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Fuhua Garden, Unit 2, Building 3, Room 602.

There were three men and a woman sitting in the room.

The four of them were dressed casually.

The man was shirtless, wearing shorts and slippers, and they were all covered in mud.

The only woman was no different.

She was wearing a red tank top and a pair of black leggings.

It seemed that she had been wearing them for a long time as they had started to stretch out.

The womans name was Liu Mei, but her appearance was far from what was described in the order.

Although she was only in her early 30s, she looked like she was in her 40s.

“Plum, its been so long.

Why hasnt that person arrived yet”

The man who spoke had a stubble on his beard.

He was holding a beer in his hand and had one foot on the stool.

He had a fierce look on his face.

His name was Zhang Yongqiang, and he was Liu Meis husband.

When he was young, Zhang Yongqiang was a hooligan, and thats how he got to know Liu Mei, who worked in the bathing center.

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However, because the two of them were lazy types, they didnt have any proper jobs over the years, so they started to scam people.

“Its not a big problem.

You heard what he said on the phone.

His attitude is quite sincere.” Liu Mei opened a bottle of beer and said as she drank.

“You have to know that this is Zhonghai.

How big Is this city Its not a small county in the countryside.

How can you just say that”

“The main thing is that we are currently pennyless.

If no new business comes in, we will have to go hungry for our next meal.”

“I dont think its a big problem.

First of all, these errand boys are all uneducated.

Im guessing they are not as good as me.

They are all very easy to fool.

All of you should get ready.

He will be here soon.”

Zhang Yongqiang kicked the stool and said to his two subordinates,

“Dont just sit there, you two.

Go and get ready first.

When he arrives, we have to take him down.”

“Dont worry, Brother Qiang.

Once he arrives, I guarantee that he wont be able to escape.”

“If we just show our knives, well probably scare him until he pisses himself.

How much we extort then will depend on our mood,” another subordinate said.

“Haha, thats right.

After waiting for so many days, a fish has finally taken the bait.

We cant let it go so easily.”

Dang dang dang.

Just as they were talking, someone knocked on the door.

Zhang Yongqiang and Liu Mei looked at each other with serious expressions.

Zhang Yongqiang looked at his two subordinates.

“Get the guys ready.

Hes here.”

“Got it, Brother Qiang!”

Zhang Yongqiang looked at Liu Mei after assigning the task.

“Plum, go open the door.”

Liu Mei nodded and walked to the door.

She asked in a low voice, “Who are you”

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“Didnt you want to pay a lot of money to have children Im here to help you fulfill your dream.”

After confirming Lin Yis identity, Liu Mei opened the door quietly with a joyful expression.

The moment Lin Yi entered, Liu Mei quickly closed the door.

If she let him escape, she would suffer a huge loss.

Lin Yi smiled when he saw the other three men in the room:

“These three are here to help But you dont look like a rich woman to me.”

“Cut the crap.”

Liu Mei cursed and took off her shirt without saying anything, revealing the black bra underneath.

Lin Yi was amazed by the scene.

“Youre a bit too familiar at getting undressed.

I can tell that youve practiced in the bathing center.”

Liu Mei didnt pay any attention to this and pounced on Lin Yi.

At that moment, Zhang Yongqiang took out his phone and took a few photos.

After taking the photos, Liu Mei left Lin Yis side and put on her clothes.

“Whats going on Werent you offering a lot of money to get a child” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Didnt you ever take health class in elementary school You didnt even take off your pants, so how come you still give me the money”

“Kid, youre already here, so Ill tell you the truth.” Zhang Yongqiang said with a smile:

“Youve been cheated.

Hand over the money now, or you wont be able to walk out of here alive.” Lin Yi said with a smile

“F * ck, you people are too untrustworthy.

You promised to pay a lot of money to have children, and now you want to rob me Thats too unethical.”

“Theres nothing I can do about it.

Its your own fault for having such a low IQ.” Zhang Yongqiang laughed out loud,

“Previously, Plum said that all of you errand boys dont have a high level of education.

Youll fall for it the moment you see some benefits.

I didnt really believe it before, but thank you for letting me know what it means to have such a low IQ.”

After saying that, Zhang Yongqiang took out the knife from his waistband and continued

“Do you see my knife I dont want to waste any more time.

Hurry up and hand over the money!”

“You people are too unscrupulous.” Lin Yi sighed,

“I wanted to help you get a place in your in-laws family by impregnating you.

After seeing the news that you were looking for a child, I had mixed feelings and even contacted my friends to help.

I didnt expect you guys to be such a bunch of mischievous people.

Good intentions dont get rewarded well.”

“Dont be so f*cking useless.

If you want to blame someone, blame it on your own low IQ.

Even if God himself came today, he wouldnt be able to help you.

Hurry up and pay.”

“If you guys are like this, then we wont be able to negotiate this deal.

Dont blame me for falling out with you.”

“Falling out with you F*ck!”Zhang Yongqiang cursed,

“There are three of us here, and we all have knives in our hands.

Can you fight against three of us on your own”

“I cant do it alone, but I have friends,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Who do you think your friends are Youre locked inside, so who can help you”

“Not necessarily,” Lin Yi shouted outside.

“Come in, guys.”

Dong Dong Dong!

Lin Yi gave the order and heard the sound of a door being kicked.

The sound got louder and louder, and it was as if the walls were shaking.

Zhang Yongqiang and Liu Mei were dumbfounded.

How many people were there

How could it have such a huge effect

Dong Dong Dong!

Boom Boom Boom!

In less than half a minute, the old iron door was kicked open by Liu Yinxi and the others!

The moment the door was kicked open, more than ten people rushed in and shielded Lin Yi behind them.

They were dumbfounded.

Zhang Yongqiang and the others were dumbfounded.

Who were these people

They were all too strong.

“You, you f*cking set me up!”

“Set you up”

Lin Yi said innocently, “She was the one who said he was going to spend a lot of money to get pregnant.

I was afraid that I wouldnt be able to complete this difficult task, so I called for some strong people to help me.

I could guarantee that Id fulfill the request, but youre the one who complained first.

Isnt that a little unethical”

“F*ck! You found so many people in one go.

Forget my wife, even a sow would be plowed to death.

You obviously did it on purpose!”

Lin Yi shrugged.

“The main thing is that the conditions you offered were too tempting.

I couldnt give up the chance to make a fortune so easily.”

Zhang Yongqiang wanted to die.

The ways of the city were too deep.

A simple child like him wouldnt be able to survive here.

“Qiang… What should we do now Brother Qiang There are more than ten people on the other side,” Zhang Yongqiangs underling asked.

“I feel that they dont even need to come at us together.

If just one them comes out, hell able to deal with all 3 of us.”


The knife in Zhang Yongqiangs hand fell to the ground.

He was so scared that his body went limp.

“Brother, this is a misunderstanding.

We have no other way out and thats why we did such a thing.

Please give us another chance.

We wont dare to do it again in the future.”

“Dont be like this.

I called so many people here to make sure you are satisfied.

You have to understand my good intentions.”

Lin Yi pointed at Liu Mei and said,

“Liu Yinxi, this womans surname is Liu too.

Shes from your family.

Lets start with you.

If you cant get a five-star rating from the client, Ill start questioning you.”


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