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“You guys go on stage first.” Xu Shuang said to Wang Yixuan and the others.

“I think I saw that guy outside.

Ill go over to look for him now.

Ill meet up with you guys later.”

“Got it, Teacher Xu.”

Everyone responded and walked up to the stage.

At the same time, Xu Shuang walked out from the backstage and found Lin Yi sitting outside.


Lin, the show is about to start.”

“Alright, Im going on stage now.”

Lin Yi got up and left, but Xu Shuang stopped him from behind.


Lin, wait, I have something to tell you.”

“Hmm What is it”

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“Its like this,” Xu Shuang said calmly.

“There was an accident just now, and a cellist in the band suddenly couldnt participate in the show, so you have to be the next cellist.”

“Ill be playing the cello”

Lin Yi didnt expect Guo Rui to make such an adjustment at such a critical moment.

However, how did she know that he knew how to play the cello

It didnt seem like he had ever exposed his skills in this area.

“If I play the cello, wholl be in charge of the piano” Lin Yi asked.

“Yixuan will handle it alone.

Itll be a little difficult, but it wont be a big problem,” Xu Shuang said.

“If we lose a cellist right now, itll have a fatal impact on the performance.

Otherwise, the two of us wouldnt have made such a decision.

We can only rely on you now.”

Xu Shuangs idea was very simple.

Lin Yi was good at playing the piano, but it didnt mean that he had mastered other instruments.

That was why mistakes were bound to happen during the performance, affecting the quality of the performance.

The school leader would be furious when that happened.

Even if she was the one responsible, she could still push the blame to someone else.

The person Guo Rui hired was an errand boy, and she made the decision to hire him because she was afraid that lacking a member would affect the performance.

Therefore, the biggest responsibility lay on Guo Rui.

She was only thinking about the overall situation.

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“I dont care, as long as you give me a five-star rating.”

“Thats for sure,” Xu Shuang said with a smile.

After a while, Xu Shuang found a cello for Lin Yi to use during the concert.

At the same time, the concert hall was filled.

The front row consisted of a choir from overseas.

The members were around the same age as Wang Yixuan and the others.

The people in the other seats were all dressed in suits, waiting for the concert to begin.

Guo Rui, Wang Yixuan, and the others were already on the stage, making their final preparations.

On the stage, Guo Rui looked around for a while, but Lin Yi was nowhere to be found.

She couldnt help but frown, having a bad premonition.

“Yixuan, have you seen Lin Yi The concert is about to start.

Why is he still missing”

“I really dont know.” Wang Yixuan looked around as well.

“When we were backstage, Teacher Xu came.

She said she saw Lin Yi outside and said shed inform him to go on stage.

He should be here by now, so why is he still missing”

Guo Ruis expression wasnt very pleasant.

The two of them had always been at loggerheads.

She was really afraid that Xu Shuang would play tricks to mess things up..

It wasnt a big deal for her, but it would be a big deal if she damaged the students future prospects.

At that moment, Guo Rui heard a voice in her ears.

“Teacher Guo, everything is ready.

Theres only one minute left before the show starts.”

“Okay, I got it.”

Guo Ruis face was anxious.

She had put her phone somewhere else for the show, and it was impossible to contact Lin Yi now.

“Miss Guo, Brother Lin is here, but he…”

Just as Guo Rui was filled with mixed feelings, she suddenly heard Wang Yixuans words

She followed her gaze and was surprised to see Lin Yi walking over with a cello!

Everyone present was stunned.

They knew Lin Yis piano skills, ut now they were asking him to play the cello.

Wasnt this a joke It was a complete waste of his gifts!

Lin Yi didnt think too much about it.

He found the seat that Xu Shuang had assigned to him and sat down.

The person next to him was Zhang Pengfei.

“Brother Lin, why are you playing the cello”

“Your Teacher Zu said that theres a cellist who couldnt come, so she asked me to replace him.

Wang Yixuan will be in charge of the piano.”


Pengfei looked around and asked suspiciously.

“Theres quite a lot of people here, too.

Its a bit disharmonious if you sit in this area too.”

“Theres no one missing” Lin Yi was a bit surprised.

What was that Xu Shuang doing

She could even pull off a trick like that

Didnt she know that this show was very important to all the students present

Everyone looked at each other and turned their attention to Guo Rui.

They wanted to know what to do about this.

With Lin Yis skill, he was more than capable of handling a concert of this level.

However, now he had come out with a cello.

Wasnt this a joke

No matter how good a person was, it was impossible for him to be proficient in two instruments!

If he was really allowed to play the cello, then the concert would be ruined!

Guo Rui was so angry that her body was trembling, but at this moment, she could only suppress her anger in her stomach!

She would settle the score with Xu Shuang later!

“Teacher Guo, what should we do now Isnt it ridiculous if we ask Brother Lin to play the piano It wont work at all,” Wang Yixuan said.

“Dont worry, the concert hasnt started yet.

Theres still a chance to save it,” Guo Rui said.

“Ill go explain the situation and change Lin Yis position.”


However, the moment Guo Rui turned around, the concert halls broadcast rang.

“Next, please enjoy the symphony,Scherzo in G-flat major, performed by the Zhonghai Drama Academy Orchestra.”

The voice on the radio made Guo Rui, Wang Yixuan, and the others panic.

They hadnt even had time to adjust their positions yet, and it was already starting!

What should they do now!

Clap Clap Clap!

The moment the announcement was heard, and the sound of applause rang out like rain.

Everyone was focused on the people on the stage, waiting for their next performance.

However, the people on the stage were panicking, even Guo Rui!

Lin Yi didnt know how to play the cello at all, so how was the next performance supposed to go!

If one made a mistake under such circumstances, the final result would be fatal!


At this moment!

The sound of the cello was like the sound of nature as it echoud throughout the concert hall.

“Its Lin Yi!”

When she heard Lin Yi playing the cello and creating a melody that was melodious and full of classical charm, Guo Rui was stunned!

Wang Yixuan and the others were also amazed!

He… he can play the cello!


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