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“Youre saying that Yixuans level is average”

Everyone had ugly expressions on their faces, and even the girls had looks of disdain on their faces.

This guy was too self-righteous.

He was pretty, but he was full of sh*t.

It was obvious that he wasnt reliable!

This kind of guy wasnt attractive at all!

“It just means shes average,” Lin Yi said.

“In your eyes, the youth champion is quite impressive, but the value of winning it is nothing special.

Its all the publicity from the organizing committee.

Its not as impressive as you think.”

“How dare you!”

“Alright, stop talking!”

Yixuan suddenly said, looking at Lin Yi with an unfriendly expression.

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“You keep saying that my championship isnt worth anything, but at least among my peers, no one is better than me.”

“Im not trying to hurt you.

In truth, you do have some ability.” Lin Yi said helplessly.

“I recognize your ability, so lets not bother about these things.

I just want to finish this job and get a five-star review.

You dont have to make things difficult for me.”

“I dont like what youre saying,” Wang Yixuan said.

“What do you mean you recognize my ability My ability is recognized by all the famous people.

What right do you have to recognize my standards”

“Fine, whatever you say.

I wont argue with you anymore.” Lin Yi turned around.

He really didnt want to argue with Wang Yixuan anymore.

“What right do you have to talk to me like that!” Wang Yixuan said.

“You make it sound like youre better than me!”

“Im not the best, but I should be better than you.”

“Haha, youre talking too much.

Who gave you the courage Meituan”

“If you think youre good, then you can play against Yixuan.

Do you dare”

“Yes, yes, yes.

Playing against Yixuan is a good idea.

Theres still some time before the concert starts.

We should have enough time.”

Upon hearing the suggestion that he should play against her, Wang Yixuan raised her head.

“Dont you think highly of yourself If youre really that good, you can compete with me.

Do you dare”

“I dont know.” Lin Yi was speechless.

“If you compare music, wont music itself lose its meaning Its not something you can show off.”

“Can I take that as you being scared”

“Scared” Lin Yi glanced at Yixuan.

“Your levels right there.

Whats there for me to be scared of”

“Youre bragging, but youre just full of sh*t,” Yixuan said.

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“Yeah, if I dont dare, I dont dare.

Why bother making excuses” Lin Yi replied.

“You kept spewing nonsense earlier, but now you dont dare to back it up.

Youre like the keyboard warrior on the Internet!” Yixuan said.

“To think, I was going to ask him for his wechat just now.

I was really blind.”


Lin Yi took a deep breath.

“Actually, I didnt want to compete with you for fear of leaving a shadow on your pursuit of art.

But you people dont seem to appreciate my kindness, so lets begin.”

“At least youre still a man!”

“Come on, Yixuan, lets go with a difficult piece.

Lets beat him!”

“With Yixuans skill, theres no need to choose a difficult piece.

Hes just an errand boy, so theres definitely a limit to his skill.

She can easily beat him with a simple song.”

Yixuans confidence soared as she looked at Lin Yi.

“Since youve agreed to compete with me, I have a request.”

“What request”

“If you lose, leave this place and dont delay our performance.”

“What If you lose”


The people around burst into laughter.

Some even burst into tears.

“Brother, what are you saying Do you think you can win against Yixuan”

“Yixuan has been playing the piano since she was five years old.

When you were five years old, you probably didnt even know what a piano was.”

“Dont you know that theres such a thing as talent in this world”

“Talent Then you really hit the nail on the head,”Pengfei said.

“Miss Guo once said that Yixuan is the most talented of all her students.

She said that as long as Yixuan works hard, shed even surpass her in ten years.

Youre talking about talent here” Pengfei said.

“Isnt that a bit of presumptuous”


Lin Yi sighed helplessly.

“Then, lets begin.”

“You dont have to pretend to be helpless.

The results wont change.”

As she spoke, Wang Yixuan sat down on the chair.

“Im going to start.

Are you ready”

“As long as youre ready.

You dont have to worry about me.”

She rolled her eyes at Lin Yi, cursing in her heart.

“Lets see how long you can keep up this act!”

Her slender fingers landed on the keys, and she began to play.

A few seconds later, someone recognized the tune that she was playing.

“Its Big Fat Ham!”

“This New Orleans jazz style is a bit difficult.”

“That Lin Yi wouldnt be able to handle a piece of this level right from the start.”

Ding Ding Dong Dong…

At that moment, the sound of another piano could be heard.

The crowd was shocked to find that Lin Yi had started playing!

And he started playing before Wang Yixuan had even finished!

Most importantly, the syllables and melody were exactly the same!

“What, whats going on”

“Hes actually following the song And theres no mistake at all!”

The two stopped one after another, and Wang Yixuan looked at Lin Yi in surprise.

She didnt think that hed be able to keep up with her song!

It seemed like he had some skill after all.

It was just that the song wasnt that difficult, and it was normal for him to be able to keep up.

Everyones eyes were on Lin Yi now.

It was his turn to start now.

The piano started playing again, and Pengfei and the others ears pricked up.

“This song sounds familiar!”

“I know, its Silent Night!”

“What is this Isnt that too simple Even an amateur like me can play it!”

“Im really drunk.

With this standard, how can he compete with Yixuan” Pengfei mocked.

“I really dont know what hes thinking.”

“Hes only at kindergarten level at most, and hes still laughing at Yixuan, the champion.

Teacher Guo must have made a mistake this time.”

“Shut up!” Yixuan said suddenly, her eyes wide open.

No one understood why Yixuan was so excited.

It was just a simple Christmas song.

Was there a need to react like this

However, when Lin Yi finished playing the song, everyone noticed something different!

“Although I dont know much about the piano, I can tell that this song isnt an ordinary Christmas Eve.”

“He seems to have changed the song.

The rhythm in the middle was changed.

The traditional Christmas Eve is three-quarters of a beat, and he added a four-quarter beat melody in the middle.

At the end, he added a jazz scale.

It sounds like the Christmas song, but its not an exaggeration to say that its a brand new song!”


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