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“What are you talking about”

Ji Qingyan rolled her eyes at Lin Yi and got on the motorcycle.

“Wait a minute, Ill place an order and support you.”

“I was waiting for you to say that.”

Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan were both familiar with placing and snatching orders.

This made Lin Yi feel like he was driving.

“Put your helmet on,” Lin Yi said as he took off his helmet.

“Im not wearing it.”

“You dont like the feeling of being restrained”

“Yeah,” Ji Qingyan said, “If I put your helmet on, my hair will become messy.”

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“But if the wind blows, your hair will become messy as well.”

“You just have to ride slowly.

I have enough time.

I wont be too late if you slow down.”

“Alright.” Lin Yi started the bike.

“Hold on tight.”

“Yeah, yeah, hold on tight.

Lets go to Yaluo Design,” Ji Qingyan said excitedly.

It was obviously her first time riding a motorcycle.

“Why are you pulling on a guys clothes in broad daylight Im not that kind of person.”

“Didnt you tell me to hold on tight”

“I told you to hold on to my waist, not my clothes,” Lin Yi said.

“This is a motorcycle.

It wont vibrate.”

Ji Qingyan didnt understand Lin Yis nonsense and said shyly, “I… Im sorry.”

“Its useless to be like that.” Lin Yi complained.

“You kissed me on the mouth, so whats there to be sorry about”

“Lin Yi, youre going to die!”

Ji Qingyan pinched Lin Yi.

“If you keep talking nonsense, Ill give you a bad review.”

“Fine, fine, fine.

Youre a god.

Hurry up and hug me, or it wont be safe.”

“Oh, I got it.”

Ji Qingyan leaned forward and hugged Lin Yis waist.


Lin Yi shuddered.

“Whats wrong Did I use too much force”

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“No,” Lin Yi said.


Ji Qingyan was stunned.

“Rascal, stop thinking about dirty things.

Hurry up and drive.

Just go to Yaluo Design.”

“No problem.”

In order to ensure that Ji Qingyans hair would not be messed up, Lin Yi rode very slowly.

He only increased his speed when he was overtaken by two disabled people.

“Lin Yi, theres a red light ahead.” Ji Qingyan said, “Stop quickly.”

“So what if its a red light”Lin Yi said indifferently, “We came out on a motorcycle.

If we stop at a red light, itll be disrespectful to it.”

“Thats illegal.”

“Theoretically speaking, its definitely illegal to ride a motorcycle through a red light.” Lin Yi said seriously,

“But even if were caught on camera, we dont need to be afraid.

They wont be able to find us at all.

No fines, no points deducted.

Whats there to be afraid of”

“But I still think its better to stop and wait for a red light.”

“Why are you so insistent on stopping at the red light Is this your first time riding a motorcycle”

“No, because theres a traffic policeman ahead.”

Lin Yi turned his head and saw a traffic policeman smiling at him.

This was the legendary smile of death.

Im asking if youre afraid!

Lin Yi stopped the car and saluted to apologize.

Seeing that Lin Yis attitude wasnt bad, the traffic policeman didnt say anything else.

At the same time, he was cursing in his hearts.

The pretty girls were all taken by the rich second generation.

Although the BMW was on the right and the Land Rover was on the left, they werent even worth as much as that motorcycle.

“Hey bro, the girls not bad.”

Just as Lin Yi was waiting for the red light, the BMW owner on the right said.

“Whats wrong Are you jealous”

“Im jealous.

I drive a 7 series, but Im still a single dog.”

“I cant help it.

Its a face-based society.”

“F*ck, thats too hurtful,” the BMW owner said.

“Im already being tactful,” Lin Yi said.

“You wont be able to accept it if I tell you the real reason.”

“Whats the real reason”

“I can do it seven times a night.

Can you do the same”

“F*ck, your life is too exciting.”

The owner of the BMW felt like he was hit by a billion critical hits, so he chose to shut up.

“You think youre awesome just because you got a pretty girl Youre still just a motorcyclist.”

The person who spoke was the owner of the car on Lin Yis left.

He drove a white Range Rover and glanced at Ji Qingyan from time to time, his heart itching.

“What, are you jealous” Lin Yi said.

“Whats there to be jealous about” The owner of the Range Rover said disdainfully,

“As long as I have money, what kind of girl cant I find Theres a whole bunch of them.

You, on the other hand, better be careful.

Dont get your girl kidnapped by a rich kid one day.”

“What, you look down on my scooter just because you drive a Range Rover” Lin Yi said with a straight back.

“It may look like a scooter, but its not any slower than your car.”

“Little Bro, are you kidding me Im driving a Range Rover worth more than two million dollars.

Its no joke when it comes to power.”

“If you dont believe me, why dont we have a competition”

“Lets have a competition then.

The loser is sure to be embarassed,” the owner of the Range Rover shouted.

“Shall we start now”


The owner of the Range Rover didnt hesitate.

It was as if he was angry with Lin Yi as he stepped on the accelerator and rushed out.

“Hey, hey, hey, Bro, theres a red light ahead!”


The owner of the Range Rover stopped immediately, not because he heard Lin Yis words.

It was because the traffic police had arrived.

“Sir, Please Show me your drivers license.

Six points will be deducted and a fine of 200 dollars will be imposed.”

At the same time, the traffic light changed.

Lin Yi drove over slowly and said to the owner of the Range Rover,

“Thanks for letting me win.”

Ji Qingyan covered her mouth and laughed lightly, her heart aching for the owner of the Range Rover.

If you want to play with Lin Yi, you really wont be a match for him.

“Kid, if you have the guts, Dont leave.

Lets continue the competition, whoever loses will lose face!” The owner of the Range Rover cursed and smiled at the traffic police.

“Officer, I really didnt do it on purpose.

If it wasnt for this kids goading, I definitely wouldnt have run the red light.

Give me another chance.”

“Goading” The traffic policeman looked at the Range Rover owner speechlessly.

“With your IQ, you still want to race with him”

“He was the one who was unconvinced first.

He rides a broken motorcycle, pulled a beautiful woman, and even shouted at me.

I just wanted to teach him a lesson!”

This time, the traffic policeman was really speechless.

With this IQ, he still wanted to drive around.

He was even scarier than a female driver.

“Your car is a high-quality Range Rover.

It has a power of 415 kilowatts and a torque of 700 nm.

The official 0-60 time is 5.4 seconds.

Am I right”

“Yes, yes.” The owner of the Range Rover nodded repeatedly.

“As expected of someone who works with cars every day.

You know the parameters of my car at a glance.


“But do you know the data surrounding that motorcycle”

“How can a lousy motorcycle have any data worth memorizing” The owner of the Range Rover said disdainfully.

“That motorcycle is called a Tamburini T12.

In Chinese, its called Dark Elf.

Its top speed is 340 miles per hour, and it reaches 0-60 in 3.4 seconds.

Can your Range Rover compare”

The owner of the Range Rovers face was livid, and he couldnt even speak clearly.

“This… the performance of this motorcycle is so good”

“The domestic selling price of the T12 is around 6.5 million dollars.

Its enough to buy three range rovers.

Do you still want to compete with him”


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