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Guo Rui and Wang Yixuan didnt notice the change in the others expressions as they continued to whisper to each other.

“What are you thinking about all day long How do you know about the rich second generation” Guo Rui lectured.

“The main thing is that he drives a supercar.

Its normal for me to misunderstand his position,” Wang Yixuan said:

“Besides, Teacher Guo is not that old and still charming.

If he doesnt have some strength, he wouldnt be able to catch your eye.”

“Go, go, go.

What nonsense are you talking about” Guo Rui said, “In short, hes not a rich second generation.

Dont overthink things.”

“Youre right.

Im really thinking too much.” Wang Yixuan whispered in Guo Ruis ear.

“There was a misunderstanding, but hes definitely handsome and has a good figure.

Youre too good, teacher.

I still have a lot to learn from you.”

“Go, go, go, dont talk nonsense here.

Hurry up and tune the piano.”

“Hehe, then I wont say anymore.”

After chasing Yixuan away, Guo Rui walked up to Lin Yi and pointed at a piano not far away.

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“The piano youre using is over there.

You can go and test it first.

Ill go and do something else.

Call me if you need anything.”

“No problem.”

As the chief conductor of the show, Guo Rui was naturally the busiest.

She only gave Lin Yi a few words of advice before going back to her own work.

Lin Yi found a chair and sat down, playing with his phone to kill time.

With his current level of skill, he could easily handle a performance like this.

There was no need for him to practice in advance.

After Guo Rui left, the others gathered around Yixuan.

“Yixuan, whats going on I heard from Teacher Guo that hes just an errand boy”

“Yeah, because she couldnt find a replacement, Teacher Guo found one on Meituans errand app.” Yixuan said.

“But judging from his looks, he must have some skill.

Otherwise, Teacher Guo wouldnt have done this.”

“Even if he has some skill, he is still an errand runner.

His skill is obvious.

He shouldnt be on the same level as you and Jingjing, right”

“Do you even need to say that Jingjing and I have both won the gold medal in the National Piano Competitions youth category.

There should still be a gap between him and the two of us,” Wang Yixuan said.

“So Im a little worried now.

When I play later, Im afraid that he wont be able to keep up with my rhythm.

At that time, Ill have to lower the key and bring him along.

If it affects the performance, dont blame me.”

“What the hell Doesnt Teacher Guo know the importance of this performance To bring an errand boy here.

Isnt she deliberately sabotaging things”

“I dont care.

If the show is sabotaged because of him, I will definitely talk to Teacher Guo.”

“If you want to talk, talk now.

If you wait until after the show, it might be too late.”

“Thats true,” a boy wearing glasses said.

“Although Teacher Guo didnt see the reality clearly, isnt this kid a little too bold Why doesnt he have any self-awareness How could he accept such a deal”

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“These people nowadays are unscrupulous in the pursuit of money.

They dont care whether your performance is successful or not.

As long as they can get the commission, they wont care about the consequences.”

“No, none of you can stop me.

Im going to talk to him.

Even if hes someone Teacher Guo found, for our futures sake, I have to chase him away!”

“Dont be anxious.

First, ask Yixuan if she can do this.

Itll be a little difficult for her to lead the entire show by herself.

We cant be too rash.”

Everyones gaze fell on Wang Yixuan, as if they were asking for her opinion.

“Itll definitely be a little difficult for me to do this by myself, but if its him on stage, I might as well do it myself.”

Yixuan knew that the show wasnt going to be an easy one, so she didnt dare to drag it out.

At the same time, she was a bit confused.

Guo Rui wasnt the type to do something so rash.

Why would she do something like that

Could she really have some sort of secret relationship with this guy

Why else would she bring him here

It seemed like this was really possible.

Such a handsome man could harvest women of any age.

“Were relieved to hear that from you.” Pengfei said

The guy rolled his eyes and walked over to Lin Yi.

“Bro, let me introduce myself first.

My name is Pengfei Zhang, and Im also the cellist for this concert.”Pengfei said.

“Hello, my name is Lin Yi.”

Lin Yi didnt know why Pengfei was talking to him, but he still greeted him politely.

“The concert is about to start, so I wont beat around the bush with you,” Pengfei said.

“This concert is very important to us, and it will even decide our future.

We dont want to take any risks, so we hope that you can leave.”

“Why should I leave” Lin Yi asked.

“Your teacher placed an order with me, and the order hasnt been completed yet.

If I leave, I wont be able to get a five-star review.”

This concert was no small matter to Guo Rui.

If he gave up at the critical moment, she would probably be angry too.

“Its just a five-star review.

Do you have the heart to ruin our future because of such a small matter”

Zhang Pengfeis expression was a little hysterical, and his tone was raised.

“What kind of nonsense are you talking about Im here to accept an order.

Why would it ruin your future Is there a necessary connection”

“Dont you know who you are Youre just an errand boy.

Do you think you have the right to attend a concert like this” One of the boys asked.

“Thats right.

Youre not even one-tenth of Yixuans level, and you cant even keep up with her rhythm.

If we let you play, youll definitely ruin this concert, and our future will be ruined,” another boy said.

Lin Yi looked at Wang Yixuan and smiled.

“I dont know how good she is, but its probably not to the extent that I cant keep up with her rhythm.

You guys should be more worried about her.”

“Are you kidding me Youre looking down on Yixuan Youre overestimating yourself.” Pengfei was so angry that he had the urge to curse.

“Do you know how good Yixuan is Shes the champion of the National Piano Competitions youth category, and there were so many masters in that year.

The value of this award isnt just for show.”

“No wonder he ran errands.

With such an arrogant personality, which organization would dare to hire him”

“I dont think he has any other advantages other than his good looks.”

“Calm down, all of you.

Dont get too excited.”

Lin Yi smiled and shook his head.

“The standard of competition in the country is mediocre.

Dont think too highly of it.

A champion of the youth category, in my opinion, is at most average.

Its not as great as you think.”


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