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Song Jia froze.

How could this be real

What was going on

Were they sure

Everyone looked at Lin Yi and Song Jia in shock when they heard the results!

A watch worth 1.2 million dollars.

They didnt even dare to think about it!

Li Xueru lost her cool.

It was even more expensive than her own watch!

“Let me see it.”

Qian Xu handed the phone over.

Li Xuerus face turned ugly when she saw the results on the screen.

It wasnt a good feeling to be compared to someone else!

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“Whats going on The price of this watch on the official website is 1.72 million.

How could you buy it for 1.2 million” Li Xueru said.

“Because it was on sale,” Lin Yi said.

“I see,” Haozi said.

“Its normal for famous watches like this to have sales.”

“I dont think so.” Xueru seemed to have found a breakthrough:

“According to the official website, this watch came out this year.

There shouldnt be such a big discount, right”

“Xueru is right.

Usually, only the old items will go on sale.

The discount for the new ones is very small.

Its already considered very high to be able to get a 5%% discount,” the boy called Old Sun said,

“Jiajias watch is priced at 1.72 million on the official website, and Mr.

Lin bought it for 1.2 million, which is equivalent to a 30% discount.

This isnt a domestic brand, so how could there be such a big discount”

“My boyfriend knows someone from Patek Philippe, so its cheap…”

“Because Im a member…”

Lin Yi and Song Jia spoke almost at the same time, and the others were all left scratching their heads.

“Hehe, whats going on” Li Xueru said with a devilish tone.

“One said he has connections, and the other said hes a member.

We dont know who to listen to.”

Song Jia was embarrassed to death.

Why did she clash with Vice-President Lin

They had claimed two different ways they had obtained this watch.

Anyone would suspect that there was something fishy going on here!

It was hard to explain now.

Qian Xu looked at Lin Yi with a playful expression.


Lin, its just a watch.

Why didnt you say the same thing as Jiajia”

“Do you even need to ask” Li Xueru said sarcastically.

“There must be something fishy going on.”

“Actually, its not as exaggerated as you think.

Both theories are valid, “Lin Yi said.

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“What do you mean by that”

“I do know people from Patek Philippe, and Im a member too.

Its that simple.”

“Alright, even if your theory is true, I want to know how you bought this watch at a 30% discount.

No matter how well-connected you are, you cant make someone give you a 30% discount, right Thats against the rules.”

“This has nothing to do with Patek Philippes discount.

Im a diamond member at Times Square.

No matter what I buy, I enjoy a 30% discount.

Its as simple as that.”

“What did you say! Youre a diamond member at Times Square !” Gao Renxing exclaimed.

“Whats wrong Cant I be”

“Hehe… I think you have some misunderstanding about diamond members.”

Gao Renxing sneered.

“Times Square is one of the highest-class shopping malls in China.

Their members are also divided into different levels.

Diamond members are the highest level.

Do you know how to become a diamond member”

Everyone shook their heads.

They didnt know much about the membership system in Times Square because they hadnt reached that level yet.

They hardly ever went to Times Square.

“Let me explain it to you,” Gao Renxing said with conviction,

“According to the membership system in Times Square, you can only become a diamond member if you spend 10 million or more.

As far as I know, there are no more than 20 people in the whole of Zhong Hai who have achieved this!”

“Wow, you actually have to spend 10 million to become a diamond member!”

“Thats right.”

Everyone was so shocked that they couldnt close their mouths!

Jiajias boyfriend was so rich

He was a diamond member at Times Square

Although Jiajia was well-off, it wouldnt be easy for her to find such a rich boyfriend.

Gao Renxing smiled at Lin Yi, “Mr.

Lin, Ido doubt your identity as a diamond member.”

“Its just 10 million.

Whats there to doubt” Lin Yi said speechlessly.

“From Mr.

Lins tone, it seems that 10 million is just a drizzle to you.”

“Thats not it,” Lin Yi said.

“What else could it be Its only natural for us to doubt you now.”

“No, you misunderstood me,”Lin Yi said.

“10 million is not even a drizzle to me.”

Everyone, “…”

What the f*ck!

They had seen pretentious people before, but they had never seen someone this pretentious before!

He actually said that 10 million dollars wasnt even a drop of water.

Did he really think that he was Bill Gates!


Gao Renxing sneered.

“If thats the case, why dont you take out your membership card and show us”

“Yeah, its also an eye-opener for us.

Ive never seen a diamond member of Times Square before,” Li Xueru said.

“Its just a card, I dont keep it with me every day.” Lin Yi said.


Gao Renxing laughed.

“How can we believe your empty words without any evidence”

“Isnt that simple I have other ways to prove it.”

“What way”

Everyone looked at Lin Yi curiously, wondering what he would prove.

He pulled up his sleeve, revealing the 175th anniversary wristwatch.

“I bought this watch back then, thats why I got a diamond membership.

As for the price and model, you can check the code.” Lin Yi took off the wristwatch and said, “429225.”

Qian Xu took out his phone and quickly checked.

A few seconds later, he jumped up from his chair.

“This, this is a Patek Philippe 175th anniversary watch.

Its priced at 17.5 million!”

“Its so expensive!”

The others couldnt sit still anymore!

They never thought that the watch Lin Yi was wearing would sell for such an astronomical figure!

This man was too rich!

Song Jias mind went blank.

Vice-President Lin was wearing such an expensive watch

All of a sudden, Song Jia suspected that the watch Lin Yi bought for her might not be a high-quality imitation, but a real one!

Otherwise, no matter how real the imitation was, it couldnt be found on the official website!

“Now you all have no doubts, right” Lin Yi said with a smile, “Can we eat now”

“Yes, yes, yes.

Lets eat first and talk while we eat.”

Although they didnt know Lin Yis real identity, the watch he was wearing was enough to explain the problem.

Only Li Xueru didnt care.

She thought to herself, “What are you pretending for He might have borrowed the watch but is now acting like a wolf!”

“Come on, lets drink a toast to Mr.

Lin and Mr.


Youre both famous people.

If we encounter any difficulties in Zhong Hai, Ill have to trouble you two.”

Lin Yi was rich, but in Qian Xus eyes, Gao Renxing wasnt bad either.

His company was valued at almost a hundred million, and its future development would definitely be better.

There was still a reason to befriend him

“Thats for sure.

Were both classmates, so its only natural for us to help each other.” Li Xueru agreed, as if trying to save the face shed just lost.

“Xueru, thats not up to you.” Qian Xu said with a smile, “It still depends on Mr.

Gao whether he gives us face or not.”

“Im his girlfriend.

How can it not be up to me” Li Xueru said,

“I cant be like Jiajia.

My boyfriend has a company, but she still has to go to school to be a teacher to earn pocket money.


“Its mainly because its easy to be a teacher.

Thats why I see it.”

“Easy I dont think you take Jiajia seriously, so no one will care about you.” Li Xueru said disdainfully.

“Jiajia, you really are something.

When you were in school, werent you quite smart How come after graduation, you cant even see through his little trick Sigh, its such a pity.”

“Im the vice-principal of the university.

I arranged for Jiajia to work in the school.

In the future, she will be promoted to work in the political sector.

My arrangement shouldnt be wrong, right”


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