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“No, no, no, we didnt mean that.”

Wang Yixuan and the others were blushing, but the waves of shock in their hearts would not dissipate.

A errand boy actually had such high-level piano skills.

This scene had already overturned their worldview.

No wonder Teacher Guo called him over.

She knew his level!

“Im sorry, I shouldnt have said those things.

I hope you wont lower yourself to my level.”

Yixuan bowed deeply at Lin Yi, ashamed of her actions.

“We… We apologize to you as well.”

Pengfei took the lead to bow to Lin Yi as well.

It was quite a spectacular scene.

“Im not that fussed.

I wont get angry over such a small matter,” Lin Yi said lightly.

“But music is an expression of emotions.

Narrow-minded people cant play good music.”

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“We understand.”

“Then thats it.

You dont have to worry about me.

Im just an errand boy.

Im going to perform soon.

Theres no need to follow me around.”

“Yes, yes.”

Wang Yixuan and the others picked up their instruments again and began their final practice and adjustments.

This time, after Lin Yis guidance, they found that the carefree feeling of playing had returned.

At this time, Guo Rui walked in in her high heels.

Lin Yi noticed that although her clothes hadnt changed, there was light layer of makeup on her face, making her look younger.

“The show is about to start.

Hows the preparation going Are you nervous” Guo Rui asked with a smile as she walked to Lin Yi.

“Its just a small venue.

Whats there to be nervous about” Lin Yi replied.

“Miss Guo, Brother Lin is too good.

Im afraid I wont be able to keep up with his rhythm if I play with him,” Wang Yixuan said.

“Whats wrong You were just complaining that he was just an errand boy.

The show hasnt even started yet.

Why are you now convinced”

“I just fought with Brother Lin on the piano and lost completely.

Hes too good.”

“Now, do you know that theres always someone better than you” Guo Rui asked with a smile.

Her proud student had talent, but Guo Rui had always been afraid that she would get complacent.

Now that she had met Lin Yi, her pride and edge had probably been smoothened out.

“Yeah, yeah, Brother Lin is indeed amazing.

I really cant compete with him.”

“And hes self-taught.

He hasnt received any professional guidance at all.”

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“Brother Lins piano skills were all self-taught !”

Everyone who heard this felt that it was unbelievable!

To be able to reach such a level by self-learning the piano… If he had the guidance of a professional teacher, wouldnt his level be even higher !

This was too depressing.

“Of course, if he really had the money to learn the piano, he wouldnt be running errands.”

Yixuan and the others nodded.

It was the same thing.

However, with his looks and talent, running errands was a waste of his abilities.

“Alright, stop lamenting here.

Get ready, the show is about to start,” Guo Rui said:

“I went out to take a look just now.

There are more than twenty media company leaders here.

Whether or not you can be signed early is up to you.”

“Got it, Teacher.”

Guo Rui walked up to Lin Yi after giving her instructions to Wang Yixuan and the others.

“There are still a lot of things to do at the front desk.

I wont be around to accompany you.

If you perform well, there might be people from the media company who will take a liking to your talent.

Then, you wont have to run errands anymore.”

“Thank you for your kindness.

I appreciate it.”

“Alright then.

You decide what you want to do.

Im just saying this casually.”

Guo Rui was the director of the show, and she still had her own matters to attend to.

She left after giving a few words of advice.

Lin Yi had nothing better to do, so he walked out of the backstage to get some fresh air.

On the steps outside the venue, Lin Yi picked up his phone and dialed He Yuanyuan and Zhang Songs numbers respectively, asking about Ciscos progress.

The development of events was within his expectations.

Zhang Songs order seemed to have stalled.

The progress was very slow, and it seemed like they were not even confident if the goods could be delivered on time.

On the other side, however, the situation was completely different.

In He Yuanyuans report, Cisco showed absolute trust in Didis order after the deposit of 500 million was sent over.

Not only did they have to work overtime to produce the goods, they even had to expand the delivery room.

Lin Yi calculated that at this rate, it wouldnt be long before Cisco used up the 500 million deposit.

It was impossible to complete the remaining 2.5 billion with these costs!

Lin Yi rubbed his chin.

The boss would be aware of such a problem.

It was likely that he would seek financing soon.

This was the most effective way out.

Lin Yi called He Yuanyuan again, telling her and Qi Xianzhao to keep a close eye on Ciscos finances.

In reality, it wouldnt affect his overall plan, but it would be a pleasant surprise if the person behind Cisco was exposed.

“Its you!”

Just as Lin Yi was thinking about how to trick Cisco, he heard someone talking.

He turned around and saw a middle-aged woman dressed fashionably.

She seemed to be one of the concert staff.

The person talking was none other than Guo Ruis colleague, Xu Shuang.

Technically speaking, the two had met once before when he went to pick up Guo Rui.

Lin Yi didnt take Xu Shuang seriously though, so he did not pay much attention to her.

He couldnt recognize her.

“You are”

“Im one of Guo Ruis colleagues,” Xu Shuang said.

“Shes the conductor for the show.

Im in charge of the planning.”

“Hello.” Lin Yi nodded in response.

“Are you waiting here for Miss Guo”

“No,” Lin Yi said.

“Im going to participate in the show later.”


Xu Shuang was stunned for a while.

She didnt know how to react.

When they were at the school gate, Guo Rui had said that she had found an errand boy.

This could not be him, right

Thats not possible, right He drove a supercar.

A new business

“I heard from Teacher Guo that the person she found was an errand boy, but you…” Xu Shuang asked tentatively.

“Im an errand boy.

Dont I look like one”

Xu Shuang was confused.

What was going on

Was he really an errand boy

“With your looks, you dont look like one,” Xu Shuang said with a fake smile.

“You are also a practical person.”

Xu Shuangs eyes darted around, and she forced out a smile.

“I still have other matters to attend to, so Ill be leaving first.

I look forward to your performance later.”


The two of them didnt talk much before Xu Shuang returned backstage.

Seeing that the students were making their final preparations, she said,

“Are you all ready”

“Yes, Teacher Xu.”

“Everyones here, right You can go on stage according to your position.”

“Wait, Teacher Xu, Lin Yi isnt back yet.” Wang Yixuan said.

“Lin Yi Who is he”

“Hes someone Teacher Guo found to replace Jingjing.

Hes performing with us today.”

“Is he the errand boy”

Wang Yixuan chuckled.

“Teacher Xu, although he is an errand boy, he is not an ordinary errand boy.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

His piano skills are very high.

Even Yixuan lost to him,” Zhang Pengfei said.

“What did you say Yixuan actually lost to an errand boy”

Xu Shuang widened her eyes in disbelief.

Yixuans standard was obvious to everyone.

An average person was no match for her, and among her peers, almost no one could beat her!

The man outside was just an errand boy.

How could he be better than her!

“Teacher Xu, I really lost to him,” Wang Yixuan said.

“Hes really different from other errand boys.”

“At first, I was also puzzled about why Teacher Guo got an errand boy for such an important occasion.

Later, I found out that he really has the ability to perform this.

Now, Im convinced,” Zhang Pengfei said.

Xu Shuang frowned.

She felt that this was not quite what she had imagined.

The errand boy outside might really have some skill.

She had been waiting for him to make a mistake and drag Guo Rui down with him.

Now, the possibility of this seemed unlikely.

Thinking of this, Xu Shuang narrowed her eyes and cursed in her heart.

In this case, I can only use another method


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