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The people standing at the school gate were all dumbfounded.

No one had expected that this person was actually here to pick up Guo Rui!

“That little brother driving the car is too good-looking!”

“Even our schools best student is inferior to him, right”

“The way he drives with one hand is so enchanting!”

Guo Rui wasnt the only one present.

It was a long time before she came back to her senses.

Wasnt he an errand boy

Why was he driving a supercar

Could it be that Meituan had a luxury car business as well

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“Get in the car.”


Guo Rui responded with a smile as she looked at Xu Shuang.

“Im not taking your husbands Range Rover.

I think this car should be faster.”

Guo Rui got into Lin Yis car and left the school under everyones gaze.

Xu Shuang was so embarrassed that she was about to vomit blood.

Wang Yixuan couldnt help but exclaim.

“Her kids already in high school, and theres still a supercar coming to pick her up.

Teacher Guo, youre the gold standard!”

Even at Guo Ruis age, she couldnt help but feel nervous after getting into Lin Yis car.

Shed only seen luxury cars like this on the internet before, and this was the first time she was sitting in one.

Lin Yi realized that although she was old, her charm was still there, and her legs were quite good-looking.

He had to admit that a woman of Guo Ruis age was very steady.

At least she didnt say that it was hot.

“The air-conditioning in your car is a little cold,” Guo Rui said.

Lin Yi, “…”

Middle-aged women were the same.

They were all so reserved.

“Ill turn it down then.” Lin Yi said

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“By the way, arent you an errand boy on Meituan Why are you driving a supercar” Guo Rui asked curiously.

“Its more meaningful to live like this.

I cant be a rich kid waiting to die.” Lin Yi said.

“You cant fool me with that reason.” Guo Rui said

“Just think of it as the companys new business,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

Aware that this was a private matter, so Guo Rui tactfully stopped asking and changed the topic.

However, she still preferred the second possibility.

She had never seen a rich kid run errands in a supercar before.

Thus, this should just be a new business model.

“Hows your son doing Is he serious about practicing”

“Ever since he was lectured by you, hes been more focused on practicing and studying,” Guo Rui said.

“But theres something he wants me to ask you.”

“Hmm What is it” Lin Yi asked

“The game you guys were playing is called King of Glory, right” Guo Rui said,

“My son wants to ask you why your skills changed so quickly after you added him as a friend.

Thats pretty much it.”

“Eh, Ive been in a bad state recently, so my skills changed a little.” Lin Yi said seriously.

“Go back and tell your son that Ill be back to my normal state soon.

Ill accompany him to kill everyone.”

“I cant tell him that.

If he gets addicted to it, itll be terrible.”

“Youre right.” Lin Yi nodded with a smile.

“By the way, what do you need me to do later Just play the piano, right”

“Yeah, my other student is sick, so Ill have to trouble you to take her place.”

Guo Rui suddenly remembered.

“Do I have to place an order”

“Yes, this is a serious matter.

Dont forget to give five star a good review after this.”

“No problem.”

After placing the order, Lin Yi immediately snatched it.

He felt like a five starreview was already waving at him.

This made his decision even firmer.

He cared so much about five star review.

It was almost like a business requirement to him.

“Alright, Ill listen to your arrangements when we get there.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Soon, the two arrived at the Zhonghai Concert Hall.

The parking lot was full of cars, and there was no lack of luxury cars worth millions, which surprised Lin Yi a little.

“Are all these people here for the concert” Lin Yi asked.

“This is an exchange concert with a foreign country, and many of the leaders of famous media companies in the country will also be there to select talents, so there are a lot of people here.”

“Then I really have to be more serious.

If I drop the ball, itll be embarrassing for you.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Dont put so much pressure on yourself.

With your level, youre more than capable enough to handle such a performance.” Guo Rui said.

“Ill try my best to make the performance perfect.” Lin Yi said.


After parking the car, Guo Rui brought Lin Yi backstage.

There were at least fifty people here.

They were all holding different instruments in their hands, making final adjustments to ensure that the performance was flawless.

This wasnt just a performance, it was also a matter of whether they could enter the entertainment industry ahead of time.

They had to treat it seriously.

Facing the new environment, Lin Yi wasnt nervous at all.

He only felt that this concert was a bit lacking in terms of ethnic diversity.

It would be perfect if he could play the suona here.

“Whos this handsome guy Hes too good-looking.”

“I dont think hes a student of our school.

Ive never seen him before.”

“It doesnt matter if youve seen him or not.

The important thing is whether hes easy to flirt with.”

Lin Yis appearance caused the girls present to start whispering amongst themselves.

They had no time to fuss about the musical instruments in their hands.

“Let me introduce him to everyone.

His name is Lin Yi.

Zhang Jing suddenly fell sick, so hes taking her place.

Hell be playing the piano with Wang Yixuan.

I hope you can cooperate with him.”

“Hes playing with us”

Some of the girls were secretly delighted.

It was an honor to be on the same stage as such a handsome guy.

As she spoke, Guo Rui brought Lin Yi to the fitting room and helped him get a black suit.

After changing into the suit, the cries of surprise rose and fell like a tsunami.

“What kind of god-like figure is this How can he wear a suit like this”

“Suit killer, I cant stand it anymore.

Hes too handsome.”.

“Do you think hell give me his contact information if I ask him”

“In your dreams.

He is such a handsome man, and he is also versatile.

How can we get our hands on him Its better to prepare for the performance later.

If any management company takes a fancy to him, he will be able to set foot in the entertainment circle in the future.”

“Youre right.”

The gasps gradually subsided, and everyone shifted their gaze back to their own musical instruments.

Todays performance was extremely important.

Everything else had to be put aside for the time being.

They had to make sure that nothing went wrong

After a short commotion, the backstage became busy again.

Just then, Wang Yixuan walked in from outside.

She was surprised to see Lin Yi sitting there.

“Teacher Guo, why did you bring him backstage”

“Hes the one I found.

Where else should he go” Guo Rui said with a smile.

“No way, hes the errand boy”

Wang Yixuans expression was very interesting.

She thought that Lin Yi was Guo Ruis friend at first.

She didnt expect him to be an errand boy.

“But doesnt he drive a supercar How can such a person be an errand boy”

Guo Rui shrugged.

“Im not too sure about that.

Maybe its Meituans new business line.”

“After all that, it turns out that its not his car.” Wang Yixuan said with a little disappointment, “I thought it was a rich second generation.”

The conversation between the two was overheard by the others.

Although they still didnt understand what the supercar was about, they could already confirm his identity.

“Hes actually an errand boy”

Everyones expressions became unfriendly, and they didnt look as eager as before.

What was going on with Teacher Guo

Even if her student couldnt come because she was sick, she couldnt get an errand boy to replace her, right

Even though Meituans advertisement said that Meituans errand boy could do anything.

You couldnt rely on the advertisement, you had to look at the actual effect.


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