bracelet, and especially the large sapphire on the necklace on her chest, were like a deep pool of seawater.

This set of jewelry made the originally elegant Ji Qingyan appear even more noble and elegant.

“Lin Yi, do you think it looks good” Ji Qingyan lifted the hem of her skirt and asked tentatively.

“Isnt it a crime to seduce someone, sigh…”

“Hehe, at least you know how to talk.”

Qingyan was a little embarrassed when she saw Lin Yi looking at her in a daze, but she felt happy inside.

“Your suit is inside too.

Go change first, then come out.”

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By the time Lin Yi changed into his suit, it was four oclock in the afternoon.

The two of them went to the underground parking lot together.

“Take your car today.” Lin Yi said after getting out of the elevator.

“Take my car”

“I didnt drive a good car when I went to school during the day.

You cant expect me to take you to the charity dinner in my car, can you”

“Whats the big deal Its just a ride.” Ji Qingyan said.

“And your Shari is really comfortable to sit in.”

“Arent you afraid of losing face”

“If I still need a car to save face for myself, Ill have wasted been wasting the past few years of my life.”

“That makes sense.” Lin Yi laughed as he got in the car and brought Ji Qingyan to the charity banquet.

The Yun Lan Hotel was a super five-star hotel that competed with the Peninsula Hotel.

It had just been completed last year, so its architectural style and decoration were slightly more modern than the Peninsula Hotel

The general consensus was that the Yun Lan Hotel was slightly better than the Peninsula Hotel.

At this moment, a long red carpet was laid out in front of the Yun Lan Hotel.

It was dozens of meters long and extended all the way to the arch outside the door.

On either side of the red carpet were white fences, with reporters lining up outside them due to the fame of the guest list tonight.

Todays charity banquet had a guest list that included many entrepreneurs and celebrities.

If these journalist reported it, it would definitely make the headlines tomorrow.

“Wow, look, isnt that big star Liu Fangfei She looks much better in person than on TV.”

“Thats right.

I heard that she has taken on another palace drama recently.

When its released, it will probably be able to satisfy everyone for a while.”

“She deserves the fame she has today.

Not only is she beautiful, but she is also proficient in the piano and violin.

She can be considered versatile.”

“In my opinion, the most beautiful female guest at todays charity banquet must be Liu Fangfei.”

Seeing the countless flashes and discussions around her, Liu Fangfei was full of satisfaction.

“What a bunch of country bumpkins who have never seen the world.

In all of China, is there a woman more beautiful than me What a joke.”

“Sister Fei, lets go in first.”

Liu Fangfeis assistant whispered, “I just heard that Young Master Qin seems to have arrived.

Theres no need to stay here any longer.”

“Young Master Qin arrived so early” Liu Fangfei was excited.

Her main purpose behind coming here this time was to build a relationship with Qin Han.

In the entertainment industry, capital was king, and whoever had money was the patriarch.

Recently, the Qin family had warmed up to the idea of entering the entertainment industry.

If they could connect with Qin Han in advance, then within the next five years, they would be able to sit firmly on the throne of A-list actresses!

“He should be here, but Young Master Qins whereabouts are unknown.

When I go in, I have to look for him carefully.”

“Yes, remember, you must connect with Young Master Qin.

Dont make any mistakes,” Liu Fangfei reminded.

“Its a pity.

If I could have grabbed that evening gown yesterday, Sister Fei would probably shine even more.

If Young Master Qin saw you in that, he would have definitely been fascinated by you.”

“Its alright.” Liu Fangfei acted coquettishly as she fiddled with her purse in front of the camera.

She said,

“Its just a piece of clothing.

Whether its pretty or not depends mainly on the temperament of its wearer.

The difference between an internet celebrity and a celebrity is clear for all to see.

Theyre just a bunch of people who have only recently stepped into the limelight.

Theres no need to be so calculative.”

“Thats true.

How can a mere internet celebrity compare to Sister Fei”

At that moment, the reporters and the crowd exclaimed in unison.

“Whats going on Even Shari can enter”

“This car doesnt seem to be high-class enough.

Why is it here Is there a mistake”

The reporters and the crowd were puzzled.

Todays guests were all driving cars that were worth at least a million dollars.

What was going on with this Shari

In the car, Lin Yi looked at the red carpet at the entrance and frowned.

“Isnt it just a charity banquet Why is there a red carpet Why does it look like a fashion show”

Ji Qingyan knew that Lin Yi was naturally low-key and didnt like this kind of setup.

She smiled and said,

“Modern charity banquets have changed.

The format is more important than the meaning, so it has become like this.

There are only a few people like you who do charity for the sake of charity itself.”

Lin Yi pursed his lips and said, “Youre right.”

“Lets go, Teacher Lin.

Do you want to walk down the red carpet together” Ji Qingyan asked with a smile.

“No, this isnt suitable for me.

You should do it yourself.

I dont want them to take photos of me.”

“I knew you wouldnt want to.” Ji Qingyan pointed at the side door in front and said, “If you dont want to go in from here, you can go in from the side door ahead.

Then, well meet at the venue.”

“No problem.”

After discussing, Ji Qingyan opened the car door and got out.

Her long, fair legs and black evening dress were revealed, instantly attracting everyones attention.

The sky gradually darkened.

When Ji Qingyan got out of the car, everyone couldnt help but hold their breaths.

“This… this woman is too beautiful!”


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