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Lin Yis gaze lingered on her son the moment he laid eyes on him.

It wasnt until he called him President Lin that he was able to confirm his identity.

If Lin Yi was not mistaken, this man should be the lab technician in the institute, and his name was Du Xuehong.

Hed been in Longxin for more than six years.

He was the most senior person apart from Sun Fuyu.

“What a coincidence, running into you here.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“I know, right” Du Xuehong said.

“Im really sorry, My moms safety awareness is too weak.

We were wrong to crash into your car.” Du Xuehong bowed repeatedly and apologized to Lin Yi.

“Look at this mess.

If I knew it was your mother, I wouldnt have pursued this matter.”

No one in the crowd had expected such a turn of events.

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The son of the old lady was a subordinate of the owner of the Bentley.

From the way they talked, they seemed to have a good relationship.

This matter should thus be able to be swept aside.

“Son, this young man is your leader” The old woman asked in surprise.

“Thats right, hes the director of our research institute.”

“Look at how bad this is.”

The old woman bowed to Lin Yi as well, “Young man, I was being unreasonable just now.

Dont lower yourself to my level.

Didnt the traffic police say that your car is quite expensive Well definitely compensate you.

Dont hold a grudge against my son in your heart.”

Du Xuehongs expression changed, but he quickly returned to normal and it was not noticed by the others.

“Professor Du is a researcher in the institute.

Our relationship is very good.

Its fine if you want to compensate me, but Im not lacking either.”

“Aiyo, thats great.

In the future, I will definitely get my son to do more work for you.

I will definitely not let him slack off.”

“Then Ill have to thank you, Auntie.”

At that moment, the traffic policeman walked over.

“Since you guys know each other, things will be easier.

Do you want to settle this privately, or do you want to go through the judicial process”

“Well settle it privately.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

“It was not hard at all.

Its what I should have done.

You guys just need to settle this peacefully.”

“I will.”

After watching the two traffic policemen leave, Lin Yi smiled at Du Xuehong.

“This car looks pretty good.

It should cost more than a million.”

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“No, no, no, President Lin, you misunderstand.

How could I afford such a good car” Du Xuehong said nervously.

“Didnt you give each of us a 500,000 dollar bonus a few days ago I used that money to buy a used car from a friend.”

“So its a used car.” Du Xuehongs mother said in disappointment.

“Didnt you say it was new”

“I said that out of respect.” Du Xuehong said,

“President Lin is my boss.

Theres no need to pretend in front of him.”

“Youre right.”

“Its nothing serious.” Lin Yi said with a smile,

“I still have something to do, so I wont talk to you anymore.

Ill ask the financial department to transfer 100,000 dollars to you.

Take Auntie to see a doctor.

If its not enough, tell me again and Ill take full responsibility.”

“Aiyo, you cant do that.

Its not that big of a deal for me, its just a scratch on my knee.

Ill just go back and disinfect it.

You dont have to take it to heart.”

“How could I do that Its not just a small thing.

Ill definitely take responsibility for this.”

Lin Yi waved his hand at Du Xuehong.

“Ill be leaving first.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

Take care, President Lin.”

Lin Yi nodded and drove away, muttering to himself,

“This Du Xuehong isnt very honest.”

Soon, Lin Yi arrived at the Crab Kings Palace.

Sun Fuyu and Lu Ying had been waiting for him for a long time.

Sun Fuyus outfit was still as normal as before.

However, Lu Yings outfit made Lin Yis eyes light up.

With a white half-sleeve Louis Vuitton top, blue denim shorts, and a pair of Air Jordan 1s, she completely flipped Lin Yis understanding of female professors.

“President Lin, Little Yings outfit isnt bad, is it Its not an exaggeration to say that its the best in our research institute, right”

“The outfit is pretty average, but the legs arent bad.”

If it was in the past, Lin Yi would think that Lu Yings outfit was pretty good.

However, after interacting with Ji Qingyan for a long time, he suddenly felt that this outfit was not very impressive anymore.

“President Lin, dont look down on us.

The girls at Tsinghua University are also very good at dressing up.

Its just that I was in a hurry to come out today, so I didnt have time to change,” Lu Ying said.

“Yeah, I think Little Yings outfit is pretty good too.”

“When it comes to you old straight guys who only know how to do research, your aesthetic standards are stuck at the era of plaid shirts and denim shorts,” Lin Yi said with a laugh.

The three of them arrived at the Crab Kings Palace.

Since it was noon, there werent many people here to eat.

It was a three Michelin star restaurant, so there was only one occupied table in the entire restaurant.

Lin Yi asked for a private room and ordered something to fill his stomach first.

“President Lin, you invited us here in the middle of the day.

You must have something important to tell us, right”

Lin Yi threw down the crab leg in his hand.

“Hows the situation with the photolithography machine Did you continue negotiating”

“Yes,” Sun Fuyu replied.

“But they are being very tough.

They kept saying that there was something wrong with our international reputation and refused to cooperate.”

“Look at Little Yings eyes.

She hasnt slept well for days because of this.”

Lu Ying was in charge of the distribution of the chips under Lin Yi.

She was the one who was most anxious about not being able to buy a photolithography machine right now.

“Since we cant go through A**L, well just have to find another way.” Lin Yi said.

“Another way” Lu Ying combed her hair.

“Other than A**L, only Nikons photolithography machine can perform at the international standard.”

“But in the field of photolithography machines, Nikon has been slowly eliminated.

The photolithography machine they produce only has a beam of 12 nanometers, while the lithography machine produced by A**L has already reached the level of five nanometers.

The gap is too big.

Even if we buy it, its impossible for us to use this to occupy the international market.

This will be hard and unrewarding.”

“I know that,” Lin Yi said,

“So my idea is…” Lin Yi paused.

“That we make our own photolithography machine.”

Sun Fuyu was enjoying the king crabs thigh, but he stopped what he was doing as soon as he heard Lin Yis words.

Lu Ying was the same, looking at Lin Yi as if he was a lunatic.

If Longxin could make a photolithography machine that could scale down to five nanometers, then its contribution to the high-tech industry would be no less than developing a cutting-edge chip.

“Keep eating.

Why are you all staring at me”


Lin, are you sure youre not joking Are you really going to make your own photolithography machine This is a big project!”

“Actually, I was going to make a photolithography machine sooner or later, but now Im moving it forward.

After all, the chip is the final product.

It is a sharp weapon that can break the technological blockade, but since A**L is doing this, I can only put the lithography machine further forward on the agenda.”

Lin Yi took a sip of the red wine.

“Were all groping our way through the wilderness, and were bound to fall at some point.

Our heads will be bleeding, but if we fall like this, the Chinese people wont be able to hold their heads up for the rest of their lives.

Therefore, however they try to restrict us, Ill still do it.”

“Ill kill whoever stands in front of us.”

“If a ghost stands in front of me, I will catch it.”

“If a god stands in front of me, I will slaughter him to prove my belief!”


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