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Ever since hed written the second-generation chip program, Lin Yi hadnt been thinking of Cisco.

However, theyd stolen his patent, and hed still have to take revenge for that.

He hadnt even made a move yet, and theyd already set tried to set him up.

“I still havent figured out whos behind this, but Ill start with you guys first.”

Lin Yi stretched lazily at the thought, getting ready to work.

He had to see what the systems mission was first.

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz…

His phone vibrated.

He saw that it was two push messages from the system.

One of them was a bad review.

This was within Lin Yis expectations.

Please Keep reading 0n MYB0XN0VEL(.)C0M

He had scolded that woman over the phone just now.

She probably didnt cancel the order, but chose to complete the order and give him a bad review.

However, another message surprised Lin Yi.

“Dear Rider, your bad review rate has reached 47.49% at 15:09 today.

Due to your recent performance, we will temporarily suspend your delivery qualifications.

Please go to 198 Linyin Avenue before 9:00 tomorrow for business training.

You can only resume your job after passing the assessment.”

“F*ck! Since when was there this kind of process”

Lin Yi was still waiting to complete the mission, but he was stopped at this critical moment

This scene gave Lin Yi a sense of deja vu.

He had been stopped before because of bad reviews when he was using Didi.

However, this time, the situation seemed to be better.

He could get back to work after retraining, so it wasnt a big problem.

Since he couldnt take orders now, he could only take care of some other things.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Just as he turned off his phone, Lin Yis phone rang again.

It was Zhang Song.

“Boss, Im done here.

Where are you Are you busy”

“No, Im going to pick you up.

I have something to ask you.”

“Im taking a taxi to your house.”

“Okay, Ill see you at the door.”

Lin Yi drove back to Jiuzhou Pavilion half an hour later.

He waited for a while before seeing Zhang Song come over.

“Boss, whats Up” Zhang Song asked in a hurry.

“If theres anything I can do to help, Ill do it.”

“Its not a big deal.

Well talk about it when we go inside.”

The two entered the house and Lin Yi made a pot of tea.

“What did you talk about when you met him today” Lin Yi asked.

“I spoke about the semiconductor terminal.

I studied the shipping plan, and when the time is right, Ill be able to make the payment.” Zhang Song said.

Lin Yi took a sip of the tea and asked after a few seconds of silence.

“What do you mean bythe time is right”

“Im not the one who said that,” Zhang Song replied.

“They said that we can sign the contract first, but we cant ship the product yet.

We have to wait for a while.”

“Why is that What did they say”

“Im really not sure,” Zhang Song said,

“I asked our boss about it, but he didnt know what it meant either.”

Lin Yis lips curled up.

He could guess Ciscos intentions from Zhang Songs words.

If everything went according to plan, their plan should be the same as his.

Now that Cisco had the 1.0 version of the program patent, they wanted to ambush him if he spoke out.

When they released the 1.0 program, they would be accused of plagiarism.

If they released it now, the ambush would be meaningless.

Right now they wanted to wait to see the progress.

Once Longxins 1.0s program was released, then the time would be ripe.

“How big of an order did you sign” Lin Yi asked.

“130 million.”

“Only 130 million” Lin Yi said, “Didnt you always brag to me about how big your company was Why did you only sign a 130 million contract”

“Boss, thats easy for you to say.” Zhang Song complained.

“You spent billions on a villa.

How can we compare to you 130 million isnt a small amount.”

Lin Yi couldnt help but laugh.

It seemed like this was true.

“Actually, the capital we prepared was around 250 million, but Cisco didnt have enough supply to swallow our order, so we could only buy it in two batches.”

Zhang Songs answer was out of Lin Yis expectations, but he thought about it carefully and felt that it was only natural.

Cisco had just developed the 1.0 chip program, and there was a bug in the program that needed to be fixed, so they naturally didnt have a lot of units to supply.

Getting an order of 130 million in one go was already pretty good.

“Did they say when the second order would be delivered” Lin Yi asked.

Zhang Song thought for a moment.

“They didnt give a clear answer, but I heard from Yan Hongyu that the second batch of orders wont be scheduled to be released in at least another three months.”

“Three months…”

Muttering to himself, Lin Yis lips curled up.

Three months was enough time for him to do his best.

“What else do you have planned for tomorrow”

“Ive talked about all the important things today.

The only thing left is the details.

I think Ill be done by tomorrow.”

“Alright then.

Work is important.

Ill take you around Zhonghai for a few days after everything is done.” Lin Yi said.

“Hehe, then I wont stand on ceremony with you.”

Lin Yi looked at his watch.

“Its already four oclock.

Are you hungry”

“Im not hungry.

I ate a little too much for lunch, and my stomach is still full.”

“Then you can stay at home for now.

I have something to do outside,” Lin Yi said.

“Theres a computer and a game console in the study.

You can make yourself at home if you want to play.

The car keys are in the drawer.

You can take whichever car you want as well.”

“Your cars are too good.

Im really not used to driving them.”

“F*ck you.” Lin Yi cursed, “The ones in the garage are all god-tier equipment.

If you stop at any bar, someone will take the initiative to get into your car.

Im giving you a chance now, but youre being useless.”

“What a waste of time,” Zhang Song said.

“Do I look like I want to spend time putting on insect repellent before going out Besides, I saw the Xbox and PS3 in your study yesterday, and Ive been wanting to play for a long time now.”

Lin Yi, “…”


Youll never be able to make it in your life.”

“As long as Im content.”

Zhang Song went to the fridge, grabbed a bottle of soda, and went into the study excitedly.

Lin Yi called He Yuanyuan before he left.

“Boss Lin, you wanted to see me”

“Where are you”

“Brother Qi and I are both at the office,” He Yuanyuan panted.

“The office furniture was just delivered this morning.

The two of us have just finished our work, so we can discuss the recruitment tomorrow.”

“Sure, you two wait for me at the office.

Ill come over now.”

“President Lin, are you sure you want to invite Brother Qi”He Yuanyuan asked.

“According to the normal plot, the boss should invite the female employees out alone.

Bringing another man would be a hindrance.”


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