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“Not bad, the craftsmanship isnt bad.

Its exactly the same as before,” Lin Yi said with satisfaction.

“The main thing is that the original parts and paint were really good.

The only drawback is that its too expensive.

It cost a million to repair, which is enough to buy a car.”

Liu Sisi and her best friend were dumbfounded.

A million dollars to fix a motorcycle!

How much would the original price be

“Its a little expensive, but riding a motorcycle is a form of enjoyment.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Alright, the bike has been delivered, so you can grab a taxi and head back.

Go back and ask Zhou Haitao for reimbursement.”

“Thank you, Mr.



Gao Fei turned around to leave, but Liu Sisi stopped him from behind.

“Oh Whats the matter”

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“What, what did you call him just now” Liu Sisi said in disbelief.

“Boss Lin, whats wrong”

“He, hes just a stall owner.

Why do you call him Boss Lin His restaurant has gone bankrupt.”

Gao Fei frowned and looked at Liu Sisi as if he was looking at a retard.

This womans mental state seemed to be a little abnormal.

“I dont know whats going on with the restaurant you mentioned, but the Zhonghai International Racetrack is Mr.

Lins property.

Its only natural for me to call him Boss Lin.”

“What did you say!”

“The Zhonghai International Racetrack is his!”

Liu Sisi and her best friend raised their voices as if they had stepped on a dogs tail.

“Thats right.

If you dont believe me, you can go and see for yourself.”

Gao Fei turned around and left after saying that.

Take care of your life life and stay away from retards.

Liu Sisi and her best friends expressions were stiff.

“Lin… Lin Yi… you… you bought the Zhonghai International Racetrack”

“Yeah, I spent a few billion.

I cant remember the exact amount.”

“A few… a few billion…”

Liu Sisi shivered and her hair stood on end when she heard that number.

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Shed never seen so much money in her dreams.

“Didnt you say you were broke”

“I was just testing you.” Lin Yi sighed as he spoke slowly,


“I didnt expect you to be the same as before.

You made a mistake, you really made a mistake.

How was I supposed to spend so much money”

“Lin Yi, listen to me.

Its not what you think.” Liu Sisi held Lin Yis hand,

“I said those things to motivate you.

Im happy to see you become more and more successful.”

“Then you can continue to be happy.

I wont stop you.”

“Thats why you have to experience my hard work.” Liu Sisi said excitedly.

“You just said that this stall is yours, right Did you invest because you think it has potential Its your own business, so dont hire waiters in the future.

Ill do it.”

Liu Sisi grabbed the rag from Aunt Lius hand.

“Dont bother with this, Ill do it.”

“Me too, me too, Ill help too.”

Aunt Liu was stunned when she saw Liu Sisi and her best friend fighting over the work.

What the hell was this

“Thats not very good,” Lin Yi said.

“Isnt working here degrading to someone of your status”

“What are you talking about Im just an ordinary person.

I dont have any status, as long as youre happy,” Liu Sisi said.

“Then stay here and work.

Im leaving first.”

“Leave Ill go with you.

Ive never been on such a good motorcycle before.”

“Didnt you want to stay here and work Why are you going with me”

Lin Yi then got on the motorcycle and left.

Only Liu Sisi and her best friend were left in the wind.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Just as he rode his motorcycle out, his phone rang.

It was from Ji Qingyan.

“You came to the company”

“Huh No, I was coming to take an order,” Lin Yi said.

“Then why is your car in the parking lot of the company”

Lin Yi understood what was going on.

Ji Qingyan probably called him because she had seen his car.

“I bought a new motorcycle recently.

I just got it and so I parked my car at the company.”

“I see.

I thought you were at the company.”Ji Qingyan said.

“By the way, why did you buy a motorcycle Its dangerous to ride that.”

“I just ride it occasionally.

Theres no need to be so strict.

Its not as serious as you think.” Lin Yi said.

“President Ji, do you have time for me to take you for a ride” Lin Yi asked,

“President Ji has business to attend to.

I dont have time,” Ji Qingyan said.

“But I can give you a chance to send me there.”

“Whats in it for me Im a person who cant get up early without benefits.”

“Ill place an order later and give you a five-star review.”

“Deal! Im at Xuanqing Road.

Ill be at the entrance of the company in five minutes.”

Five-star reviews were too important to Lin Yi at this stage.

With Ji Qingyans review, he only needed eight more reviews to get the ultimate reward for running errands.

“Yeah, wait for me at the company entrance.

Im wearing a skirt, so I need to change into pants.”

“The skirt is pretty good, why are you changing out of it What a waste.”

“Youre the one wasting time.” Ji Qingyan said.

“How am I supposed to ride your motorcycle in a skirt”

“Uhm… I think thats what I wanted to happen.” Lin Yi said.

“Youre so stupid.

Is your brain filled with mush Hehehe…”

Qingyan hung up the phone without giving Lin Yi a chance to reply.

Lin Yi couldnt help but laugh as he rode his motorcycle to Chaoyang Group.

“Look at that black motorcycle.

Its so damn handsome!”

A slightly chubby security guard at the entrance of Chaoyang group said.

“Its more than handsome.

Its simply too handsome.

According to my estimation, its impossible to buy it without tens of thousands of dollars,” said the slightly thin security guard.

“I also think its worth this amount.”

“People who can ride this kind of motorcycle are probably rich people, and they even parked their bikes here in public.

Do you think theyre here to pick up the CEO”

“How is that possible Do you think CEO Ji is one of those easy women” The slightly plump security guard said.

“President Jis suitors all drive Lamborghinis at the very least.

No matter how expensive his motorcycle is, its still a little boring in comparison.”

“Thats not necessarily true.

Maybe President Ji likes this kind of cool style.”

“Are you kidding me You newcomers really dont know whats going on,” the slightly plump security guard said.

“President Ji is the goddess in the hearts of all the male employees.

Do you know what a goddess means Shes like a fairy who wears a skirt and has a fairy-like aura.

How can she like such wild things”

“Thats not necessarily true.

People have two sides,” the skinny security guard said with a different opinion.

“Alright, if you dont agree, lets make a bet and see if this person is here to pick up Boss Ji.”

“No problem.

Lets bet with the 298-dollar package at the backstreet bathing center.”


Ten minutes later, Ji Qingyan walked out of the door with her high heels and handbag.

Lin Yi glanced at her and was amazed.

She was wearing blue jeans, black boots, a white half-sleeved jacket, and a pair of black sunglasses on her straight nose.

It was a very cool outfit.

“Does this look good Does it match your motorcycle” Ji Qingyan asked with a smile.

“Yes! Its bloody cool!”

“Hehe, thats what I like to hear.” Qingyan said as she held her file folder.

“Move forward, I want to get on.”

“Ive already given you space.

If I go any further forward, Ill have to sit on the gas tank.”

“Thats not enough space for me to sit.

Go a little further forward,” Qingyan said softly.

Lin Yi looked back and understood.

He took the initiative to move forward.

“One look and you can birth a son.”


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