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“Whats going on Werent you two having a good talk”

“Lets find a place to eat first.

Im starving,” Zhang Song said as he rubbed his stomach.


Lin Yi took Zhang Song to Crab Kings Mansion on his motorcycle, ready to have a feast.

“Alright, were here now.

Lets talk.

Whats going on”

Lin Yi had a feeling that the two of them were in a tricky situation.

It was as if he was a spy buying information.

“Didnt you say that you were going to buy the goods in two batches, 130 million for the first and 120 million in the other”

“Yeah, I thought you were going to buy the goods in three months at the very most.”

“Those bastards changed their minds now.

They said that the second batch will be in six months.” Zhang Song said indignantly.

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“They also said that the first batch of supplies might be distributed in batches.

How annoying.”

“No way.

Werent you having a good discussion yesterday Why did they change their minds overnight”

To Lin Yi, any movement from Cisco was very useful strategic information.

He had to find out more about it.

“Im not sure about the specific reason, but I got some information in the dark.” Zhang Song said.

“It seems like a big company is involved, and theyre very satisfied with Ciscos results.

They might be holding back for these guys.”

“Thats possible.” Lin Yi nodded lightly.

“Do you know which company is involved”

“It seems like Didi, but Im not too sure about the details.

I just overheard it, so the information might be wrong.”

Lin Yi, “…”

It was his own operation after all this time.

This seemingly useless piece of information actually carried tremendous value.

It meant that Cisco was taking this order very seriously.

This was very good news for him.

As the saying goes, a big tree is good for shade.

Didi was several times bigger than Cisco.

This way, during the negotiation, his side would have the advantage.

It would be very beneficial to achieving their final result!

“Are you just going to sit there and wait for death Didnt you use any other methods to threaten them”

Lin Yi relaxed a lot after dispelling his worries.

He was no longer as tense as before.

“Actually, I mentioned it too.” Zhang Song said.

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“I said, in the domestic semiconductor chip field, other than the few companies controlled by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Science Group, Longxin and Cisco are the leaders in this field.

If they are too stingy, they will lose their market share.”

“And then” Lin Yi asked with interest.

“That person called Yan Hongyu was very pretentious.

She said that Longxin would be crushed by them very soon.

He claimed that when it came to Chinese semiconductor chips, the nameLongxin will soon stop appearing.

In short, hes just pretentious.

Hes just pinning me down.”

Zhang Song sighed.

“This Longxin is really something.

Cant they fight for their reputation It would be really bad if the market is monopolized.”

Lin Yi smiled and didnt say anything else.

He Yuanyuan and Qi Xianzhao were going to Cisco the next day.

Hed better check on them first.

“Alright, lets not talk about work anymore.

I have nothing to do tomorrow, so Ill take you out to sea.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Do you need me to find you some girls to help you get out of singledom as soon as possible”

“Thatd be great!” Zhang Songs eyes lit up with a flirtatious expression.

“If we go out to sea, can we connect to the Wifi”

“Hmm Why would you Wifi on a ship”

“So that we can play online games with some girls.”


Lin Yi, “…”


The next morning at nine oclock, He Yuanyuan and Qi Xianzhao arrived at the entrance of Ciscos shares.

Unlike the others, the Rolls-royce was parked at the main entrance of the company.

Normally, only big shots would receive such treatment.

Obviously, Qi Xianzhao and He Yuanyuans statuses were enough.

Lin Yi had arranged for Qi Xianzhao to be the vice-president of Didi, while He Yuanyuan was the vice-presidents secretary.

Although this status was high enough, Lin Yi still played a sneaky trick.

He leaked that He Yuanyuan was Cheng Shuangs cousin, and Qi Xianzhao was the son of a certain shareholder.

It was all gossip, but it was enough for the people in the industry to catch wind of it after a while.

This was why Cisco paid so much attention to them!

One was the cousin sister of CEO Cheng Shuang, and the other was the son of a shareholder.

Their identities were extremely important, and they werent just throwaway personnel.

This deal today could change the direction of the tech industry.

However, the person who suffered the most was none other than Qi Xianzhao.

His identity was the son of a certain shareholder, and Lin Yi happened to be Didis second largest shareholder.

It was interesting to look at it this way.

“Hello, Director Qi.”

Yan Hongyu smiled and introduced, “The person beside me is the vice chairman of our companys sales department, Mr.

Yun Jieming.”

“Nice to meet you.”

Qi Xianzhao extended his hand, solemn and cautious.

“Nice to meet you, Director Qi.

Ive heard a lot about you.

You are so young and promising, Director Qi.” Yun Jieming said with a smile.

He Yuanyuan was speechless and couldnt help but complain.

Brother Qi had just returned from the United States and had not been in the country before.

What the hell was so promising about him

You really knew how to talk nonsense.

This reminded He Yuanyuan of the impotent man Lin Yi was talking about.

She really couldnt be shameless when it came to doing business.

“Director Yun, youre too kind.”

“This isnt the place to talk.

Please come in, Lets go to the conference room to talk slowly.”


The group arrived at the conference room under the lead of Yun Jieming.

At this time, there were several executives at the door of the conference room, all of them here to promote this business.

“Director Qi, let me introduce you.

This is the President of our Cisco Research Institute, Liu Chu.

He is an expert in the domestic chip field and also the keynote speaker for todays meeting.”

“Okay, Director Yun is thoughtful,” Qi Xianzhao said expressionlessly.

“Of course.”

The group of people took their seats.

Qi Xianzhao and He Yuanyuan were ushered to the main seat.

The former looked at his watch and said,

“Director Yun, I have to fly to Paris in the afternoon.

Im in a bit of a hurry.

Please try to shorten the pitch.

I came here with absolute sincerity.

Lets talk openly and honestly.”

Seeing Qi Xianzhaos indifferent appearance, He Yuanyuan called out in her heart, “Boss Lin, youre so full of yourself!”!

In just a short day, the serious Brother Qi had been groomed into an expert who could act pretentiously without batting an eyelid.

He could even be compared to the best female lead at the top of the acting industry.

In the entire country, there were only a handful of people who could be compared to Director Lin! Their numbers could be counted on one hand!

“Alright, then lets cut to the chase and talk openly!”

Seeing Qi Xianzhao show this sincerity, Yun Jieming and Yan Hongyu could not hold back the excitement in their hearts.

“Director Liu, regarding the chip, lets pick the key areas and patents and introduce them to Director Qi.”


For the next ten minutes, only Liu Chu was talking in the meeting room, until Qi Xianzhao interrupted him.

“Director Yun, I have a few questions that I want to confirm with you.”

“Chariman Qi, please speak.”

“In the introduction just now, Director Liu mentioned more than twenty patented technologies.

These technologies should be in the hands of your company, right”

“Of course, Director Qi, you can rest assured on this point,” Yun Jieming said confidently,

“If you are not assured, I can bring the patented technologies over for you to take a look.”

“Theres no need for that.

I trust Director Yuns character,” Qi Xianzhao said faintly.

“Actually, before signing the contract, I want to confirm one thing–whether our chip technology is top in the country!”


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