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The salesgirls mind went blank when she heard that.

“Hes that rich”

“What do you think” The manager lectured.

“Be careful in the future.

Dont think customers cant afford it just because theyre young.

Thats a lesson for you, got it”

“Got it.

I wont do it again.” the salesgirl said.

After buying the watch, Lin Yi drove to Song Jias place.

Song Jia lived in a small single-family apartment.

It was a loft-style apartment that measured more than 50 square meters.

Song Jia was dressed casually, wearing a long white shirt with her legs exposed.

At first glance, it looked like she wasnt wearing pants.

“Director Lin, come in quickly.

Its so hot.

You must be tired.” Song Jia said.

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“Im not tired, I bought the watch for you.

See if youre satisfied.”

Song Jia took the watch from Lin Yi and was shocked.

“No way, this is too real.

If I didnt give you the request myself, I would have thought that it was real.”

Song Jia held the watch and looked at it for a long time.

“Director Lin, youre really something.

You actually bought such a good item.

How much did you spend”

Lin Yi couldnt help but laugh.

It was a real watch, wasnt it

However, Lin Yi didnt say anything about it.

With Song Jias salary, she definitely couldnt afford 1.2 million.

Fortunately, he didnt tell her the truth.

“Its not much.

Were colleagues after all.

Consider it a gift to you.”

“Dont, Director Lin.

If you say that, Ill think that youre trying to hit on me,” Song Jia said with a laugh.

“Be mindful of your status, youre a teacher after all.”

“Were in my house, and there are no outsiders here,” Song Jia said.

“How much did you spend Ill give you the money now.”

“I spent 260 dollars.

I know the person who sold the watch, so it didnt cost much.” Lin Yi said.

“Director Lin, youve really impressed me.

You even know the person who sells the fake watches.

Its good to have acquaintances.”

After that, Song Jia transferred 260 dollars to Lin Yi through WeChat.

“Director Lin, I transferred the money to you.”

Lin Yi nodded.

“If theres nothing else, Ill leave first.

Dont forget to give me a five-star rating.”

“No problem, Ill do it now.”

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Song Jia took her phone and prepared to complete the transaction.

However, just as she was about to do it, she suddenly looked at Lin Yi with a burning gaze.

“Why are you looking at me like that Why do I feel like youre about to pounce on me”

“Director Lin, I want to ask you something,” Song Jia said with ill intentions, as if she was a regular customer.

“Ask me what”

“Do you know how to act like a rich man”


What kind of question was that Im a rich man to begin with!

“What are you doing”

“I have a class reunion tonight, but you know that class reunions are just an opportunity to show off your wealth.

I cant let others get one over me.”

“It turns out you were buying this watch to show off.”

“Of course,” Song Jia said.

“These people nowadays are all gloomy inside.

They cant wait to see you having a worse life than them.

I cant let them get their way.”

“But youre just a school committee member.

Your salary is limited.

You cant flaunt your wealth.”

“Thats why I asked you if youre able to pretend to be rich.

Then, you can pretend to be my boyfriend and let them think that Im living well now! Thatll p*ss them off!”

“It cant be that bad.

If you really look down on those people, just dont go.”

“I really didnt want to go at first, but you dont know how hateful those people are.”

The more Song Jia talked, the more excited she became.

She sat cross-legged on the sofa.

“What are you talking about Top students from college should be doing pretty well now.

At the very least, they should be earning at least a million a year.

“We underachievers are the most useless.

When we go out, we can only drive cars like Mercedes-benz and BMWs.

We cant compare with Jiajia.”

The more Song Jia talked, the angrier she got.

“Director Lin, listen to this.

Arent they clearly provoking me If I dont go, Ill be laughed to death by them.”

“Alright then.

I have nothing to do, so Ill go with you.”

“Okay, okay.” Song Jia nodded.

“Director Lin, when the time comes, you have to pretend to be very rich and brag about how rich you are.

Just say that you have a few companies under your control and that youre extremely rich.

Try to take them down at the start!”

“Uh, Ill give it a try.”

Lin Yi wasnt sure if he had the temperament of a tycoon.

Qin Han was more suitable for this kind of work.

“Hehe, thank you, Director Lin.”Song Jia said with a smile.

“Im going to take a shower now.

Well go out when the suit I rented arrives.”

“You rented a suit”

“Yeah.” Song Jia said.

“I was going to ask my friend for help in the beginning, but I thought that you were more handsome and more elegant than him, so I passed on him.

I just decided to ask you for help.”

“I stole his business.

Thats not good.”

“I cant help it.

Director Lin is so handsome.”

“I like honest people like you.”

Song Jia chuckled.

“Director Lin, wait for me.

There are fruits and drinks in the fridge.

Just make yourself at home.”

“Okay, go do your thing.”


Song Jia went to the bathroom.

Lin Yi was a little thirsty, but he gave up on the idea of going through the fridge.

Song Jia also had the habit of wearing silk stockings.

She probably had some in the fridge as well.

It was better to drink some water.

During this time, the suit that Song Jia rented was also sent over.

The person who sent the suit was his colleague, an errand boy.

Half an hour later, Song Jia came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her body.

Although her figure wasnt as curvy as Sugars, the scene was still attractive enough.

“Director Lin, theres a computer on the coffee table.

You can use it to entertain yourself.

Ill go put on some makeup.

Itll take about twenty minutes to finish.”

“Sure, dont forget the five-star rating please.

Im waiting.”

“Okay, no problem.”

Song Jia went back to her room to put on her makeup while Lin Yi played with his phone in boredom.

Within a few minutes, song Jias five-star rating came in.

At the same time, the system notification sounded in his mind.

[ Mission completed.

Reward: 100,000 experience points.


[ Professional proficiency: 100%.

Reward: 3 billion USD! ]


[Errand profession locked.

Unable to unlock.


Lin Yis heart didnt waver when he saw the reward of 3 billion USD.

It was already within his expectations.

The mission reward was 100,000 experience points while the reward was 3 billion, which was pretty good.

After all, he had only received 2 billion out from the previous 200,000 experience points.

Thus, he had to be content with this.

After this, he looked at the system page and realized that the errand running job had already been locked.

The interesting thing was that there was a golden medal in the attribute panel, similar to the achievement system in the game.

Lin Yi laid down on the sofa and relaxed as he studied what he should do next.

The cooldowns for both the teacher and Didi driver jobs had already ended, so he had to choose one to complete the corresponding ultimate mission.

“Miss Song.” Lin Yi shouted upstairs.

“Whats up Dont worry, Im almost done.”

“No problem, you can take your time.” Lin Yi said.

“I just want to ask, are the school holidays coming soon”

“Yeah, the exams are in twenty days.

Is something the matter, Director Lin”

“Its nothing, go do your thing.”

Lin Yi did some calculations.

If that was the case, he had to complete the final task for the class first.

Otherwise, he wouldnt be able to complete the task even if he started his old job while the students were on vacation.

Therefore, it was down to him now!


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