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The cello felt like it had been given life in Lin Yis hands.

The music lingered for three days without end, as if it possessed a soul-shaking magic.

At that moment, everyone present noticed the boy who kickstarted the performance.

Some women even started whispering to each other.

In the back row of the concert hall, a long-haired man was staring at Lin Yi as if he looked familiar.

The long-haired man was Pan Wen, a veteran talent scout in the entertainment industry.

He was the same person Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan had met in the supermarket.

“What are you looking at Do you know the person on the stage”

The person who spoke was the woman beside Pan Wen.

Her name was Yang Wenyi, the general manager of Boyuan Media.

“He looks a little familiar, but I think Im mistaken.

With his status, theres no way hed come to a place like this.”

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“I think that guys pretty good.

Keep an eye out for him, I want to sign him.”

“Got it, Boss Yang.”

At the same time, Guo Rui, who was on stage, started instructing with her baton.

If she didnt follow up now, the concert would become Lin Yis solo.

Lin Yi was relieved when he saw Guo Rui pick up the baton.

If you dont follow up now, Im going to finish playing the whole song.

Under Lin Yis guidance, the other members of the orchestra started their own performances as well.

Their movements were smooth and smooth, and they gradually got better!

Xu Shuang, who was standing backstage, watched everything with her mouth agape.

She couldnt even believe her ears.

Wasnt that Lin Yi just an errand boy How could he be so proficient with both the piano and cello

Where did Guo Rui find this pervert!

Seeing Lin Yi playing the cello, Guo Rui truly believed that this handsome man was a genius among geniuses!

He was too amazing!

The concert ended after an hour.

During the performance, Guo Rui realized that Lin Yi had used his superb skills to drive the rhythm of the entire performance.

If it wasnt for him, no one else would have been able to perform at such a high level.

It was precisely because of his existence that the flaws of the other members of the team were obscured and their strengths were magnified!

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The most valuable thing was that Lin Yi always showed his brilliance at the most critical moment during the performance.

He always gave the outstanding parts to others and didnt fight for them.

This was the key to the entire performance!

It could even be said that without Lin Yi, the performance wouldnt have been done so perfectly.

This man always surprised people at the most critical moment.

Calling him a genius wasnt even enough to describe his talent!

Clap Clap Clap!

Thunderous applause rang out in the concert hall.

The people present were so excited that they stood up and applauded.

This performance could be described as perfect!

Guo Rui turned around and led her students to bow to the audience before returning backstage.

“Lin Bro is awesome!”

Zhang Pengfei hugged Lin Yi and wanted to kiss him on the cheek!

“Lin Bro, youre too talented.

Not only are you good at playing the piano, but youre also good at playing the cello.

If it wasnt for you leading the rhythm, it wouldnt have worked so well.” Pengfei said as he looked at Lin Yi.

“Im impressed.

Youre a genius.”

Lin Yi was embarrassed by everyones praise.

“I just did what I had to do.

Its all because of your hard work.”

“Lin Bro, dont be so modest.

Its all about being awesome.”

Lin Yi smiled, he looked at Guo Rui and said, “To be honest, the performance might have been better if Id played the piano, but someone called Xu Shuang asked me to play the cello, and she said it was your idea.

You can take care of the rest.”

Guo Rui nodded.

“Ill handle this matter seriously.”

“This is your private matter, I wont get involved,” Lin Yi said.

“Dont forget your five-star review.”

“Dont worry, I Wont forget.”

“Ill be leaving then.”

Lin Yi turned to leave after saying goodbye, only to see a woman in her thirties walking backstage.

This person was none other than Yang Wenyi.

“And you are”

Guo Rui asked as she looked at the woman walking in.

“Nice to meet you, Teacher Guo.

Let me introduce myself first.

Im the general manager of Boyuan Media, Yang Wenyi.

The president, Yang Guangbing, is my father.”

It was the general manager of Boyuan Media!

The students present were all surprised by Yang Wenyis identity.

They were all students from the drama academy, so they were naturally awestruck by the famous Boyuan Media.

Boyuan Media was one of the top three entertainment companies in all of Zhonghai, and if they could enter this company in the future, they would have half a foot in the entertainment industry.

“Boyuan Media”

Lin Yi muttered as he felt that the name sounded familiar,

Soon, Lin Yi remembered that when he was shopping with Ji Qingyan in the supermarket, he had met someone called Pan Lao San.

He seemed to be from Boyuan Media.


Guo Rui and Yang Wenyi reached out their hands at the same time and exchanged a few pleasantries before the latter spoke up.

“Teacher Guo, Ill be brief this time.

I think your cellist is pretty good.

Can you give me a chance to talk to him”

Everyone understood why Yang Wenyi was here.

Lin Yis stunning performance must have piqued her interest.

“No chance.”

Lin Yi replied casually, “The other musicians performed well too.

Theres no need to focus on me.”

Yang Wenyi was stunned for a moment.

She didnt think that Lin Yi would reject her so easily.

Werent all the drama students eager to enter the entertainment industry With such a good opportunity in front of them, was he not interested at all

This was too different!

“Teacher Guo, is your student not interested in the entertainment industry” Wenyi asked.

“Manager Yang, there are no outsiders here, so I wont hide it from you.” Guo Rui smiled awkwardly.

“Lin Yi isnt a student of our school.

My student was sick and missed todays performance, so I asked him to replace her.”

Wenyi nodded.

“So thats what happened.

Then whats his real identity”

“An errand boy.”


Wenyis expression was one of surprise and amusement.

“What did you say, Miss Guo Hes an errand boy”

Guo Rui nodded with a smile.

Shed already expected Wenyi to have that reacton.

“He is indeed an errand boy.”

Wenyi didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Hes such a talented person.

Its such a waste of his talent to ask him to run errands.”

“I was thinking the same thing,” Guo Rui said.

“I even wanted to invite him to teach at the school, but he rejected me.”

“Whats his reason for rejecting you”

“He said he likes freedom.”

Wenyi laughed out loud.

This man really had a personality.

“You two go ahead, Im leaving now.”

Lin Yi took off his costume and prepared to leave.

Wenyi didnt stay too long after Lin Yi left as they walked out together.


Lin, please wait.”

Lin Yi stopped when he heard Wenyis voice.

“What else is there Didnt I tell you Im not interested in the entertainment industry.”

“I dont want to force you to enter the entertainment industry.

I have something else I want to talk to you about,” Yang Wenyi said with a smile.

“What is it”

Yang Wenyi brushed her hair as she said, “200,000 a month.

Follow me from now on.”



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